Jupiter Ascending is Ancient Alien Theory to a T


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Sep 15, 2010
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I'll be going into detail about Jupiter Ascending (from 2015) so spoilers ahead!

Jupiter Ascending is a movie about a super rich family from a distant planet that own various planets across the galaxy. Earth is one of their properties. The matriarch of this family is murdered and reborn; her reincarnation is the main character, Jupiter. I didn't realize it at first, but this movie is the DEFINITION of ancient alien theory as it stands now. There are some obvious pieces of evidence that tells you this, but also some more subtle ones.

I'm going to do my best to compile all those things here in one thread. There were a lot of these and I likely missed some, so please let me know of more examples. With that, lets get started!

Theory: Seeded Planet
Ancient alien theory tells us that humanity did not originate on this planet. Essentially, aliens seeded our planet and created us. Believing this implies one is more in line with Creationism, but it wasn't God that created us but rather Aliens. This does not mean that evolution does not exist, only that Earthly evolution alone cannot account for Mankind.

In the world of Jupiter Ascending, Humans that originated on a far-away planet identified and seeded Earth millennia ago. The movie also states that the dominant lifeforms at the time (Dinosaurs) were wiped out systematically by the original Humans in order to make room for new Humans to evolve. Some Ancient alien theories state this as a possibility, by Aliens redirecting the giant meteor to hit Earth at that time.

Theory: Warring Factions (in this case siblings)
Multiple theories state the possibility that its not just one Alien race overseeing Mankind, but multiple. There are accounts of wars occurring in the skies over civilized nations. There are stories of individual 'Angels' being banished for disobeying God's laws. Essentially, its theorized that the Aliens were fighting amongst themselves when it came to claiming the rights to Earth.

Jupiter Ascending covers this with the House of Abrasax. The eldest sibling is entitled to Earth after his mother's death. His 2 younger siblings, however, realize the value of Earth and each conceives their own plan to usurp control of Earth. All 3 are aware of Jupiter and her claim to the planet due to being their mother's reincarnation. She is the only one with the right to usurp the eldest sibling. Basically, the movie is about the battle between these siblings over control of Earth.

Theory: Fallen Angels
As I just mentioned, some theories say there were aliens, or 'Angels', that were banished by their kin. These 'Angels' were stripped of their wings and left stranded on Earth. Most Ancient Alien Theories will tell you these Aliens did not have wings that were stripped, but were simply stranded by other Aliens for disobeying their rules. Most theorize that Angels 'wings' were conceived as a way to explain the Aliens' ability fly. They will also say that their primitive nature couldn't easily record flying spacecrafts, so rather they were given wings.

In Jupiter Ascending, we have 2 characters that literally had their wings 'clipped'. They were granted wings, and thus the ability to fly, but had them taken back when one of them attacked an ally and the other covered for him. Its a clear comparison to the 'Fallen Angel' trope. This also ties into Heaven and Hell, where good Aliens were free to return home out in space and bad Aliens were banished to Earth (Heaven and Hell).

Theory: Crop Circles
While 2 men claimed to have hoaxed every crop circle ever made, it clear that they were not responsible for them all. Most crop circles can't be explained and much research tells us that most crop circles have a radioactive signature. Basically its thought they are a method of communication.

Jupiter Ascending tackles this by having a scene with multiple factions quarreling near a farmhouse. When the spacecraft lifts off, it leaves behind a crop circle in its wake.

Theory: Altered species (insects)
Ancient alien theory states that some creatures, most notably insects, have too complicated of genetics to have developed naturally. Basically, its thought that aliens must have created or manipulated some creatures. The best example they give of this is the Bombardier Beetle.

In Jupiter Ascending, Bees are revealed to be genetically modified to identify and protect people of royal blood. They are essentially servants of Jupiter, that she can command if she wished.

Theory: The Grays (altered servant worker)
In more modern iterations of Ancient alien theory, its thought that the Grays are not the actual alien race that is watching us, but rather a drone or subservient race tasked with the job of monitoring us. Its also been theorized that they are potentially non-organic (ie machines) or, at the very least, modified for long periods of time spent in space.

Jupiter Ascending has multiple scenes of small alien creatures, that one could call Grays, that are essentially doing the Siblings' dirty work. They are seen infiltrating peoples houses, impersonating physicians, and flying small spacecraft all with the objective of finding and killing Jupiter for the sake of securing the eldest son's right to the planet.

Theory: Hybrid Species (Caine)
Ancient Alien Theory attempts to explain hybrid creatures of ancient lore by being creations of the Aliens. Centaurs, cyclops's, medusas, giants, demi gods, and many others are thought to have been 'God's' or the aliens' doing.

Jupiter Ascending has a character named Caine that is a hybrid creature, close to a Lycan. His race is bread for the purpose of war and he happens to be one of the 2 characters who's wings were clipped.

Theory: Purpose for Mankind (Immortality)
Finally, Ancient alien theory implies these manipulative aliens live very long lives and perhaps are immortal. There is some lines of thought that also imply they have a purpose for us; possibly a maniacal one.

In Jupiter Ascending, the original Humans can all be immortal; but at a high cost. They can only maintain their immortality by sacrificing others. Essentially its a philosopher stone; they kill humans and convert their body into an essence. Bathing in this essence sustains their youth. The end-game of the Abrasax family is to harvest Earth's billions of people in order to continue this business, which makes them incredibly rich.

Jupiter Ascending is a fantasy space journey that is riddled with hints at Ancient Alien theory. Its very clear that its creators are believers and they do their best to attempt to prove this, but do so in a very entertaining way. While much of it is done for entertainment purposes, it all falls in line with Ancient alien theory. It also represents an Alien race that has a maniacal purpose for mankind. What are your thoughts on the movie and its connection to Ancient Alien Theory? Did I miss anything? Thanks for reading.
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Jun 8, 2016
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I'm not a believer in ancient aliens stuff tbh and I dislike being called a sheep for it.
But I have nothing against people believing in it, maybe in the future we will visit other planets and do the same stuff.