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Sep 2, 2014
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IT - Black Crusade - ??? - Rogue
An emaciated, lanky proportioned adult human, with jaundice ridden eyes, black pupils and sickly dry skin, that exacerbates his pale complexion which invokes equal part revulsion and fear.

At 205 cm [6'8] - IT towers over most humans, with an intimidating presence upped by the silver -unnaturally so, frizzy hair that cascades from the rather large head.

As with most ninja, IT's attire is - a flack jacket, pants, long-sleeve shirt and standard ninja sandals. Additionally he dons a long flowing cloak its collar popped to obscure his neck.

The most conspicuous items about are the gigantic ram horned mask and star insignia medallion. Both keepsakes from the Lord of Flies that now function as his signature look.
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The existence which occupies the shell that is IT, lives to serve and fulfill one purpose, tyranny. Emotionally stunted, the natural cause of being is one devoid of empathy or conscience.

This serves to foster the nihilistic dogma upon which reside malevolence, insidiousness and cynicism. All which manifest in blood-thirsty, iron-clad outbursts.

There exists an intrinsic predatory nature in IT's monomaniacal urges. One which isn't above using guile and patience to marinate his targets. All in a bid to ensure his absolute dominance over them.

Ultimately, IT wants a world filled with hate. One with no trust, friendship or love Just pain and suffering, bullying and violence. Evil and Vengeance. A world where there is where the only choice is ???? or death.

Smoke Mountains || Somethingkure


Inconclusive! Despite, an ever growing presence IT's past is shrouded in mystery. Ninja intelligence has noted IT first sprung into prominence in ???? and gained notoriety ever since.

However, by then IT was an adult and all events prior are hearsay. However, it is known that IT has aligned with ?????? and has respectable ninja abilities.

Those who know IT are both intrigued with the story as it develops at present rather as reflection of IT's past. In particular the conflicting reports of IT's actual gender and motivations.

In part from such mysteries most have taken to referring to IT as BONES. On account of his numerous skull masks and general fascination with bones.
The legend of the 22 Paths traces back to the alpine mountains of the Fire Territories. It was within the desolate north, on cold winter's solstice that Garuda crawled from his dying mother's womb.

Ninja Rank: Chunin
Health: 100 | Chakra: 1000
Specialty: Increased Tracking (P) Speed Resistance (S) Speed Specialist (S) Lifeline (E)
Elements: A-Rank

• Katon • Doton • Raiton • Futon • Shakuton

• Taijutsu
• Jashinist
• Ninjutsu


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