Hey guys tell you what will happen in the manga and anime soon


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Aug 13, 2016
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Havent been on here for a while been on a different forum to make my theories but wanted to pop back in to say what will happen soon

As for the anime we see we are in the code arc but looking at the synopsis the anime is quickly adapting the manga canon. Abdul on twitter said the anime arc is called the code invasion arc and fir some reason the anime decided to use the manga character designs.

My hunch is that the anime will adapt past the manga of when code invades konoha and the anime will get ahead of the manga showing what will happen before it until the code arc is finished. I'm guessing the anime will have a canon filler arc after that so the manga can catch up leading to the timeskip.

As for what will happen in the end of part 1

When code becomes an otsotsuki he will have a red jougan

Isshiki will comeback likely due to kawaki giving akebi his karma

Himawari after experiencing a tragedy will reveal her split personality and isshiki will give himawari his karma

And kawaki leaves with amado and himawari leaves with akebi who is also isshiki vessel

And that's how part 1 will end

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