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Jul 12, 2009
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渾名|Nickname: Sage of Shadow, Lady Impa, Agent of the Goddess, General Impa

性別|Gender: Female

年齢|Age: 23

照準|Alignment: Chaotic Good

一族|Clan: N/A (Ronin)

外観|Looks: Impa is a young, woman of short stature standing at about 5 foot and 3 inches tall. She has long white hair, that goes down beyond her lower back and ends in a pony tail. She has the Sheikah symbol tattooed on her forehead in blue, establishing her rank as a powerful Sheikah warrior. As for her garb, Impa has dark blue undergarments with a white robe over top. The dark blue undergarment carries down to her legs where she has the classic Sheikah chin guards. Finally, she has a large sun hat that she wears over her back that attaches to a large rope that crosses her chest. Looking at her more detailed features, Impa has red crimson red eyes
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and soft facial features which makes her look somewhat younger than her age.

人柄|Personality: Impa is a very upbeat and encouraging individual. Despite being a commander, Impa is a free spirit letting her conscious guide her actions. In this way, she makes her own path thus going against societal norms. This is put on full display due to her tendency to combine Ronin techniques with a shinobi's style of fighting. However, this was mainly due to her upbringing as a kunoichi. Independence, Freedom, and individuality are hallmarks of her character and she likes these traits in others. There are times where Impa can be perceived as selfish or even greedy, but overall has a kind heart. She'll actively advocate against anything that infringes or her freedoms or the freedoms of others. As a Ronin, Impa's wondering spirit and personality is what allowed her to achieve the higher ranks of Ronin possible. Due to her constitution and personality, she quickly picked up the Ronin way of life and gained the ability to effortlessly separate her spirit from her own body.

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誕生|Village of Birth: Shalewood

同盟|WSE Clan: N/A
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序列|Ninja Rank: Jounin

Kenjutsu Specialist:

The user becomes so skilled in Kenjutsu, her strikes all carry increased range, working up to 1 range further than normal. This applies for none elemental Kenjutsu only.

Advanced Speed Specialist:

Your base speed is increased by 2 additional levels. This makes your movement faster than those of your rank. This increase stacks on with Active speed increases such as Leg Weights or Eight Gates

Advanced Tracking Specialist:

Your tracking capabilities become more advanced, allowing you to have x2 tracking speeds.



You are able to create vehicles to navigate and cross the Ninja World at reduced times (20% reduced) OR able to create a Cybernetic Dojutsu OR you can use all Scientific Ninja Tools you have access to in battle.

ZX Buster:

The User's taijutsu techniques gain x2 damage.

忍術|Your Kenjutsu/Taijutsu:Taijutsu - Mastered
The Alone Way - Dokkodo - MasteredOgame Ryu - Completed
NB Taijutsu (Unrestricted) - MasteredEight Deva Guardians - Creator
Spiritual Kenjutsu - MasteredZX Buster - Complete (Specialty)
Kenjutsu - CompletedKung Fu - Completed
Yin Release - Needs Training

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歴史|History: Impa was born to two shinobi parents who raised her to be an efficient Kunoichi, however they had realized at a young age she had no capacity for Ninjutsu, unable to do simple techniques let alone manifest an elemental chakra nature. At a young age, Impa hit a wall with her skills unable to get any stronger. Thus she left her home village in search of a way to better herself. At this time, it was when she met Oisha who took her under his wing to learn the way of the Ronin. However, doing so would require her to give up her allegiance to the shinobi.
To be continued...

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Ronin & Spiritual Kenjutsu:
After deserting her village and following the teachings of Oisha, Impa gained the ability to tap into her spirit for Kenjutsu usage. Becoming more aligned with her spirit allowed her to gain the ability of spiritual awareness, able to detect spiritual entities and techniques as well as sense the spirits/souls of those around her. Becoming a Ronin has given her access to unique forms of Kenjutsu such as Sp
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iritual Kenjutsu. Spiritual Kenjutsu allows the user to project their spirit as a vehicle of kenjutsu. This ability extends even further, allowing the user to target the spiritual energy of the opponent, severing it. This translates as mental/spiritual damage to the opponent other than physical. In the most extreme cases, Ronin are able to completely separating the soul from the body. This is a reflection of what it took to become a Ronin - severing the connection between the Samurai and their lord to become as free as the spirit. This strength in spirit translates in battle as well, gaining a level of resistance to spiritual based techniques, shaving their damage by 25.
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Dokkido: Dokkido, also known as The Alone Way, The Path of Loneliness, The Way of Walking Alone, is a technique and way of fighting that blends together the concepts of Kenjutsu with those of Senjutsu. In short, the user is able to use Natural Energy empowered strikes to combat opponents. These strikes are capable of petrifying targets on contact with enough exposure. The level of training required empowers the user's kenjutsu and taijutsu techniques with the same level of mastery as a Perfect Sage Mode user. This gives them the capability of combating Yin and Yang techniques with the same profiency as a perfect Sage. On top of this, her Ronin alignment allows her to use Dokkido techniques without entering the Dokkido Form, save Blinding Light.

Taijutsu & Kenjutsu: Impa's ability with Taijutsu and Kenjutsu are largely unparalleled. Due to her peculiar upbringing, Impa doesn't fight like a typical ronin, mixing in shinobi weaponry in conjunction with her Kenjutsu. As such she carries around many unorthodox weapons such as Kunai, Shuriken, Smoke Bombs, Explosive Tags etc. Instead of a katana, Impa carries around a wakizachi that she wears across her lower back for battle. She is exceedingly proficient with her wakizachi
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, able to have her kenjutsu techniques reach one range farther than normal. Her proficiency with Taijutsu allowed her to learn powerful styles such as Eight Deva Guardians, Satsui No Hado and ZX Buster. She particularly specializes in ZX Buster which doubles her Taijutsu damage.
Cyborg Physiology: Impa, unlike most cyborgs, has very little modifications to his body, having a couple of extra Wakizachi installed on his body for usage. The major changes installed on Impa's body are on her eyes. Due to the advanced technologies she had access to through the Sheikah Clan, she was able to develop her own Cybernetic Dojutsu, the Sheikah Eye.

Sheikah Eye Technique (Sheikah No Dojutsu)
Type: Technology
Rank: S
Range: N/A
Chakra: N/A
Damage: N/A
Description: The Sheikah Eye is a Cybernetic Chakra Eye Akin to the Artificial Dojutsu technique. Look wise, The Sheikah Eye has black sclera with a golden, glowing iris. The Truth-Seeking Eye is a piece of technology that synchs up with a Ronin's Spiritual Energy, the same spiritual energy they use for their techniques. Much like through their sword, the user can harness their spiritual energy within this eye(s) and fire a beam of spiritual energy similar to that found within the Artificial Eye Technique, dealing 80 spiritual damage to the target. This beam of energy can clash with opposing techniques, targeting the spiritual and physical balance within a technique dispersing the technique if the beam overwhelms or cancels out the oncoming technique. This can be fired once a turn, taking up a move in the turn and costing 40 chakra. The passive abilities for the Sheikah Eye are as follows: The Sheikah eye attaches to the user's central nervous system(as the user can clearly see through the eye). The eye itself is capable of encoding large amounts of information and slowing that information down for the brain to accurately, easily, and efficiently process. This translates to a x3 increase in the user's tracking ability. It is also equipped with a program capable of visualizing chakra and other forms of non chakra based energy, able to discern its strength and nature where applicable. The Sheikah Eye's secondary active ability is based on Kuebiko, the Ronin's ability to form a spiritual link with the opponent. The technique is initiated at will, in which the Sheikah Eye itself will make a small nick within the eye socket of its user, causing the eye to glow in similar fashion to its parent technique as the trace amounts of blood fall from the user's eye. Upon activation, the eye releases a wave of spiritual energy in a similar fashion to Hungry Ghost. Doing so establishes a spiritual connection between the user and his opponent. This spiritual link allows it so that the opponent's spiritual energy and soul are more easily separable from their bodies. This increases the lethality of a Ronin's Spiritual based techniques. With each hit further separating the opponent's soul from their body. Thus, spiritual techniques (Non-Yin Release) inflicted upon the opponent will be registered as a critical hit. This secondary ability of The Sheikah Eye drains -30 health from the user and costs 100 chakra to activate. This ability can be used a total of twice per battle. However, there needs to be a 4 turn cooldown in between usages of this secondary ability. It also requires a move in a turn, but can be initiated in the same frame frame as another technique.
Note: Can only be used by Ronin. Can only be used by Cyborgs.
Note: To Utilize this Technology, the user cannot use their Custom Weapon in the same battle.

Yin Release: Further bolstering her ties with her spiritual self, Impa has begun training in Yin. Who knows what kind of powers she will be able to develop as a result?

Technology: Sheikah Eye Technique (Sheikah No Dojutsu) , Healing Foam

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勝利|Won: 0
敗北|Lost: 0
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