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Aug 17, 2011
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"Let us tell the story of humanity, the story of how we conquered the Gods"- Hokusai

Basic Information
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Name: Katsushika Ōi
Nickname(s): Foreigner, Saber, Queen of Artists, Dragon Crest Artist, Hokusai, Sage of Artistry, Vessel of Cthulhu
Gender: Female
Age: Twenty
Clan: Hayabusa Clan
Looks: Ōi has a rather short physical height, standing at a measly 5'3 with a light/pale skin complexion, beautiful blue eyes, which are said to be her most amazing feature. Her hair is naturally curly and short, reaching down to the back of her neck while accented with floral hairpieces sometimes. She would also at times have it tied up in a bun, using a thin paintbrush as a hairpin. Attire wise, Ōi wears whatever she feels is approach but her most common three are as follows, the first one being turtleneck sweaters, with plain skirts in more formal places such as art shows, traveling etc in which she carries a bag with her that contains her accessories such as paintbrushes, ink pots, small weaponry if needed etc. Her second is her kimono, this in which she wears as her primary attire these vary in design as well but one common thing is she wears them a bit more loosely than the norm as the top half is usually opened up more, revealing her bosom. Her last attire is her kunochi attire which in appearance seems normal, carrying a wakizashi with her horizontal across her waist along with tool pouches etc. She also has a summoning tattoo of the Box Jellyfish on her left wrist alongside a plethora of various ink-based tattoos, and a tattoo for the Cthulhu Contract on her right wrist. After learning the Vector Cobra Style, she has snake-like fuinjutsu tattoos drawn with her ink all over her body for the use of the style, influenced by Jutsushiki. After getting into the Requip line of clothing, she has them applied to all her clothing so that she may shift her outfit on the fly whenever she needed. As time passes, she grew her hair longer but she would keep two long braids that frame the sides of her face as well as carrying a sword around that she gained from her brother.

Personality: Ōi is a very enthusiastic individual when it comes to arts, having a vast appreciation of all forms of it be it music, painting or even opera. This caused her to leave her village at a rather young age to explore the regions across the world, painting her own landscapes, portraits and other things a long the way. As a kunochi, she is well disciplined and always carried out her orders to the to the finest of detail, but sometimes would question the logic behind what she would deem "pointless". This lead to her developing her own sense of "right and wrong", chasing after the even product without caring who she might farm along the way. Friendly to strangers and friends alike, she isn't above killing others when deemed necessary and will not hesitate to attack others as well. This lead people to believe she is a very violent person but this isn't the case as she will only act aggressively out of self-defense. Ōi is well aware of her matured body's attractive charm - and will utilize it in battle when needed though she tends to be this way when wearing her kimono in general as she always has the top more open, revealing her bosom in most cases though she doesn't mind. After the death of those near and dear to her, she last learnt what the feeling of hatred and anger is about, causing her to gain a more rather vindictive persona deep down. While she tries to retain it back, its sometimes hard for her.

Village Info.
Land of Birth:
WSE Clan: Tanigakure (Defected), Tsumigakure (Current)

Rank//Chakra Info.

Ninja Rank: Sage of Artistry
Specialty: Personal Summoning, Naturalist Summoning Specialist [Ink Ninjutu], Apex Summoning Specialist, Yang Specialist, Maguility Sense
Elements: Water Release, Fire Release, Wind Release, Lightning Release, Earth Release, Yin Release, Yang Release, Dark Vacuity Release, Solar Wind Release, Seraphic Water Release, Bismuth Release
Your Ninjutsu: Taijutsu, Ninjutsu, Genjutsu , Kenjutsu, Kaito Taijutsu, Neidan, Fūinjutsu, Medical Ninjutsu, Ink Ninjutsu, Senjutsu
Blood Contracts: Box Jellyfish Summoning Contract & Cthulhu Summoning Contract
Custom Fighting Styles: Theory of Waves and Winds, Vector Cobra, Surreal Palm, Duel Monsters, Maguilty Sense

Background Info.

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"Deadlines, small requests, noisy publishers. I can't help being attracted to the notion of passing on to the next life sometimes.. !"

Some can say she was born with talent, some say she wasn't. Many believe her to be an off spring of the Grandmaster but in a sad reality she isn't. Katsushika Ōi, born in Year 793 was the third born child between her loving parents. She was raised within the walls of Avalon, away from most of modern society as not much is known outside of the Eastern Continent but alas this never discouraged the youth. She was born with a gift, something many had seen as a sign but this rare occurrence only happened under circumstances. Her mother was an officer of the Radiant Order, but had retired when she had given birth, all through this time Ōi was traveling within her mother to and from the Throne. This however sparked a bitter relationhip between her and her mother, Koto Katsushika.

She became the first known human in history to be "born" with Prana. At the age of seven, she began her training in perfecting her skill with it alongside her father's infamous Ink Ninjutsu. He was a world-renowned artist, along with his daughter slowly following behind him, a chip off the old block one might add. She was later introduced into the Knights Radiant at the age of eleven however it took her several years to attain her new and current rank of Shade. One the day of her Armament training however, she found herself quite an unusual situation. Upon awakening, she found herself trailing behind of her trainer, only for the world around her to warp. It twisted and churned in all directions almost as though she had been teleported there. Now on a sole island, a figure approached her with such an alluring yet passive voice. The removal of the hood revealed a youthful face, but Inoūi was hesitant to trust him, as continually asked him questions. Merlin, the Dream Walker, started to explain many things to Inoūi namely the mention of Grand Master's sister though he evidently dodged any of her questions. The storm nearby grew more violent, her patience ran dry as she aimed her blade at him but it was turned into that of sand, her bluff failing to hit it's mark. The duo seeks refuge within a magically created hut of sorts, where Merlin began to warn Hokusai. Finally awakening, she found herself near her trainer who was evidently pissed.

Chapter 1: The Western Continent!
Some time had passed, during which time Hokusai continued to train in Avalon – until she was given a chance for a vacation. This was also a mission on the down-low as it’s quite uncommon for a Surgebinder to be found in the outer nations and thus she was tasked with finding out what the lifestyles of the west were like. Hokusai sailed the seas, having touched down in North West Kinai Island where she spent her time the most learning. Having learned about the island's festivals, making a new friend named Yuno and all in all made herself at home. She was even tasked with taking down a local criminal within the city walls, which earned her quite the name in society.

Chapter 2: Allies! Hokusai joins Hidden Valley
After spending some time away from the Water Archipelago, Hokusai continued in her efforts to study the Western Country until she found herself within a village. There she spent several months developing a friendship and bond with the locals and afterward was treated as a genuine member of the village though her loyalty truly remained to Avalon and the Radiant Order. She even turned down an offer for an official position but she continues to travel but always returns her as her new permanent home in the west. After settling down in the village, she would contact her father, whom she told about this first/ He was thrilled, encouraging her to follow her own path in life. This, however, lead to her mother, Koto learning about this and coming to look for her child. The two argued but in the end, her mother left her to do as she pleased and as such Ōi continued to live her life. Meeting a new friend, Kenta and also having her best friend Yuno around she isn't alone in this world of the west. She has also come across a bandit group that have now marked her as an enemy.

Chapter 3: Destined Meeting? & Uncanny Company
Finding herself wanting to venture in a small hillside subsection of the Land of Fire, Oui left towards Qingshui. It attracted the young artist due to wanting to meet more of the artists that hailed from this country – but it was cut short when she met with someone named Romani. Present with his familiar, the two became acquainted with one another which lead to some unusual revelations. Now learning of his name being Solomon, a literal eight century-year-old former king, Hokusai had set her eyes on the newly announced Witch Wood Arena Doubles Tournament. Gifted with temporary wings by Solomon, Oui set off for the arena as she made her debut!

Upon arrival – she met with another man, who also turns out to be a Surgebinder as well but not from Avalon. He was a Fallen, one of the sworn enemies of the Radiant Order but Oui knew not all Fallen where bad people, but can she say the same for this one?

Chapter 4: Despair & Broken Hearts
After her loss at the tournament, Hokusai decided to go back home to Fuging to rest herself up but left without learning the name of her partner. One of those random days while at home, one of Oui’s mistaken uses of her ability subconsciously sent her off to the Throne for roughly a month – which in that time had passed she returned to find not only the town gone, but so are all the people. With Yuno and Kenta now gone, she left the town and cursed Tanigakure for not saving them as she felt the death of them weighing in on her shoulders.

She went back home to Avalon as a result, only to find out her father had passed away as well while she was gone. Mixed emotions of anger against the persons who took the lives of her loved ones, but also sadness welling in her heart. Oui finds herself in the darkest place in her life, wondering what exactly to do in the end. Now seeking revenge, will she break her oaths that she took with the Radiants? Find out next time!

Chapter 5: Tiamat's Awakening & Downfall; Red Fever and Spirits
After learning the truth about the death of her father at the hands of the Mother Cult, Oui wanted answers. These answers lead to her joining in on an expedition where her brother took them to go fight the cultists. She also made contact with Solomon once more but due to his wide vision, he caught a glimpse of the ruthless behavior she displayed, killing the cultists. She would later leave her sibling and arrive to the Sanctuary of the Sun. It was there she finally broke down within the arms of her friend Solomon, but her moment alone with him was cut short.

The arrival of Ozmandias leads to a reunion between her and her tournament ally. The trio spoke and Solomon gave a brief explanation as to why the shrine was glowing so bright. Their meeting was cut short as the trio engaged in a battle against the Necromancers, Pehtra and Demetrius. This battle lasted some time before the attacks placed onto the shrine was part of the keys needed to finally free Tiamat. The Necromancers fled, now with their master freed once more. Hokusai couldn’t take this anymore, having fled to the location of a large light in the skies.

When she arrived, Mother had already left but she continued to trail after her by following the Sea of Life trails left behind but also due to Tiamat being in her kaijuu form. Arriving near her, Hokusai alongside brave other members of humanity fought for several months against the giant woman. In the lasting hours, the voice of her children shone down on the humans. In this last ditch effort, Hokuusai sacrificed much of her life force to act as the vessel to seal Tiamat away. Once she was placed into her prison once more, Hokusai went back to Avalon, now exiled from the Radiant Order, became a lonesome Fallen, never truly desiring to finish her mastery of the Throne but instead sought out to continue her life as a world-class artist and ninja. She even became known as the Sage of Artistry and Vessel of the Gods due to her efforts.
Sometime after the events with Tiamat, the world was plagued with the second coming of the Red Fever. Oui, due to her being one of the few to directly battle Tiamat, came down with the sickness at its worse. Over time, it seems the fever caused a mutation in her body, severing her connection to the Throne. Depressed from the loss of her power, she continued to seek out medicine for the fever but alas the efforts was all for the waste. The tournament held by the Ronin was a failure as the shinobi of the village failed to achieve it. In this time, she left Tsumigakure in search of a new purpose outside of just drawing, eventually stumbling into Owatatsumi.

It was founded out that Hokusai was in fact a descendant of the Hayabusa Clan via her mother, and that she also inherited the genes of the clan, allowing her to access Wuji. Once she managed to get the cure for the Red Fever, she started to train with the Hayabusa and eventually mastered their abilities. Along the way she signed a contract with the God King Alien Cthulhu as well, becoming a Vessel of the Gods. She became quite notable in the clan, ascending to Master Ninja Rank easily.


Other Information
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The Chakra no Ryujin (Chakra of the Dragon) is the name of the Hayabusa’s chakra. It is the chakra passed down from the Hagoromo through Ninshu combined with the spiritual beings of the Watatsumi Sanjin that exist within all Hayabusa. Through this chakra, the Hayabusa gain the ability to manipulate the state of existence. The Hayabusa manipulate existence through Wuji, the progenitor of all existence. Looking purely at the nature of existence itself, everything came into existence from nothing. Wuji is that “nothing” that gave birth to “everything.” The Watatsumi Sanjin possessed the ability to manipulate the state of their existence and thus, when they embedded themselves in the Hayabusa the latter became capable of doing the same. The Hayabusa manipulate existence, either erasing or bring into existence entities, through their ninjutsu which they call Neidan. The Hayabusa also combine Neidan with taijutsu and bukijutsu in Hayabusa Kobudo. The capabilities of Neidan and how Wuji is interacted follow a set of rules based on the limitations of the Hayabusa. The most basic fundamental traits of Neidan are developed in their passive traits of Wujin and Taijin and further elaborated with actual techniques (submitted techniques). As well, due to the Watatsumi Sanjin spiritual beings residing within all Hayabusa they possess heightened spiritual beings which manifest in their resistance to spiritual damage and minor physical traits that distinguish them from other people. Hokusai is currently ranked as a Master Ninja of the Hayabusa, showing she has in immense knowledge over the use of Neidan but also her battle prowess with it.

Ink Ninjutsu: Ink Ninjutsu ( Sumi Ninjutsu; Literally meaning "Ink Ninja Techniques" ) refers to a field of techniques which specialize in the utilization of special Ink drawn onto scroll. Users mold and shape their chakra into the Ink as they draw, causing the drawn items to come to life. Ink Users are naturally talented artists, capable of drawing detailed artwork in seconds. Users carry around a specialized custom scroll to draw on. The scroll's roller has compartments for their ink brush and to hold a supply of ink. A distinct advantage of this is that he can perform it with a single hand, leaving the other free for enemy counter-attacks. After drawn, these creations grow to life-size once they have been brought to life — similar to Deidara's explosive clay constructs. Being one of the most highly innovative of the ink community, she has made several of her own techniques that even surpasses her father's. She has unique ink tattoos/techniques on her body or in scrolls etc that serve different purposes labeled below:

(Inkupo/Kuchiyose: Chikai no Sain ) Ink Arts/Summoning: Oath Sign - Carries multiple pots of this specific ink within her tool pouch for use in battle.

(Ninpo: Sōzō no Karada) | Ninja Art: Body of Creation - Multiple tattoos located on her body in which she can freely manipulate for herself. She has tattoos always preset for certain techniques before hand thus has herself always prepped. After creating the Sealing Ink Art: Jutsu Formulae, she has variouus ink tattoos on her body with sealing properties attached to them.

(Inkupo: Arusu Shasuuru) Ink Arts: Ars Chasseur - She has most of her tattoos concealed through the use of this ink, making it appear as though she doesnt have any of her actual tattoos in battle.

(Inkupo/Genjutsu/Raiton: Shuuru Fantazumu) Ink/Illusion/Lightning Technique- Surreal Phantasm - With several tattoos around her body, she can emit a flash of light in order to induce illusions.

(Fuuin/Inkupo : Ō no saigo no negai) - Sealing/Ink Arts : King's Last Wish - Hokusai carries a deck of tarot cards with her in order to utilize this ability

(Fuin Inkupo: Jutsushiki) Sealing Ink Art: Jutsu Formulae - Due to the combination of Hokusai's ink ninjutsu and fuinjutsu, all her body seal's scripts or anything Fuinjutsu related are now made of ink thus treated as Ink Ninjutsu. This includes her Vector Cobra tattoos, she also has used "Beauty of the Moonlight" ink specifically for this drawn seals on her body minus her vector cobra tattoos.

(Fuuin/Inkupo : Ō no saigo no negai) - Sealing/Ink Arts : King's Last Wish - Hokusai carries a deck of tarot cards with her in order to utilize this ability. The card's sealing script is also affected by Jutsushiki.

(Inton/Inkupo: Tsukiakari no Utsukushisa) Yin Release/Ink Arts: Beauty of the Moonlight - After achieving mastery of Yin Release, Hokusai finally managed to achieve her goal of producing her own unique form of ink. This ink is a byproduct of her Yin Release chakra and because of it, as effectively replaced many of her body tattoos with the unique ink.
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(Fuin Inkupo: Jutsushiki) Sealing Ink Art: Jutsu Formulae
Rank: B-Rank
Type: Supplementary
Range: N/A (Short – Long, Active Portion)
Chakra Cost: N/A (+10 Active Ability)
Damage Points: N/A
Description: Jutsushiki is a unique hybrid technique which takes advantage on the mutual relationship ink ninjutsu and Fuinjutsu share. This is clearly visible in the Sealing Art: Crouched Tiger Bullet in which the drawn tiger is able of sealing others – however in the case of Jutsushiki this isn’t the case. What it does is act as a preemptive method of creating seals located on the body, modifying the scripts in their dormant state. By tattooing and infusing the appropriate kanji/formulae for the seal – the user is able to recreate the seal and its initial purpose with this ability via the ink or in other methods such as drawing it on paper etc. An example of this would be the Fire/Water/Wind/Earth/Lightning Sealing Method which the user pre writes the seal, however instead uses the ink from the ninja art instead. This causes all affected Fuinjutsu techniques to become treated as Ink Ninjutsu/Fuinjutsu based technique’s thus certain ink techniques can become effective with it such as the boosts which normally applies only to ink ninjutsu (if plausible) now applies to the Fuinjutsu in question as well by taking the infused chakra and simply adding onto the technique, however, the damage boosts themselves can only be applied to Fuinjutsu which originally utilizes a script in is formation/composition . Thus techniques such as Multiple Infinite Embraces cannot gain the benefit of the boost even if a script is added later into it via infusions etc. Offensive and Defensive Barriers which originate from a seal with script gains this as well. This technique doesn’t take up a move slot in battle, as it is applied outside of combat however the user may create a seal in battle with the ink if needed via control it and shaping it into the desired form. The latter ability is an active can only be used thrice per battle with a cool down of three turns though may be performed in the same time frame as the original technique while the former simply needs to be stated at the start of the battle or within the user’s bio. In spite of all this, this ability can only be used on Fuinjutsu/Barrier Ninjutsu which employs the usage of actual sealing scripts thus those which lack this are unable to be affected.
(Inkupo/Genjutsu/Raiton: Shuuru Fantazumu) Ink/Illusion/Lightning Technique: Surreal Phantasm
Type: Supplementary
Rank: A
Range: N/A (Same as Genjutsu; to which how far the flash will reach)
Chakra: X + 30 Infusion (X being the original illusions chakra cost)
Damage: N/A
Description: Through the use of some unique in tattoos on the user’s body; the user may will infuse their lightning chakra into the tattoos in order to cause them to begin to glow bright. This causes a flash of light to occur, which spans up to long range (depends on original technique's range) away from the user’s position – causing those who see the light to be inflicted into an illusion. This allows a new and unique way of casting techniques, utilizing the tattoos as a mean to cast an illusion; with the user being able to us any illusion they desire. This technique costs a move, but is use in tandem with the illusion, needing the same amount of hand seals, chakra etc for the original technique though with minor infusion of chakra for the flash of light. This method can follow with any Genjutsu the user knows up to A-Rank but is can only be used once every three turns. The tattoos must be posted before battle or within the user’s bio.
(Inkupo: Kaiga Natsu ) Ink Arts: Painting Summer
Type: Supplementary
Rank: D - S
Range: Short - Long
Chakra: 10 - 40 (-5 per turn)
Damage: 10 - 80
Description: Usually used as a means for teaching others how to paint with ink, Painting Summer allows the user to manipulate their ink in various forms for different reasons such as demonstrating the applications of the ninjutsu. The range of this technique starts from short range as usual, painting the work of art into life such as furniture to sit on due to ink techniques having been known to sustain themselves, small animals for entertainment etc. The vast possibilities are endless, leaving it up to the user’s own imagination.These creations can be no bigger than five meters in height. These creations can be formed for combative purposes if the user needs this, now dealing damage in accordance to it's rank. A rank usage has a limit of thrice per battle while S rank is twice per battle however the former leaves the user unable to use ink based techniques above S rank in the same and next turn while the latter prevents use of ink based techniques above A rank for the same and next turn. A rank has a cooldown of one turn while S has two turns after use. Though this technique can be used with no damaging properties simply for cosmetic use. This is considered freeform and doesn't count as a move. B rank needs a single hand seal, A rank needs two while S rank needs three.

(Inkupo: Koiru) Ink Arts: Calling Out To Within
Type: Supplementary
Rank: B - Rank
Range: N/A
Chakra: N/A (+10 Infusion)
Damage: N/A
Description: A technique that seeks to enhance the nature of ink based techniques, through which this technique comes in two different forms. The first version of this technique is aimed towards turning ink based techniques into more “offensive” versions of themselves, in which when creating a work of art - the user will have drawn the technique in a far more aggressive way as opposed to the normal elegant and expressive manner. This actually comes into play, as with this technique - the drawings they create are far more “shaper” to the touch, in some cases delivering a more “blunt” hit as opposed to normal, while some, in terms of animal like creations, gain the characteristics of the former mentioned but they are also drawn to be more “feral” or “wild”, and thus attack more violently as opposed to normal. What this seeks to do is, through the expression of emotion and creativity, as seen that emotional states of the user can indeed influence the way techniques are created, allows for their own works of art to inherit such unique traits for their own purpose. This turns techniques which are usually labelled with “N/A” as damage in order to gain power. The damage is equal to and rivals the ranking of the original technique i.e A Ranks will deal 60 damage. This technique can be applied to any sort of works by the user, whether they are drawing it on the moment, have it pre drawn or even in the form of ink tattoos. The characteristics must be mentioned when using this technique in order to get a more detailed idea of how the works will be dealing damage. The most notable example of this is when Sai was unable to utilize a certain ink technique due to his mind not being mentally prepared/emotionally ready in order to do so, showing that emotions can indeed have an influence on one's ink techniques upon creation.
The second part of this technique is much like the first, but instead it applies it to already damage-dealing techniques in the same way. What this version seeks to do now is increase the damage output of the technique, allowing it to increase the rank of an ink technique by one rank, or in the case of S-ranks and above, getting an additional +20 damage.
The first variant is a passive skill, not taking up a move nor a slot in time frame and must simply be mentioned as a reference when performing the desired technique, though it can only be used once every two turns. The second variant can only be used four times per battle, needing a cool down of one turn between each use, and acts as an infusion technique, thus being able to be performed within the same time frame of another technique. When applying the second variant to pre-drawn/tattoos, the user simply needs to infuse the same amount of chakra in order to “activate” the augmented state
(Inkupo: Chizu Sakusei) Ink Art: Cartography
Type: Supplementary
Rank: B- A Rank
Range: Short – Long
Chakra: 30
Damage: N/A
Description: This technique through the inspiration of Earth Style: Wheel Of Fortune, takes a similar twist in its formation in which the user will have pre drawn maps on scrolls in which they can through the use of their chakra bring these maps to life. What it does for the ink artist is allow for them to create 3D models of terrains they have been in before or created through imagination - allowing for them to create mazes, temples and all sorts of terrains through the pre drawn maps. To even further the beliefs of these creations, the user can use differing colors of ink in order to add more life to the creations. The larger the terrain, the bigger the scroll needed for the user to carry in order to draw. The created terrains are capable of being used as a source of the user’s ink creations if needed, thus removing the need for drawing them. This technique must be mentioned in the user’s biography or before battle, while each rank corresponds to how big the scale of the terrain can be. B Ranked scales up to mid-range, A ranks can scale up to long range, with B ranks three times per battle and A rank twice per battle. Much like Ninja Art: Super Beast Imitation these creations are capable of existing outside the need of the user’s chakra, keeping an inanimate and realistic look. These structures may last for four turns in battle.
(Inkupo: Kara no Waremono) Ink Art: Fragile and Empty
Type: Suplementary
Rank: B - Rank
Range: Short - Mid
Chakra: 20 (Activation)
Damage: N/A
Description: This technique combines the aspects of Ink Clone and expanding upon the potential of it, through which the user will have either a drawing down beforehand on a scroll, by drawing it on the spot under a few seconds or through a temporary water resistant tattoo located on the body in order to create a “clone” of the user, but what makes this far more unique than its predecessor technique is the special ink used to form the technique, and through the infusion of elemental chakra. The ink that was used is a special chakra absorbing ink, that through which the ink takes on the elemental nature of the that was being channeled while creating the works of art. Once the creation comes to life, it can take the form of anything the user desires, ranging from looking like the artist to taking the form of an animal. The creation has the elemental affinity of the infused elemental nature capable of using it up to B-Rank elementals, while also retaining the ability of using Ink Ninjutsu up to S-Rank. Much like Ninja Art Beast Imitation, if the user uses an animal - it is capable of acting much like it’s real life counterpart. This can only be used twice per battle, with each creation lasting only for fourturns before the ink falls. All jutsu coming from the creations counts towards the collective three jutsu usage per turn. Scrolls or tattoos must be mentioned in biography or before battle with each affinity mentioned. The creations however cannot be no more than twice the user’s size while the creation can have up to a base 200 chakra pre-made for it and requires the user to sacrifice a fixed amount of their chakra. For example, if a user makes 2 clones that contain 100 chakra each, then their default chakra capacity at the beginning of battles and/or events is 200 less than what it would normally be.
(Inkupo: Batafurai Eisha) Ink Art: Butterfly Swimmer
Type: Offensive, Supplementary
Rank: A - Rank
Range: Short - Mid
Chakra: 30
Damage: 60
Description: Having pre drawn on a scroll, the user will toss it into the air where the scroll will unwind and reveal the artwork. It is a lovely depicted river, drawn in colorful ink in order to mask the true nature of it secretly appearing as an water based technique. Through the methods of Ink Ninjutsu, the user will cause the 2D image to form into a 3D, flooding the area with ink. The amount of ink formed is enough to rival that of Water Release: Great Exploding Water Colliding Wave in terms of the amount of end resulting water made, being enough to flood the entire battle ground. Due to the nature of this technique, it's near impossible for the enemy to adjust their chakra into the ink as it is laced with the user's own chakra (similar to how Earth Release: Swamp of the Underworld is) and thus can’t stand on it causing them to sink down, potentially drowning while also restraining them, preventing them from moving properly. The amount of ink released only spans out enough leaving a two meter gap between the user in order to avoid self infliction, while being able to use this technique three times per battle with a two turn cool down. This technique carries the same s/w of regular Ink.
(Inkupo: Musaigen no Phantom World) Ink Arts: Myriad Colors Phantom World
Type: Supplementary | Offensive | Defensive
Rank: D - S Rank
Range: Short -Long
Chakra: 10 - 40
Damage: 20 - 80
Description: Myriad Colors Phantom World is specialized branch of ninjutsu developed by the some of the best Ink Ninjutsu users within the world, being the sister counterpart to Ink Art: Solid Script. The process of it is done in three differing steps, all of which occurs instantly within each other, utilization of chakra absorbing ink similar to Ink Art: Fragile and Empty ,manipulation of ink into words and finally infusion of elemental chakra into the words while also molding ink and element together. What Myriad pans out to do is through the limitless imagination of the user, due to the essence of art - will create familiars through the use of words, i.e creating the word “dragon” while infusion earth based chakra into the word will cause the formation of an actual stone dragon capable of defending the user from attacks or even attacking the enemy. This technique is not limited to only defensive uses, as it can create a variety of things, be it animals, mythical creatures, extinct animals etc. The user draws the words in mid air, allowing for the words to form in either standard letters or in kanji form, then making a hand seal . The size, strength and range all differ based on the ranking of the technique used with D - C Rank being able to be used up to short range, B- A Rank Up to Mid Range while S - Rank up to long(Regardless of Rank used, all will first originate from within short range of the user. The creations of D - C range reaching up to five meters, B-A reaching up to 15 meters while S - rank being 15 meters and above. B-Rank and above uses require a handseal. A Ranks can be used up to three times per battle, while S ranks can be used up to twice. In the case of the S rank usage, no Ink Technique above B Rank can be used in the next turn. Creations made from this technique are able to act on their own and outside the need of user’s concentration but can only last up to three turns - while they also carry the elemental properties of the infused element. The user can also use this without the need of an ink brush similarly by controlling the ink similar to Ninja Arts: Ink Flush though for B/A Rank usages, the user needs to make a single hand seal in conjunction to the element it is associated with (such as the Tiger Seal being heavily involved with Katon) while B-rank and above requires two hand seals (though if the user is has a primary affinity for the infused element, only one seal is required).
(Inkupo/Kuchiyose: Chikai no Sain ) Ink Arts/Summoning: Oath Sign[./b]
Type: Supplementary
Rank: N/A
Range: N/A
Chakra: N/A
Damage: N/A
Description: A rather unique technique in terms of composition, being rather tame in its effects due to not being an offensive nor defensive technique. Through the manipulation of specialized chakra absorbing ink, this brew of ink is merged with chakra of the user and actual blood - causing it to take a murky crimson coloring. The ink however has special properties, allowing for those who frequently uses summoning a new unique way in order to summon. By kneading chakra into the ink, drawing on a surface( be it on the ground, on a scroll or airborne) the user creates the kanji for the animal they are summoning i.e dog would be written as “犬” which then allows them to summon the animal. This makes the load easier for the user, due to the ink carrying their chakra and blood within the ink,acting as a medium for the appropriate summoning. The ink provides half of the needed chakra, thus the user only needs to pay half the total amount it would normally need to summon the animal.While primarily used for contract summonings, the user may also use this method for techniques such as Summoning Technique: Rashōmon by drawing a kanji associated with the technique i.e gates. This technique must be mentioned in the user’s bio or before battle in order to utilize and is passive in nature, not taking up a move nor time in the the timeframe though must be referenced while performing said techniques. The user may also say incantations, speaking in unique languages or phrases purely for cosmetic purposes. In the case of users with summoning tattoos, this technique can be used to infuse them with the same blood to achieve the same effect.
(Inkupo: Warui Appuru ) Ink Art: Bad Apple
Type: Supplementary
Rank: B - Rank
Range: N/A
Chakra: 20
Damage: N/A
Description: Bad Apple is unique technique that doesn’t follow the traditional means of Ink Ninjutsu, rather being a technique designed to supplement the artworks instead. Through the infusion of additional chakra, the user is able to apply a similar ability to its sister technique Ninja Art: Ink Flow in which we seen when the snakes are capable of regenerating consecutively thus making escape impossible. What this technique does, is enable other works created by the user the same properties of regeneration. The regeneration however can only take place in the event the artwork is not completely destroyed and would regenerate back to full power so as long as it hasn't sustained enough damage to be neutralized or overpowered. This technique can be used three times per battle, lasting two turns each. Due to the nature of this technique, it's initial activation is instantaneous and can be used within the same time frame of another technique.
(Inkupo/Fuinjutsu: Hanabi) Ink Arts/Sealing Technique: Fire Works
Type: Offensive/Defensive
Rank: A - Rank
Range: Short-Long
Chakra: 30 (- 5 per turn)
Damage: 60
Description: This is based on the Sealing Trap Explosion & an ink user’s known ability to be able to form their own explosive tags. Through this process, rather than applying the ink to paper, the user mentally controls the ink. It would seep into the surface, with the ink forming into the kanji for “explode” written over and over. The user guides the ink in any direction he/she desires until they are within range of the intended target. The kanji immediately reacts, causing a chain explosion across the terrain. This can be used for multiple uses such as keeping it hidden in a surface as a form of C4 triggered explosions down to even forming the kanji in the air to then guide it and chase the opponent down. Can only be used thrice per battle, being able to be sustained for two turns before falling and becoming unusable. Requires a cool down of two turns before using again.
(Inkpo: Re:Seikatsu ) Ink Arts: Re:Life
Type: Supplementary
Rank: B - Rank
Range: N/A
Chakra Cost: N/A (+ 10 Infusion)
Damage: N/A
Description: Re:Life is a simplistic technique in terms of its end goal, but it’s versatility speaks volume in the eyes of the artist. Passively activated, the technique acts as a mere infusion of chakra, but this applies the effects of “reshaping” towards the work of art. To narrow it down, the user is capable of allowing the work of art the ability to reshape itself into any other form, such as a rabbit shifting its form into that of a dog, an ink kunai taking the form of a sword etc. This allows for a degree of on demand changes, allowing them to perfectly manipulate it into any situation they can think of but of course, there is some restriction to this. The work of art in question cannot grow bigger than it originally was. However, it can become smaller, but cannot be less than half the original size. This ability is possible as it takes the concept from “Ninjutsu: Ink Flow” as it’s basis – allowing for the user to actively change its form. A unique property of this technique also allows certain ink techniques which demonstrate sentience (i.e ink animals that Sai has drawn) to passively change form without the user's input, capable of using it as a form of evasive tactic such as growing smaller to avoid a technique. In the case of the latter, it will be treated as an active technique and thus counts as a move. This technique may only be used once per turn for its active portion, while the passive ability can only be used once per work of art and overall 4 times per battle.
(Inkupo: Kyōkai no Kanata) Ink Arts: Beyond the Boundary
Type: Supplementary
Rank: B - Rank
Range: Short -Long
Chakra: 20
Damage: N/A
Description: Through the use of a scroll the user will toss it into the sky about five meters in which it will poof open, while unwinding in order to allow a pre drawn work of art in the form of large amount of clouds to fly into the skies. Once the clouds fly up, they will deceptively blend in with the real ones and begin to downpour ink in the form of rain drops. Due to the unique coloring of the rain drops, it will be difficult to tell the difference between the real rain and the fake rain at first glance, but upon impact with the ground or person, it rapidly loses its colouring and turns black in colour like the original ink. The ink will continue to fall from the sky above, forming puddles of “water” while also soaking into other non sentient objects. The ink is connected to the user’s chakra, and thus can be used as a source to create their ink techniques, but the other use of it is that the user is mentally aware of when the ink touches something, acting as a unique form of sensory for the user. Can be used three times per battle, lasting four turns each.
(Inkupo: Renkinjutsu) Ink Arts: Alchemy
Type: Supplementary
Rank: B
Range: N/A
Chakra: N/A (+10 Infusion)
Damage: N/A
Description: A rather simple technique that is tame in nature compared to traditional Ink Ninjutsu Techniques. While creating a work or having it pre drawn/tattooed on the body of the user, through an additional amount of chakra. This technique allows the expansion of the creations by the user, allowing for it to increase in size by twice the amount using the extra infused chakra as a surplus to the techniques expansion. This means i.e a five meter drawn lion will increase in size, now reaching up to ten meters instead. Can be used twice every turn, going on cool down equal to the amount of usages used prior. i.e. if used twice in a turn, one must wait two turns before using it again. Due to its nature as an infusion, it can be done within the same time frame as another ink technique. This also can't be used on anything exceeding 10 meters in size.
(Inkupo: Gandr) Ink Art: Gandr
Type: Offensive
Rank: A Rank
Range: Short - Mid
Chakra: 30
Damage: 60
Description: The user will have three distinct tattoos located on each hand, each representing a single shot with this technique. After aiming at a target location, the user will shape their hand into a finger gun and shoot a piercing bullet of hardened ink, capable of piercing through rock easily while also moving twice the user's base speed though can only travel in a linear path thus making it quite easy to dodge at range. Can only be used thrice per battle, with a cool down of related to how much bullets where fired in a turn (i.e firing three will cause a three turn cool down). A max of three bullets can be fired per turn (with the power being divided per shot, though firing all three counts as one move). There is some aesthetics to this technique, such as the color of the fired ink blast and the dormant tattoo state, all being up to personal preference of the user.
(Inkupo: Arusu Shasuuru) Ink Arts: Ars Chasseur
Type: N/A
Rank: N/A
Range: N/A
Chakra: N/A ( +10 Infusion)
Damage: N/A
Description: A rather unique technique that naturally has no inherent offensive nor defensive power - but rather is a tool utilized by those who are capable of utilizing Ink Ninjutsu. This selective brand of ink is different from the others used, as it's intention is to capture the true essence of an animals predatory sense - in which the ink has the ability to form invisible works of art. This isn't to be confused with true invisibility but rather a contribution of the ink's ability to retract light away from it due to the translucent coloration and a minor infusion of chakra. Once the ink is used, the creation is formed, preventing the enemy from being able to see said work of art and thus is ideal for stealth attacks though it should be known that when within short range of the opponent, the creations cameo is easier to see due to distortions in the air or even from moving along the ground causing prints to appear etc.
The user is able to also apply this to his/her ink techniques within scrolls by simply having it pre-drawn or even conceal ink created tattoos on their body in which the user simply has to pay an extra infusion of chakra to "activate" the effect. Must be posted in user's bio or at the start of battle, though this only pertains in carrying the ink where as the infusion requires a move. The cameo affect only lasts for three turns before naturally a wearing off.
(Inkupo : Arusu Rooza ) Ink Arts: Ars Rosa
Type: Offensive
Rank: S-Rank
Range: Short - Long
Chakra: 40 ( -10 to sustain)
Damage: 80
Description: Arusu Rooza utilizes a unique application of controlling ink once it takes form by drawing it right on the spot. This causes a vast array of thorny whips with roses to grow and rampage across the ground as the ink soaks into the surface and resurfaces from below the ground. It's range is wide, devastating the terrain fifteen meters in front of the user whilst also reaching up to five meters in altitude. The user can also infuse the ink with fire chakra in order to cause the thorns to deal burning damage upon contact with the target (user can interact with it without suffering any adverse effect while also following the S/W of Fire). This can only be used twice per battle, remaining active for two turns while being unable to use S Rank and above Ink/Katon in same and next turn. Fire infusion isn't mandatory, leaving it up to the user's choice. They may also control the whips via hand movement for more precise strikes
(Ninpo: Sōzō no Karada) | Ninja Art: Body of Creation
Type: Supplementary/Defensive
Rank: C
Range: Short-Long
Chakra cost: N/A (-5 per turn)
Damage: N/A
Description: Using the ability to manipulate Ink, the user will gain the ability to place the ink on their bodies for the sake of future battles. Similar to getting a tattoo, the ink will rest on the user's skin in a variety of shapes and forms, and can often times be confused with Fūinjutsu seals. The ink "tattoos" have a variety of uses and properties, namely the ability to create ink animals directly from the user's body without the need for a scroll, because in essence the user would have turned his body into a living canvas. By channeling chakra into the ink the user can have the tattoos move about on their bodies in order to ensure the perfect orientation. Ninjutsu and Ink manipulation techniques that would require pre-prepared scrolls can be done with Sōzō no Karada by either the user drawing the needed shapes on their body or having the image needed already drawn on before the match. How this works is by first drawing the required shape/kanji onto their body and then coursing chakra through the ink to summon the preferred effect. Due to the ability to move the ink while it is on the skin, a new shape can be created instantly with chakra control and as such the user would only need to drawn a single shape once and then have it re-purposed for anything else. As mentioned before, the main ability of this technique is to allow the user to bring forth small, ink made creatures for the sake of carrying messages, scouting, or general amusement. Meaning, even if they were used to attack they would count as free form techniques with no rank or damage value at all. The creatures able to be created are listed below:
Hawk (鷹, Taka) Can be ridden for reconnaissance or high-speed travel. Smaller variants can be used to carry explosive tags or be used to deliver messages.
Rat (鼠, Nezumi) Can swarm across an area to search for a target much faster than the user would be able to on their own. Being so small, the rats are inconspicuous, also making them suitable for covert message delivery.
Snake (蛇, Hebi) Can be used as ropes to restrain someone. With the ability to soundlessly enter through even the smallest crevice, they can also be used for covert ops.
Tomoe Lion (巴獅子, Tomoe Shishi) Used for travelling on ground, these lions appear vicious on the outside but are actually harmless. If needed they can be used to hold down a target with their powerful jaws.
Fish (魚, Sakana) Made of special, water resistant ink, the fishes are able to travel through bodies of water to deliver messages or very small objects in their mouths.
Note: Must be stated in the user's biography or beginning of the battle.
Note: Up to 3 tattoos can be made in one go.
Note: The technique can be used five times per event, with each contract lasting two turns.(In the case four are made at a single go) Alternatively, the user can create a less amount of constructs and have the additional turns added to the created construct. For example releasing two creations that would last four turns each. Due to the technique lacking any actual damage potential, this extension serves for more story oriented purposes.
(Ninpo: Iro no Tatchi)- Ninja Art: Touch of Color
Type: Supplementary/Defensive
Rank: B
Range: Short-Mid
Chakra cost: 20 (-5 per turn)
Damage: 40 (+20 to Ink Ninjutsu)
Description: With the ability to manipulate Ink, the user will go through the delicate process of infusing the substance with elemental chakra. In doing so the ink will change color depending on the nature of chakra present within it, with the exception of Doton chakra. Katon turns the ink blood red, Suiton turns it blue, Raiton turns it purple, and Futon turns it into a faded grey color. In addition to changing the color, each elemental nature also changes how the ink behaves. Red Ink becomes scalding to the touch, like boiling water while Blue Ink is viscous and sticky similar to starch syrup technique. Doton channeled Black Ink contains properties of Super Added Weight Rock Technique. When contact is made with the ink technique the affected target would have its’s/their weight increased.(Initially 10x, then 30x, 50x, etc). The weight increase remains as long as contact with the ink exists + one turn after the removal of the ink for 10x increase, two turn after for 30x, three turns after for 50x etc. Purple Ink numbs whatever it touches due to lightning coursing through. (Numbing would last for one turn)Lightning would work similar to how lightning is channeled through liquid and water, having the ink technique electrolysed in a sense, which in turn affects the target. Grey Ink is given great cutting capabilities when used in pressurized streams or solid constructs the wind would surround the ink construct similar to a shroud, thus removing the possibility of negatively affecting the ink technique. This technique can be used as a standalone to create weapons, animals, and constructs of ink using scrolls or other methods of ink usage. It can also be applied in the same timeframe of another Ink technique for added damage.
-Usable three times per battle, with a turn cool down in between.
-The user can imbue the ink technique with more than one element once every three turns, although elements strong/weak to eachother can not be infused at the same time. The damage increase remains at +20 to the ink technique.
-Can't be coupled with other Ink boosts.
(Fuuin/Inkupo : Ō no saigo no negai) - Sealing/Ink Arts : King's Last Wish
Type : Supplementary/Offensive
Rank : A
Range : Short - Long
Chakra Cost : (+30 to Release the Seal)
Damage Points : N/A
Description :
The user carries an ordinary deck of cards, or any unique kind of playing cards variants they have. These cards have prints sealed on them, similar to that of those on ordinary playing cards which allows the user to manipulate the ink prints on any of the cards that they have, selecting from the surface of the cards the user can utilise Ink Ninjutsu through their cards as they are the source of the technique. For example the user can use "Super Beast Imitation" to create a Large Bear from one of the cards or even throw the card above the opponent and have it use "Super Beast Imitation Picture Shower" raining down a ton of lions and dragons. The user if they wish can use one of their three moves to release the seal of the cards they manipulate the ink from, this seal inputs additional chakra into the Ink Ninjutsu created from the cards and gives them a form of sentience - allowing the creations to use Ink Ninjutsu up to their own rank (A rank). Though the creations from most jutsu are animals or beasts, they cannot draw the technique but instead use themselves as a source and they spew Ink related jutsu from their mouth, paws/hands or body.
-Must be stated in the user's bio or posted at the start of battle that they have Ink Prints on their cards
- Releasing the Seal can only be used three times with a two turn cooldown, is only applied to one creation
- Releasing the Seal can be done in the same timeframe as another Ink Ninjutsu only but cost a move.
- All Cards thrown have the capability to be used as an Ink Ninjutsu source

(Inku Ninpou/Fūinjutsu: Tsubasa Kouse) Ink Arts/Sealing Arts: Wings of Aggression
Type: Offensive/Defensie/Supplementary
Rank: A
Range: Short - Long
Chakra: 30
Damage: 60
Description: Through manipulating an existing ink source, either through hand movements or simply drawing, the user would have the opportunity to create a 3 meter large mosquito/fly hybrid, similar to ink techniques that create animals from scrolls. The creature is capable of flight, administering consecutive bites/stabs/sucks, and laying eggs. The creature has two main abilities, each related to the creature’s abilities.

Power: Through utilising it’s proboscis('mouth'), the creature can administer a powerful strike to a target, causing great pain while also taking in some of the targets blood and chakra. Alternatively, the user can have the creature take some of his/targets blood and chakra, in a non lethal manner. When used in a lethal manner, the creature can suck up to 30 chakra points, while delivering A rank damage. When used in a non lethal manner, it can consume up to 60 chakra points. In both cases, any technique the target is sustaining would be prematurely ended. (This can be used two times, lethally, and two time non lethally. However, it’s only usable once on the user) When Power is used on a technique, it would absorb all the chakra in the technique, weakening it by a rank while also piercing it with power. The absorption quality stems from combining Fūinjutsu, specifically in the form of a seal that gives the creature the aforementioned abilities.

Life: Only usable after Power has taken place and both blood and chakra has been consumed. The creature(s) would be capable of laying an egg(s), through which a miniature version of it would emerge, adding to the overall power of the technique, specifically 10 points per 30 chakra points. This is unusable unless blood is present, and due to it being reliant on power, it can occur in the same t/f of Power, but costing a move. The maximum power that can be increased is 20 points, but it should be noted that each 'Life' usage requires it's own 'Power' usage in which blood is taken. The eggs created would double the amount of creatures on the field, so for a big mosquito/fly only one.

Usable twice per battle, lasting 3 turns, with a three-turn interval between usages

Hokusai's Signature Ink Techniques
○ (Inkupo/Kuchiyose: Chikai no Sain ) Ink Arts/Summoning: Oath Sign
○ (Inkupo: Musaigen no Phantom World) Ink Arts: Myriad Colors Phantom World
○ (Inkupo: Kaiga Natsu ) Ink Arts: Painting Summer
○ (Fuin Inkupo: Jutsushiki) Sealing Ink Art: Jutsu Formulae

Body Seals: As a user of Fuinjutsu, Ōi as several seals spread across the her body which she uses for various purposes. The first set is located in her mouth, being the Dragon Slayer seals, with the second being located on her left breast. This is the Mimicry Destruction Seal with another one located on her back in the center. The third is located on her stomach which causes barriers to form around the tenketsus on her body. Two more on her clothing to perform the Lightning Blade Creation technique, on her leg to be activated on her death and the other located on her palm being Baseless Blade Works.
(Fuuin: Metsuryū Mahō) - Sealing art: Dragon Slayer Magic
Type: Fuuin
Rank: A
Range: Short (mid range blast when released)
Chakra: 30
Damage: 60
Description: Before the battle the user will have places 5 basic seals in their mouth/throat in preparation. Each of these seals will represent one of the 5 basic elements. In battle, when the user is about to be hit by one of the the 5 basic elements they will perform one handseal activating one of the chosen seals in their mouth as they breath in. In doing so, the element of the seal they activated will be sucking in and sealed into the seal in the users mouth. Much like how Jiraiya sealed Amaterasu. After having sealed the element, the user can then perform one handseal releasing that element from their mouth back at their opponent, in the form of a blast of that chosen element with no shape to it. An exampe of this jutsu would be if the opponent use a B rank fireball, just when it's about to hit the user, he will perform one handseal, activating the seal as he breathes in, as he does, the fireball will be sealed into the seal in the users mouth, without hurting the user. The user could then perform another handseal releasing the fireb back at the opponent as one big blast, the fireball would still be B rank. When the seal is activated, a mass of chakra is released out of the users mouth at high speed, similar to when jiraiya sealed amaterasu in a scroll, but faster. The element would be drawn into this chakra and sealed into the seal in the users mouth.
Note: Each seal can only be used once per battle.
Note: Can only seal one jutsu per seal
Note: Can only seal A rank and below
Note: Must wait 1 turn to use this jutsu again
Note: After a jutsu has been sealed in the users mouth, when they release it back, it counts as one of the 3 jutsu per turns.
Note: Can only seal one element, not elemental combinations.
Note: Useable 3 times
(Fūinjutsu: Mu Gen no Kensei) Sealing Art: Baseless Blade Works
Type: Supplementary
Rank: B-Rank
Range: Self
Chakra: 20 (-5 per turn active)
Damage: N/A
Description: Created by a fabled Blacksmith in an attempt to preserve his own creations through chanelling them into lesser works so as to not ruin his own blade's with wear, tear and rust, Baseless Blade Works is a seal applied to one's body that possesses a two-directional seal. Aesthetically it takes the form of a sword tattoo, the seal's primary application is similar to that of a generic Sealing technique, allowing the the user to seal and unseal physical targets, in this Jutsu's case specifically weapons, and store them within the seal for convenience and protection. What seperates this seal from the countless seals that provide the same function is the second application tied to the seal. When activated at the cost of 20 Chakra, the user selects one of their stored weapons and, should they be utilizing a weapon(s) of a similar nature, the seal identifies and targets unique aspects of the weapon and imparts that weapons properties on to the weapon held in their hands, effectively creating an "imitation" of the chosen target. This includes access to Jutsu that can only be performed through that specific weapon, abilities or techniques inherent to that weapon itself, or factors of the weapons design that make it unique, such as a specialized version of an existing weapon whose design is altered to achieve a greater/ different effect than its standard counterpart, all of these become avaliable to the weapon(s) in the user's hands.

Naturally there are limitations and drawbacks to the properties this seal. Firstly, due to the transformational nature of this technique, to "overwrite" existing weapons with the nature of another, this technique cannot be used on weapons that already have their own abilities. The weapon in the user's hands needs to be a "blank slate" that a unique weapon can be imprinted upon, or the technique fails to produce an effect. Next, weapons recieving the unsealed properties are still bound by their own inherent/ original properties and limitations. For example, regardless of a stored weapon's durability, the weapon in the user's hands does not recieve any additional defensive capabilities, such as indestructibility. Rather, when the "imitation" weapon's durability is too low (less than B-Rank in strength or durability (freeform weapons are classified as unranked), they can only maintain the imprint for a short period of time (4 turns max) before being destroyed as the enhancement turns into something more akin to a hostile invasion, causing the weapon to self-destruct. Additionally, utilizing techniques or abilities unique to a specific weapon while falling under the aforementioned durability range instantly causes this same destructive reaction. Finally this technique still requires the user abide by the rules regarding Custom Weapons and similarly restricted weapons, as well as any and all limitations the weapons themselves have.

Baseless Blade Works can last for as long as the user is willing to maintain it, provided the application doesn't expire due to the aforementioned durability factor, at a cost of 5 Chakra per turn. If an application of this technique lasts longer than 4 turns, it cannot be used for at least 2 turns once that usage ends. Finally, storage and withdrawal of weapons within this seal costs 5 Chakra per each activation, with the former costing a move when performed in combat, while the latter is always passive. Techniques used used through the imitation technique decrease in strength by a rank.

Note: Requires Advanced Fūinjutsu.

(Fūinjutsu: Gitai hakai shīru) - Sealing Arts: Mimicry Destruction Seal
Type: Defensive |Supplementary
Rank: S
Range: Short-Mid.
Chakra Cost: 40 (-10 per turn)
Damage: N/A
Description: This sealing technique is a rather simple acting one able to be created during battle, or prior to, using a seal with the word "Revoke" either on paper or somewhere on one’s body. The seal will remain dormant until the enemy’s chakra makes contact with it, thus triggering its activation. If this seal is used against an enemy technique, the moment the technique comes into contact with the seal, it will cease as it is absorbed into the seal, and immediately afterwards a barrier is released from the user as it spreads to the ends of mid range with the user as its epicentre at all times. This barrier carries special chakra/energy blocking properties that focuses on the foreign source first used to activate the technique launched by the target. Once in the barrier the target is restricted by the barrier's blocking properties, restricting them from using the same type of energy absorbed, now unable to use techniques of that same type S rank and below. For example; if used on a suiton technique, it would hinder the target from molding their water chakra while in the barreir. Only elemental and energy based techniques can be registered and absorbed by this seal, and the technique in question can be no bigger than five meters in diameter in order to be absorbed. All divided, but similar, target foreign chakra sources, like clones, also succumb to the barrier's properties while in its realm. This doesn't block jutsu coming from outside the barrier just seals the element within.

►User can only have two of these seals in their possession/body
►Only one of this type of seal can be in play at a time
►The restriction lasts for 4 turns unless otherwise broken
►Seal has a 2 turn cooldown upon ending
►No other techniques S rank and above the same turn the seal is used
►The user cannot use jutsu above S rank for 2 turns after activation
►Cannot be used on F ranks
►Can only be taught by ZandaT

Fuuinjutsu:Gādowandā Sealing Arts: Wonder Guard
Description: Created primarily to guard the user against gentle fist users, before battle the user will apply this seal to their body, which will create tiny barriers around each of their chakra points which lie dormant until triggered. When any amount of foreign chakra interrupts the flow of chakra between one chakra point to the next, the seals will absorb the foreign chakra and, If the opponent is touching the user, spit it back out at the opponents nearest chakra point, instead closing one of theirs and causing a brief stun that results in the opponent needing to spend 10 more chakra to use techniques for the next two turns due to the strain this puts on them. This technique can guard up to B rank Elemental techniques and up to A rank techniques of non elemental chakra
-Can be used twice per battle
-2 turn cool down between uses

(Kuchiyose: Raikō Kenka) - Summoning: Lightning Blade Creation
Rank: B-Rank
Type: Supplementary
Range: Short
Chakra cost: N/A (-5 per tool/weapon)
Damage points: N/A
Description: This is a special "ninja tool summon" that allows the user to seal basic ninja tools, like shurikens, kunais, swords, etc into sealing marks placed on their clothes or their body. The ninja tools can be summoned in an instant just by touching the sealing "marks". The greatest advantage of this technique is that the time between taking out a ninja tool, taking the right stance and actually throwing it is greatly reduced and one can unleash a barrage of weapons with great speed in a small time window. Also when a weapon such as a Fūma Shuriken is summoned, the time needed to throw it can be further shortened by having prepared the weapon in fully extended form beforehand. Sasuke even shown that you can have the weapons connected to wires and linked to their sealing marks and used the technique in sealing marks he placed in his wrist bracers.
Note: Can summon up to 30 basic tools per sealing mark and can have up to 2 sealing marks.

( Ura Shishō Fūinjutsu ) - Reverse Four Symbols Sealing Technique
Rank: S-Rank
Type: Offensive
Range: Short – Mid
Chakra cost: 40
Damage points: 80
Description: This is a sealing jutsu that is placed upon the users body, setting it to activate on the users death. It seals everything within a large, nearby, spherical into the users body.
Note: Can only be activated upon the users death.
Note: The placement of this seal must be stated on the user's biography.

Senjutsu: Sage Mode is the direct result of blending Natural Energy into the user's own chakra flow which empowers his chakra drastically. Once the user activates Sage Mode, he forcefully assimilates natural energy from his surroundings into himself, empowering himself for a given time. This time is limited because the user is incapable of continuously absorb natural energy as he moves about. Hokusai is a practitioner of it, capable of entering Sage Mode, having learned from Cthulhu himself. With this she has access to Imperfect and Perfect Sage Mode which she can utilize in battle easily, taking on like similar to the alien; appearing akin to a hybrid between human and alien.

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"How mundane...."

Misc Information: Ōi carries a wide assortment of tools that she uses throughout her life as shinobi, ranging from kunai, shuriken, ninja wire etc. She also has specialized tools in which she uses quite often for example her own version of explosive tags, alcohol bottles etc ]. She also has a wrist-mounted crossbow in order to utilize Trick Archery. All the pre-sealed techniques and script used by the style is made from ink via Jutsushiki as well.
(Jūhō Kibaku Fuda) Heavy Artillery Exploding Tag
Rank: N/A
Type: Offensive
Range: N/A
Chakra: N/A
Damage: +20 to Explosive Tags
Description: A heavy-duty version of the standard issue paper bomb, this exploding tag has substantially more power than a regular exploding tag, and is generally used in heavy demolition. Other than being .5 inches longer than a regular exploding tag and with the kanji for “erupt” instead of “explode” in the middle, they cannot be discerned from their weaker counterparts at a glance. These exploding tags can be used in place of weaker ones in jutsu involving them.
*In order to use these, it must be mentioned in the user’s bio that they carry this version of the exploding tag – otherwise, the user cannot use these.

(Fugaku Sanjūroku-kei) Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji
Type: Weapon
Rank: S
Range: N/A
Chakra: N/A
Damage: N/A
Description: Sanjūroku-kei is a rather uniquely designed weapon, specifically for that of the artist named Foreigner in order to enhance her art in the heat of a battle. It takes the form primarily as giant paint brush - but it has the passive ability of being able to shift it's form into a vastly smaller brush when needed. Depsite this, the shaft and bristles of the brush are light weight - allowing her to wield her weapon with ease while also being made of indestructible material but lacks the means of being able defend against ranked jutsu. It can however deflect freeform bases techniques such as freeform taijutsu, kenjutsu etc.

All Things in Nature - The true nature of the brush comes in when Inoūi attempts to draw a work of art utilizing the brush, through the use of ink tattoos, ink in general or even when using them from the scroll. The brush will siphon a minor amount of chakra from her through physical contact and take that, pushing the extra chakra into the user's ink based techniques increasing the offensive power of jutsu - passively increasing the rank by one or +20 to S ranks and above. Techniques that have no damage value will then instead gain +20 defensive power instead thus allowing her works of art to be sturdier in clashes. This is a passive ability and requires no input from the user but does require the brush to be in physical contact or within one meter of the owner in order to be utilized.

Territory Creation - Is another passive skill that works in tandem with the ink brush as it acts as a sort of beacon. This allows it to leak out chakra into the area up to long range, allowing the user a unique form of sensory as it allows them to detect any sort of ink source (or any sort of ink) within the area as well as anything that is near the ink (within close range proximity). While this is passively activated - it drains the user of - 5 per turn to sustain.

Divinity – Is the final but active ability of the brush, as located on the handle is a seal. This seal exists on the user’s palm as well with the kanji for “Divinity” written. By activating this seal, the user is able to in the event of getting the brush stolen from them would immediately seal the brush back into the seal located on the user. The seals are intertwined with one another – thus no matter the distance, the brush will always come back into the user’s possession unless it is sealed somewhere else and thus remains unreachable. It can also passively be activated to unseal the brush instantly as well into the user’s hand once again. The active ability can be used once per turn with a cool down of two turns. Both applications requires 30 Chakra to activate.

Scientific Tools:
- (Supuratto Bakudan) Splat Bomb
- ( Kote ) Forearm (Inkupo: Kara no Waremono) Ink Art: Fragile and Empty
- September (300 Senjutsu Chakra Stored)
- Hush (the seals on the parasol are all affected by Jutsushiki as well)
- (Sandāu~ēbu ) Thunderwave
(Supuratto Bakudan) Splat Bomb
Rank: A Rank
Range: Short - Long (Thrown), Short (Explosion)
Chakra: 30 (N/A When Thrown)
Damage: 60
Description: Created based on the blueprints originally made for the Kote, these small tools are crafted and intended to be used by those whom utilize ink ninjutsu. Within these triangular containment units are ink of various color, this color matching that of the element infused into the ink ahead of time. When thrown at the enemy, the user will weave a single hand seal - causing the capsule to burst open those releasing a violent burst of ink to those around the blast zone, however if the user desires to delay the explosion they may do so, in which case simply throwing the bomb is considered freeform and thus doesn’t count as a move, though activation of it's bomb form will still count as one and the user must be within two landmarks to trigger it. The power of the blast depends on the amount of chakra and ink utilized for the this technique, while also dealing additional adverse effects depending on the element such as fire burning the enemy, water making the ink more vicious and sticky making it harder to move etc. It can also be used as a source for future ink techniques. A rank can only be used thrice per battle while the overall technique can only be used five times per battle. This is also akin to having works of art pre drawn thus various techniques can be used in conjunction to this due to the ink acting as a new source.

(Saku Sanshain) Blooming Sunshine
Rank: D - S Rank
Range: Short (Explosion & Absorption), Short - Long (Travel Range)
Chakra Cost: 10 - 40
Damage: 20 - 80
Description: Blooming Sunshine is a special designed ninja tool that utilized the “Absorption Arm” as a basis for its production – though many are surprised by this due to weapon being in the form of an umbrella or parasol. The overall design of the tool is highly durable in nature, allowing it to physically tank one S rank before being rendered useless, two A ranks but remains undamaged by B ranks and below while also doubling as a physical weapon that can be used in free form close combat. It also has a sword hidden within it’s structure which uses the handle as a hilt and the other base piece as a sheathe.

Moving onto the chakra related powers, the ferrule of the umbrella has the ability to release a barrier of chakra similar to that of it’s predecessor where it intakes the chakra into the weapon itself but what makes it differ from the two is that the sphere doesn’t expand in size, but rather returns into the weapon swiftly. Once the chakra is absorbed into the weapon, it acts as a “charge” to the weapons second chakra related ability. The absorption is done via specific fuinjutsu formula located on the top that then releases the barrier.

After the absorption of the chakra the user is able to return the attack at the enemy as a chakra blast, moving at the speed of a Lightning Technique but dealing damage based on the rank of the jutsu absorbed. Although it moves in a linear path, the explosion radius is five meters; meaning simply dodging the path of the blast wouldn’t always be enough to avoid it completely.

This of course isn’t the lonesome way to “charge” the tool, as the user may willingly infuse his/her own chakra into the umbrella itself in order to fuel it, dealing damage based on the amount of chakra is placed into it. The absorbing of an enemy technique counts as a move each, but absorbing and releasing it back can be done within the same time frame and counting as one move if used like this but the user can simply absorb the chakra and store it without sending it back.

Charging the weapon with chakra from the user is done passively but sending it as a blast counts as a move, with the chakra amount ranging from 10 (D) to 40 (S), thus the user must spend chakra based on the rank in order to fire the blast. The user however can only retain a certain amount of chakra inside of the umbrella with its max being 200. While the umbrella’s firing/absorbing (each one separately) mechanism can be done once every two turns, while S ranks can only be done twice per battle causing it go on cool down for three turns instead. A rank can be done thrice while B rank and below can be used collectively 6 times a battle. The design of the umbrella is cosmetic, allowing for various coloration and patterns to suit a person's need.

( Kyuu-tsuki ) - September
Type: Tool
Rank: S
Range: Short - Long
Chakra: N/A ( +50 per turn ) ( -50 per turn to an opponent )
Damage: N/A ( -20 to an opponent's technique )
Description: September is a small orb-like self-sustained chakra battery that can be pre-charged with basic chakra, or senjutsu chakra. If charged with basic chakra it will be compatible with any non-hostile shinobi. The battery has two capabilities called charge and drain. Charge allows a shinobi to draw chakra from the battery or apply it to their techniques and drain allows the battery to draw chakra from a shinobi or their techniques. The battery has a max capacity of two hundred chakra.

Charge: While in direct contact with the battery or while it is on their person a shinobi can passively absorb chakra directly from the battery through contact. It can be used while still hidden or in a pouch not needing to be pulled out. It allows the shinobi to draw up to two hundred chakra from the battery at a rate of fifty per turn allowing for them to regain chakra or to supply exhausted allies with chakra. It can also be used to provide senjutsu chakra instead of chakra at a quicker rate allowing them to gain ten percent of their chakra as senjutsu chakra but can only be done once usually exhausting the battery. When exhausted the battery is still able to use its drain ability. Alternatively, like the name implies the battery can be used to charge a technique with ten extra chakra providing it a twenty damage boost. This is done in the same timeframe as the augmented technique and can only be done twice with a two-turn cool-down.

Drain: If a hostile individual tries to use the battery it will absorb their chakra instead of giving them chakra at a rate of fifty chakra stolen per turn. The wielder of the battery is also able to instigate this process passively by making direct contact with the opponent allowing them to instigate the process stealing fifty chakra per turn where contact is made. Additionally, through this draining ability, the battery is able to steal ten chakra from a technique causing it to weaken by twenty damage. This is similar to the capabilities of the Scientific Ninja Tool: ( Abusōbu Ude ) - Absorption Arm on a much lower and more basic scale. Where that can absorb entire jutsu this battery can only absorb ten chakra storing it in the battery. This portion of the drain ability will cost a move slot, can only be used once per turn and only twice per battle.
Note: The wielder can only carry a single chakra battery
Note: Must state the ratio of basic chakra to senjutsu chakra that is found in the battery

(Sandāu~ēbu ) - Thunderwave
Rank: A
Range: Short - Long
Chakra: N/A ( - 5 per turn when used )
Damage: N/A
Description: Thunderwave is a basic chest plate outfitted with a surround sound speaker system, and a microphone. It can be used to play music or make noises more audible than normal similar to a karaoke machine. It is able to produce sound louder than most techniques or the clashing of techniques and can be much louder than the user or opponent can scream. In essence it can act like the (Utsusemi no Jutsu) - Empty Cicada Shell Technique passively at all times being louder and stronger than even that basic technique. It comes pre-loaded with all of the wielder's favorite songs. In battle it can be used to play theme music or it can make the user louder as it has a built in microphone system connected to the speaker system.
The primary use of Thunderwave as mentioned above is the ability to play music with the offshoot of this being the ability to cancel sound waves with sound waves while playing music. This is similar to the Scientific Ninja Tool: Shijima and works like a noise-cancellation speaker. The system can emit a sound wave with the same amplitude but with inverted phase also known as antiphase to the original sound. The waves combine to form a new wave, in a process called interference, and effectively cancel each other out. This effect is called destructive interference and is able to nullify sound techniques in equal rank. The sound can encompass a short - long range area around the user being louder the closer to the user the people who can hear it are and due to this it has a dampening system as to not harm the users ears or cause them any undue problems. It can be fine tuned to look different depending on the wielder's appearance or preference.
Note: Sound techniques can only be canceled once per turn three times per battle.

Personal Summoning:
( Koukurage Kuchyose no Jutsu: Nagai Yama ) Box Jellyfish Summoning Technique: Mauna Loa
Rank: A
Range: Short
Chakra Cost: 30
Damage Points: N/A
Description: Mauna Loa is a huge box jellyfish with Fire Affinity. It has a floater 0.5x0.5m and tentacles reaching up to 10 meters. Having affinity with fire allows him to heat up his body to extreme temperatures, while the chakra protects him from drying/burning and thus death. He uses his body temperature to either swim in the ground, leaving behind a trail of molten rock, or hovering in the air, by shifting the temperatures and creating air pockets, both techniques equivalent to an A rank technique, thus counting towards the jutsu count. He is able to use Fire techniques up to S-rank.
*The user is able to summon him already on the ground or hovering, both Summoning and the Hoovering/Ground technique counting as 1 jutsu. Shifting between ground/air afterwards will count as additional jutsus*
*While in water, if still hot, Mauna Loa will produce steam*
*Lasts 4 turns max*
*Can only be summoned once per battle*
*Mauna Loa's techniques count towards the users move count*

Theme Song and Background Music

Lost: 3

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