Hokages and the Shinigami Realm(pt2)

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Apr 6, 2012
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Hashirama: Oh...forgive me. It seems I've forgotten how even hearing the word "Uzumaki" makes you feel.
Minato: It's okay. Yes, I miss Kushina and Naruto, but I know they are happy, they would want me to be happy. So, I will try my best to make the feeling mutual.
Hiruzen: We share your pain, for I greatly miss Biwako.
Hashirama: *sigh* Mito......
Tobirama: I can't say I feel the same. I was far too dedicated in my jutsu research, specifically Edo Tensei. What a mistake that was. If I haven't had created that regrettable technique, then my brother and I would be in the Heaven Realm right now, living eternally in peace.
Hiruzen: Forgive me, sensei. If I hadn't failed my student, Orochimaru, you and Lord First wouldn't be burdened to exist in this realm. Also, I should've thought of a better way to seal your souls....
Hashirama: Enough you two. You haven't even a chance at peace if you two won't forgive yourselves. Plus, if existing forever with fellow Leaf shinobi is a burden then I'll gladly accept it.
Minato: Agreed. Although, I just can't believe that this is our final destination. I just can't believe we are fated to never see our loved ones again. There has to be a way out of here, but how?
Hashirama: Hmmmmm.....
Hiruzen: *sigh*
Tobirama: How?.....how?
Minato: I've thought this through once, before you three got here. Now with the four of our minds working out the problem, then maybe a solution will be found.
The four Hokages think in unison.
Hiruzen: I've got nothing.
Hashirama: Same....
Tobirama: Sorry, it seems my jutsu intelligence renders useless in this situation.
Minato: (Kushina......Naruto)There just has to be a way!!
All four: !!!!!
An enormous blinding flash of light appears about 10 feet away from the Hokages. Instinctively they all jump from their chairs and prepare to attack as soon as the flash is gone. Minato readies a Rasengan, Hiruzen takes out shuriken to prepare his Shadow Shuriken jutsu, Tobirama weaves a sign for a water jutsu, and Hashirama prepares to use his Mokuton. The light dims down until it is completely gone. The four of them rub their eyes and looks toward where the flash came from. They see a man standing there.....
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