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May 4, 2008
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Hi Guys, I found it in OneManga Forum. I don't know whether this was already posted, if yes sorry for that.

P: presentator
Mk:masashi kishimoto

P:the 10th anniversary of naruto is very soon ,is there any gift ?

MK:well,a coloured poster will be enough ...

P:what do you prepare fo us for 2009 in naruto?

MK:the story is getting hotter .. there is some characters needing a story developement like the raikage ,hachibi,kisame,zetsu ...and others .. the year of 2009 will be full of surprises ...

P:we all know about the changes that you've made for the last chapters ,can you talk about them ?

MK:yeah,well,i decided to change some stuff in the last chapters so as the battle between NARUTO and pain will be fair
at the time i've decided that NAruto won't come back to konoha while pain is there ,and i choosed to give to tsunade the "honor" to give the first punch to Yahiko . but in our weekly reunion i've been convinced to make naruto return and in order to make the battle fair I cancelled the punch because as you know tsunade's punch is too hard ... and made all the pain in their perfect form to begin the battle from 0

P:so naruto is coming back ?


P:Is the amaterasu , given by itachi to sasuke the only legendary jutsu?

MK:It's a secret .. but I can tell you that the tsukiyome is starting showing up

P: who is stronger ? NAruto or sasuke ?

MK:hhh.. well that's a hard question . the world now is dividing in 2 groups Naruto and sasuke .any answer would ruin my life (hhh..)
now you saw how sasuke is strong but you haven't seen anything from NAruto now when you will see the battle between Pain and Naruto you can compare them ...
Naruto and sasuke from the childhood are rivals and they will be for the eternity so even if one is stronger than the other the difference between them won't be remarquable!

P:Is that true that shodaime hits madara's left eye so he lost controll on kyuubi ?

MK:these are just predictions .from the chapter ..well let's see .. in the 200s ..i think. When naruto hit sasuke into madara's eye
but i will take this into consideration !

P:NAruto or yondaime ?

MK:Minato is a legend . but the name of the manga is "next gen" so Naruto must surpass his father ..

P:is itachi showing up again ?

MK:yes, but not as an alive person
like kakashi gaiden i'm thinking of an "itachi NAgori"(memories of itachi) but unfortenetly i don't have the time for it

P:eek:ne important question :is kakashi dead?

MK: if I answer this question i'll kill the manga so let the answer for the manga

P:Now let's have enough from Naruto .
Is there any new projects ?


that's the end of what concerning naruto

who says it's fake
watch tokyo tv
sunday 4th january
11.00 AM

And if this is true, then Naruto's gonna win definitely, because he wanted the fight to be fair.

But, wasn't Pein already damaged by using his Shira Tense.

Enjoy or close it if already posted. :D
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Apr 25, 2008
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0⚔️ the exact site address you found this from please.

and is there a video on youtube from this "tokyo tv" show you mentioned?