Jiraiya vs Itachi


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Apr 25, 2008
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Jiraiya vs Itachi

Location: Forest

Situation: Itachi retrieval arc. Jiraiya hunts Itachi.


*Kakashi, Kiba, Hinata, Shino, Sai, Naruto, Sakura and Yamato stand at Konoha's front gate*

Naruto: Alright everyone! Let's go!

[Back in the Hokage mansion]

Tsunade: ...

Jiraiya: ...

Tsunade: What?

Jiraiya: Nothing. Nothing.

Tsunade: You think sending those teams was a bad choice? It was Kakashi's idea. Not mine.

Jiraiya: No no. Kakashi is right. There's no better squad in the Leaf to track someone down.

Tsunade: Then what?

*Jiraiya sighs*

Jiraiya: The last time Kakashi's team ran into Itachi, they had their hands full. And it ended up just being a clone.
Or rather, the shapeshifting technique used by the Akatsuki I presume.

Tsunade: So they can track him, but you have doubts whether they can actually capture him?

Jiraiya: Correct. Besides, the more members in the squad, the more chance for being spotted.

*Jiraiya leans against the window looking outside*

Jiraiya: ANBU captain at 13. Kakashi should know, even now, Itachi will see them coming.

Tsunade: So what do you suggest? Send a backup unit?

Jiraiya: No, that wouldn't matter.

*Jiraiya picks up his scroll*

Jiraiya: I'll capture him.

Tsunade: Alone!? At least take a team with you---

Jiraiya: No! Like I said, that'll only make it more obvious.

Tsunade: ...Tch. Don't do anything careless. If you---

Jiraiya: Bahhaha. I'm one of the legendary sannin, remember? You know what that means.

*Tsunade glares*

Jiraiya: Heh, anyway, I'm off. If anthing, I shouldn't be gone too long.

[Elsewhere in Akatsuki cave hideout]

*Itachi and Kisame are inside alone with an unconscious 4 tails Jinchuuriki host*

Kisame: Finally done. Heh, sealing these Jinchuuriki sure takes time when we've lost so much manpower.

*Itachi looks at the now dead corpse of the Jinchuuriki*

Itachi: Our leader told us to go after the 8 tails next. But said to remain quiet for a while.

Kisame: A short vacation ehh?

[Somewhere in the woods, outside the cave][Raining heavely]

*Jiraiya using his Transparency Jutsu to spy on the cave with an eyeglass*

Jiraiya: *Akatsuki travel is pairs. Last I remember, Itachi's partner was Kisame Hoshigaki of the seven swordsman. But wait, there's a third person.
Wait! That's the 4 tails Jinchuuriki!! It seems they just finished extracting the tailed beast. Just as Naruto said they did with Gaara.*

*Jiraiya puts the eyeglass away and undoes his Transparency Jutsu*

Jiraiya: Well, I told Tsunade I wouldn't be gone long. Here we go.

[Back in the cave where Itachi and Kisame are sitting next to the corpse]

Itachi: Kisame...

Kisame: ...yeah.

*A demon-wind shuriken hurls toward the Akatsuki duo*

*Kisame stops it with his sharkskin sword and deflects it off crashing into the side of the cave wall*

*Itachi and Kisame focus attention at the cave entrance*

Kisame: Well well. Another hideout discovered by the enemy. I guess we get to have some after all, ehh Itachi?

*Jiraiya is walking towards the cave entrance*

Kisame: Hey, it's that sannin fellow again. The one we ran into a few years back in that town. Guess he wants to settle the score.

Itachi: Kisame, we must retreat. If we can't, we execute.

Kisame: This will be the second time we run from this guy!

Itachi: Kisame, come!

*Itachi and Kisame dash toward the entrance*

*Itachi and Kisame look around and notice the cave walls are becoming organic*

Kisame: This jutsu again? He took advantage of us being confined in a small space again. Itachi, get us out like last time.

*Jiraiya uses Toad Mouth Trap to transform the cave into a toad stomach*

*The cave's entrance closes and Itachi and Kisame are trapped*

Itachi: Amaterasu!

*Itachi burns a hole through the stomach*

*Itachi jumps through the hole and just before Kisame jumps through, the demon-wind shuriken behind Kisame transforms into a toad.
The toad projectiles its tongue and grabs Kisame's ankle. Kisame goes to cut it but the Toad Mouth Trap grabs his sword, subduing Kisame*

*As Itachi jumps out of the hole*

Jiraiya: Ninja Art: Art of the Raging Lion's Mane!

*Jiraiya's hair spikes out and tries to grab Itachi but Itachi dodges and jumps away*

*A clone of Jiraiya jumps on the hole of the Toad Mouth Trap where the Amaterasu flames are*

Jiraiya's clone: Sealing Jutsu: Fire Seal!

*The flames disappear and the hole closes once again on Kisame, trapping him inside.*

Kisame: Arrhh!!

*The cave shrivels down to a toad and jumps in the puddles in the rain*

Itachi: ...

[Inside the Toad Mouth Trap]

*Kisame is bound by the stomach with just his head protruding out*

Jiraiya's clone: You and I get to spend some quality time together.

[Back outside]

*Jiraiya retracts his hair and looks at Itachi*

Jiraiya: Last time I was protecting Naruto. This time, it's just you and me.

Itachi: ...

Jiraiya: Just what is it you Akatsuki are really after? Why hunt the tailed beasts?

Itachi: I'm not at liberty to tell you.

*Rain continues to fall heavy*

Jiraiya: Itachi Uchiha. What made you betray your clan and abandon your village?

Itachi: That is also none of your concern.

*Itachi forms handsigns*

Jiraiya: You murdered Leaf shinobi in cold blood! They were my allies too!.....tch?!

Itachi: Fire Style: Phoenix Flower Jutsu!

*Itachi fires a volley of fire attacks at Jiraiya*

*Jiraiya evades the fire attacks by dashing*

*The last few fire attacks hit the ground creating massive water explosions and mist in the air*

*Itachi appears behind Jiraiya ready to attack*

Jiraiya: Ninja Art: Needle Jizo!

*Jiraiya's hair wraps around himself creating a needle-like shield*

*The hair pierces Itachi but his body disperses into crows*

Jiraiya: A clone?

*Itachi appears right in front of Jiraiya glaring into his eyes*

Jiraiya: ughh!!.....gen....ju...tsu...

*Jiraiya's hair retracts and he falls over on his back laying in the puddles*

*Itachi looks down on Jiraiya*

Itachi: Jiraiya.....I...!?!?

*Jiraiya's body poofs in a cloud of smoke*

Jiraiya: Summoning Jutsu!!

*Itachi turns around and Jiraiya is standing on top Gamabunta*

Jiraiya: Aww, sorry I interrupted you. But you're the one who didn't want to talk things through before.
Now here's a real fire style attack back at you. Bunta, bring the oil!

Gamabunta: You got it.

Jiraiya: Fire Style: Toad Flame Bomb!!

*Gamabunta spits a stream of oil from his mouth as Jiraiya ignites it with flames*

Itachi: *Such a wide range. I can't outrun that!* Hrmphh!!

*A massive firey typhoon surrounds Itachi*

Gamabunta: Did we get the little runt?

Jiraiya: Hmmmm....

*Suddenly the flames disperse and Itachi it cloaked in full Susano*

Gamabunta: Hmm? What in the world is that?

Jiraiya: Some type of chakra based armor. My attack had no effect at all...

*Itachi forms the yata mirror and totsuka blade*

Gamabunta: And look at that, it even has weapons. And just when I thought I couldn't be more impressed. Hah.

Jiraiya: Yeah......

*Jiraiya claps his hands together*

Jiraiya: Bunta, buy me some time!

Gamabunta: What? Why?

Jiraiya: I'm summoning those two.

Gamabunta: Huh? You really think you need to against this guy?

Jiraiya: Just call it insurance.

Gamabunta: Well ok. Here we go!

Itachi: *Here he comes*

*Gamabunta rapidly hops toward Itachi's Susano*

*Gamabunta jumps over Susano and lands behind him. Gamabunta unsheathes his blade and goes to cut down Susano.
Itachi spins Susano around and clashes the Totsuka blade with Gamabunta's sword. It cuts right through Gamabunta's sword*

Gamabunta: ?!?!

*Gamabunta jumps far backwards away from Susano*

Gamabunta: He cut right through it!

Jiraiya: Hey Bunta, don't let that sword touch you!!

Gamabunta: Yeah, got it.

Jiraiya: *Along with that armor, the sword isn't ordinary either. I'm guessing the same can be said for that shield too. Hmm.*

Itachi: *Jiraiya hasn't seperated his hands since his fire attack from earlier. Is he preparing some type of jutsu?*

*Itachi sheathes his Totsuka blade and holds his right Susano hand out. A massive spinning shuriken cloaked in Susano chakra forms in the hand*

Itachi: Yasaka Magatama! *I have to aim this carefully*

*Itachi's Susano hurls the shuriken at Gamabunta*

*Gamabunta throws his broken sword at the spinning shuriken deflecting it into the forest*

Jiraiya: Bunta!

*A second Yasaka Magatama shuriken is hurling towards Gamabunta*

Gamabunta: *There was a hidden one behind the first??*

*Gamabunta jumps quickly into the air to avoid the second Yasaka Magatama*

Itachi: *Can't dodge in midair. I have you.*

*Itachi glares up at Gamabunta*

*Jiraiya's hands are glowing*

*Itachi's right eye bleeds heavily*

Itachi: Amaterasu!

Jiraiya: Gamabunta! Retreat!

Gamabunta: Okay!

*Gamabunta disappears in a big cloud of smoke in the sky*

Itachi: ??

*Itachi looks up into the cloud of smoke*

Jiraiya: Earth Style: Dark Swamp!

Itachi: Hm? ugh!

*Itachi's Susano is instantly plunged into Jiraiya's swamp unable to move or escape*

*Jiraiya lands on the ground*

Fukasaku: Jiraiya boy, what is going on over there?

Jiraiya: I'm trying to capture an Akatsuki member for interrogation.

*Itachi covers his mouth as he coughs up blood*

Itachi: *My chakra is running low. I can't maintain the Mangekyou Sharingan any longer*

*Itachi's Susano fades away as Itachi is held in Jiraiya's swamp continuing to sink*

Itachi: *Sasuke....where are you now?*

Jiraiya: However, it seems he's just about out of chakra anyway.

Shima: So you called us out here for no reas---

*A huge explsion goes off miles away*

Jiraiya/Fukasaku/Shima: ?!

Shima: Oh my. What could that have been?

*Jiraiya closes his eyes and focuses his senses towards the explosion*

Jiraiya: *I can feel several chakra in the area....?!...Naruto? and Kakashi too? What's going on over there? Looks like I need to wrap this up*
Barrier Jutsu: Toad Gourd Prison.

*Itachi is dragged under the swamp. Shortly after the swamp starts to disappear*

*Soon after, inside the Toad Mouth Trap, Itachi is molded into the wall next to Kisame. Both subdued.*

Itachi: ...

Kisame: Eh? So you get to join me? Unfortunate.

Itachi: Where are we?

Jiraiya: You're where a criminal belongs. Restrained. And I'm the only key.

*Jiraiya walks away*

Jiraiya: We'll talk later. *First, I'm coming Naruto!*

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