[Discussion] Knock up stream origin and Nolan's set-up


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Jun 4, 2012
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So I know the Knock Up Stream was described as a build up of gas in the seabed exploding causing a geyser to fly into the air. It was also said to happen 5 times every month.

But when was the first? The first we know about was just before Noland returns to Jaya. Kind of weird this never happened until that moment, no?

What did Noland find on Jaya? A city of gold, yes but you know what else? A mysterious rock with a mysterious writing on it.

And who did he tell? The King. And who did the king tell? Mary Geoise.

That's right. Is it a coincidence the first known occurrence of the Knock Up Stream happens days prior to Noland exposing the location of a poneglyph?

Is this the Government trying to hide the existence of the poneglyph or is this the will of D somehow protecting it from the hands of the government? This poneglyph has information about Pluton afterall.

In short; Noland was set up and the Knock Up Streams sudden appearance was caused by someone or thing beyond a natural gas build up that just happened to erupt at that moment.