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[SM] imperfect Snake SM


Apr 27, 2012
Yo so tell me what you know about natural energy and sm altogether...
From my understanding, natural energy is energy that exists outside living beings, so in the air/nature so-to-speak. It is the main component that allows you to access sage mode. Sage Mode is a state in which most of your attributes (strength, speed, sensing, etc) are empowered to some extent. The main method to access Sage Mode is by not moving (I don't know for how long) while concentrating on taming natural energy into your body while carefully balancing it with your physical and spiritual energy. By doing so, you then gain access to Sage Mode. Too little natural energy and it might not work, too much and you might turn to stone. When sage mode is successfully entered, the user gain certain physical attributes akin to the type of animal the Sage Mode revolves around. So if it's snake sage mode, you might get snake-like pupils among other things.

What I am uncertain of is if we gain extra chakra into our chakra reserve when entering sage mode, or if we're simply replacing a % of our chakra with sage mode = maintaining the same amount of chakra as before sage mode is entered.