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Jul 12, 2009
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Name: Symmetra
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Clan: N/A

"Death is an illusion.."-- Symmetra

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Symmetra is a wooden puppet that takes after the shape of a dragon with golden glowing eyes and her hair mimicking the tail of a dragon, She has two black and thick horns on either side of her head that curve back against her "hair" as a line of five spikes down the middle of her scalp that glow the same color as her eyes. Continuing the theme of glowing, Symmetra has a glowing strip that starts at her cleavage and continues down to where her belly button should be. The stomach area is plated similar to that of a lizard. She has two wings on either side of her hip that form a "skirt" or waist tie that reaches her lower shins. Her right arm contains glowing lines that originate at her forearm and come down to her fingers while her left arm takes on a more mechanical appearance with gold trimmings and a deep purple/black colored wood.
She holds order and beauty above all else. Symmetra's obsession lies within art and its perfection. She fews the natural world as too unpredictable and chaotic and that it must be tamed and once tamed preserved. This belief drove her to convert herself into a human puppet, putting her body under her complete control. Her goal is to convert others into this orderly and preserved state to bring order to a chaotic universe. Despite her need for order, Symmetra shows extreme loyalty to her allies and goes easy on them, allowing them to be more unreserved and chaotic.

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Village of birth: Sylhet

Village of Alliance: N/A

WSE Clan: Golden State

R A N K & C H A K R A I N F O R M A T I O N

Ninja Rank: Jounin | 2600 Chakra | 160 Health

Specialty: Single Handseal (Lightning), Increased Elemental Specialist (Hellstone), Efficient Chakra Control Specialist, Yang Specialist

Elemental Ninjutsu:

Water Release |
水遁 | Completed

Wind Release |
風遁 | Completed

Lightning Release |
雷遁 | Completed

Earth Release |
土遁 | Completed

Fire Release |
火遁 | Completed

Hellstone Release|
水遁 |Creator

Storm Release | 大筒木 | Completed

Steel Release |
大筒木 | Completed

Iron Sand (Magnetism) |
大筒木 | Completed

Yang Release |
大筒木 | Mastered

Other Ninjutsu:

Ninjutsu |
忍術 | Completed

Taijutsu |
体術 | Completed

Fūinjutsu |
封印術 | Completed

NB Taijutsu |
体術 [FONT=&]| Mastered

Duel Monsters | 傀儡使い | Mastered
Mutagenesis |
口寄せの術 |Creator
Mutation Fist |
口寄せの術 | Completed
Titanomachy |
白いクモ流 |Student
Eight Deva Guardians |
改戦 | Creator
Poison Release/Ninjutsu |
ヘア | Completed

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When Symmetra was young, her father and mother were killed by a random ninja in battle, leaving him in the care of her grandmother. When her grandmother attempted to cheer her up by teaching her puppetry at age five, Symmetra's innate aptitude for the art became apparent, and she even began to devise masterful ways of eliminating a puppet master's weaknesses in battle. Her skills even allowed him to create two puppets in the image of her parents in an attempt to discard the terrible loneliness he felt. However, as the puppets were unable to give her the real parental love that she desired, Symmetra lost interest in them, and they later fell into her grandmother's possession

To Be Continued...
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Nature Transformation: Symmetra is adept in Lightning Release, able to perform all techniques with a singular handseal. Her acquisition of a Darui puppet enhanced what was possible with lightning release, giving her access to Black Lightning and Storm Release through the puppet.

Puppetry: Puppetry
is Symmetra's innate specialty taking it to a level that has not been seen before. She is able to create and use human puppets, which are human carcasses converted into puppets that retain all the abilities they had when alive. Symmetra, in fact, is a human puppet herself, acting on its own due to her living core, The Human Physiology, which is located in the glowing section of her chest. She is also a practitioner of Mutation Fist having many seals along her body to give her access to the style. Mutation Fist gives her access to the Gluttonous Mutation seal that allows her to keep three puppets within her body. The puppets she selected were Path, Darui and Voldo. Her default vessel/body is her Kuvira Puppet( Will be Stated in Unique Techniques/Steals) and will carry the looks expressed in the Looks section of the bio.

Poison:The poison is a dark, thick liquid that can be deployed by direct contact with an open wound. Once poisoned, a target will experience loss of stamina and increasing pain 3 turns after exposure. The poison itself acts in the span of 5 turns per exposure, dealing 20 damage per turn and consuming 20 extra chakra points per turn. After the 5 turns, the target may lose conscientiousness if not healed or treated. All of Sasori's puppets and weapons are poisoned and a minor cut with one of them is enough to be poisoned.[/FONT]

Scientific Tools: Autonomous Puppets. Absorption Arm (2)
Artifacts: N/A

Unique Techniques/Seals:
(Fuuinjutsu: Yomigaeri no Mikoyose) - Sealing Arts: Resurrection of Sorcery
Type: Supplementary
Rank: A
Range: Short
Chakra: 30 (-10 to the main two affinities of the user)
Damage:N/A (-10 to the main two affinities of the user)
Description: This seal must be either stated in the user's bio or placed on him before battle. This seal is linked to the users two strongest elemental abilities and only seeks to make them weaker in order to increase the power of the users Sealing Arts. When passively activated it will drain the user's two main elemental affinities of 10 points of chakra and damage automatically every time they're used, storing it within itself, and making the users techniques using those affinities weaker until its deactivated. It's true purpose will be triggered whenever the user utilizes the art of Fuuinjutsu, it will convert and release this stored power into any Fuuinjutsu technique whenever it is used, filling the technique with the energy it took from the user's elemental prowess. This results in every Fuuinjutsu technique the user uses gaining +1 Rank (if they’re A-Rank or below). On the other side, the main two elemental affinities of the user will automatically lose 10 damage and chakra each when they are used. Elements which are a combination of both of the weakened elements will also be weakened in the same way. This lasts until deactivated.

-Can only be used or activated once per battle
-Can't be used on bios without two elemental specialties
-Can’t be used on S-Rank and above Fuuin
-Can’t be used on Multiple Infinite Embraces

(Ningen Seirigaku)- The Human Physiology
Type: Weapon
Rank: S
Range N/A
Chakra Cost: N/A
Damage Points:N/A
Description: The Human Physiology is a custom weapon made by Akasuna no Sasori. The Human Physiology is a sentient core that replaces Sasori's current core. The core is the same size as Sasori's current core but instead of it being exposed like normal the core is covered with a durable material. The durable material can only be destroyed by A rank and above techniques. This means that widespread techniques won't do the job of destroying it properly. The Human Physiology has unique traits that Sasori can only access. The cores aim is to purge any foreign chakra that is present within Sasori's body. Being a puppet, Sasori is not able to feel pain because he lacks a central nervous system but yet he still finds a way to control his body and that is through his core. As long as chakra remains in Sasori's body he can manipulate it as he pleases. The core works by allowing Sasori to feel pain when foreign chakra enters his body and at that point the core will act as its own to purge it. When under the effects of a genjutsu, The Human Physiology will inflict pain onto Sasori that is enough to release him from the genjutsu. After the genjutsu is released, the core will remain dormant again until it is needed again. Once the genjutsu is released, Sasori will again feel nothing and once again become a puppet without emotion. For that brief moment, Sasori gains somatosensory senses before it fades away. However The Human Physiology can only release S rank or lower genjutsu. The core can release Sasori out of genjutsu once per turn. Much like his common core, Sasori can switch this core into other puppets instantly to swap out bodies. Since this is Sasori's Weapon made for Sasori it can only be used by Sasori bios.

Note: This can only be used by Daemon

(Shīringu/ iryō geijutsu) Gluttonous Manifestation
Type: Supplementary
Rank: A
Range: N/A
Chakra: N/A (+5 each time activate)
Damage: N/A
Description: A Mutation fist technique that involves the user summoning forth puppet limbs and things of that nature. This technique, however, involves basic puppetry and Fuinjutsu, something that the style is based on. Sasori created this technique to allow him to manipulate his puppets with greater control and precision without the need of chakra threads and without having to worry about another individual such as his puppets. Gluttonous Manifestation is a technique that involves the user sealing up to three puppets of their own inside of a sealing tag that will be placed on their body like any other Mutation seal. The thing so special about this seal is that the user will be able to passively spend five chakra points to activate up to three seals on their body and release one of the sealed puppet’s limbs. For example, if the user were to seal the Hiruko puppet inside of their seals, the user would be able to passively spend five chakra points to activate the seal and release from it one of Hiruko’s body parts like his tail. While the seal may be passively activated it still requires for the user to spend a move in order to actually utilize one of the sealed puppets abilities or limbs. The puppets that are sealed by this technique cannot be used by any other means so they cannot be summoned to the field and also the user must post this technique in their biography with the puppets that are sealed inside. Since this technique can be passively activated, up to three of the seals can be activated at once, but it would still cost a move for the user to utilize the attachments that emerge from them. Additionally, the strength and range of attachment simply depends on the puppet the user is utilizing. Essentially, this technique allows the user to become one with their puppets and fight along side them as they normally would.

(Kuvira, Dai yunitto) - Kuvira, The Great Uniter
Rank: S
Type: Puppet
Range: N/A
Chakra Cost: 40 (if summoning)
Damage Points: N/A
Description: Kuvira, the Great Uniter is a powerful puppet created by Sasori of the Red Sand. Kuvira is a relatively tall female puppet standing at around 5ft 9 inches tall. She wears a green body suit with a steel bands wrapped around her biceps that are in a row of three. These steel bands are also present on her legs and shoulder. Kuvira is entirely made up of steel reinforced wood which increases her durability. Kuvira as designed to be a puppet with a perfect balance between her offensive capabilities and defensive capabilities. As all puppets do, Kuvira has unique mechanisms littered throughout her body that do not require a move to activate as they can be done freeform and are mainly used to administer poison. The first mechanism allows to fire thin rectangle sheets of metal and puppet material that are drenched in poison. These strips of metal and puppet material can have their razor sharp edges shred an opponent. In both cases, poison is capable of being administered. The poison can either be absorbed through the skin off the opponent or transmitted through a wound. For her defensive properties, Kuvira has a kanji formula written on her chest reading "Empire". At the cost of 30 chakra, the seal erects a barrier around Kuvira that encompasses short range that absorbs incoming techniques up to S-rank to defend the puppet from incoming attacks. This seal however has more than one function, the chakra absorbed from the opponent's technique can be used to fuel the offensive capabilities of the user and this puppet. The damage boost gained is equivalent to half the amount of chakra absorbed from the incoming technique. For example, Kuvira is used to absorb a technique that had 30 chakra, the user will gain a damage boost of +15 for one technique in a duration of 2 turns. However, this seal can only be activated a maximum of three times per battle with a two turn cool down in between usages. For her outright offensive capabilities, Kuvira can bring forth hundreds upon hundreds of exploding sealing tags by releasing them from seals littered throughout her wardrobe. These explosive sealing tags can detonate on the user's command, resulting in a powerful S ranked explosion. As a trade off, Kuvira unlike Sasori's puppets can be easily destroyed by techniques of B rank and higher which requires the user to not be as reckless with it. Kuvira, like all of Sasori's puppets, has a heart container slot located on her chest that allows Sasori to switch into this puppet. If wanted, the user can have Kuvira replace Sasori's main body but this has to be either stated on the user's bio or before a fight begins.

T H E M E S O N G (S)


Elements - Added Yang Release Mastery and Specialty
Custom Fighting Style - Removed Satsui no Hado and ZX Buster for Mutagenesis and Duel Monsters
Approved by Sasori
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