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Heaven's Ocean

Heaven’s Ocean is famous for the natural crystal formations that have been discovered in deep tunnels in the rocky terrain here there. The minerals in its mountains are often pretty to look at, but brittle by some defects of theirs. The locals here use ninjutsu to grow fields in both the roof and bottom of the deep cave systems here, and by night minerals and crystals both provide natural luminescence.


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Ultimate Ambition

Storyboard Elements

  • Explore a landmark
  • Do a bad deed
  • Finish a chore using Ninjutsu
Our story begins in the dark void of space. A place so dark, so cold, and so empty that if would make someone wonder why a race that thrive and survive from groups and understanding other would be so interested in a place to directly opposes their nature. In space there would find the main character of this Legend in a pod traveling across multiple galaxies before crashing down into land of a planet resembling a blue sphere jewel hanging upon nothing.

The hatch to the pod opens from releasing pressure from inside allowing our protagonist to rise from the pod before rising from the crater created from the landing and touching the ground on the cliff of a major mountain. For the first time, The Ninja World was able to behold the glory that was named Raditz.

As Raditz looked out into the land surrounding himself he was able to notice the nature crystal formations that seemed to span as far as the eye could see from where he was. They were definitely very reflective, radiant, and refracted multiple colors of the rainbow when hit with the sun's rays. Raditz walked up to a cluster of these crystals and reached for one before unexpectedly easily breaking of one off the crystals from the cluster. Raditz then brought it closer to his face to examine it a little closer. Disappointed, Raditz tightly clenched his hand on the crystal before it was shattered to pieces. Raditz concluded that the crystals were definitely less valuable then they seemed and wouldn't be able to make a fortune off of them.

Raditz continued to travel across the landmark casually, occasionally turning his head from side to side allowing him to scanning the rocky mountain terrain that surrounded him. As far as he new there were not much life in this area unless he ran into a cactus that appeared sparingly as he traveled by foot. Other than the cacti there were nothing but rocky plateaus, caves, and mountains that spanned thousands of meters in each direction.

After traveling for a few hours, Raditz was able to overlook a clearing surrounded by a circle of mountains. In the clearing there seemed to be a large group of people that were using techniques familiar to Raditz. To confirm his suspicions, He activated his sensing abilities to carefully examine their flow of chakra as they were farming crops. As he examined the what seemed to be citizens of a village, he was able to see them gathering their chakra and changing the nature of their chakra to water as they focused to their hands before manipulating the chakra to form water that is released thru the villages hands to water the crops.

These people resemble Saiyans and for some reason they are also able to manipulate their chakra just as the Saiyan Race. Still their power levels are still significantly lower than that of a saiyan newborn.

He decided that he was going to make them his subjects and on that thought, he made a leap off the edge of the cliff and slid down the side of it before securely landing on the ground of the clearing at the edge of the village. As he was sliding down the side of the cliff, some of the villagers stopped their work as they pointed and noticed Raditz from a distance. Raditz slowly walked into the village all while having a expression of confidence in his face as he sees the utter confusion on the face of every single villager that was within his line of sight. Raditz was simply amused from the fact that the villagers had no idea the amount of trouble that just walked into their village.

After walking for quite some distance as the villagers encircled him with their gardening tools such as, sickles, knifes and pitch forks, Raditz took a deep breath before yelling at the top of his lungs, assuming that everyone around him knew the language he spoke. The yell was so loud every villager around them that had a weapon in hand dropped them to cover their ears in response to the yell as Raditz bounced off the side of every mountain that surrounded the village he was in.

I wanna see your leader!! Bring them to me at once! I won't take no for answer!

The moment he finished making his declaration out to the villagers around him, Raditz molded his chakra and changed the nature to earth before slamming his hand on the ground to manipulate the earth within his immediate vicinity to form a shelter made entirely out of rock with openings that resembled both a doorway and window. On the ground off to his right there were some leaves from the crops growing nearby that Raditz reached to tear from the ground and place in the center of a indention in the ground before molding more chakra and focusing it to his hand as he change the nature to katon before manipulating it to expel small flames from his hand to light the grass into a steady flame. Once done he sat in front of the doorway of his shelter before the flames and waited for the leader of the village was to approach him.

(Doton: Iwa no Hogo) - Earth Release: Earth Shelter Technique
Type: Defensive
Rank: B
Range: Short
Chakra: 20
Damage: N/A
Description: The user surrounds themselves with earth, taken from the immediate vicinity, in order to fabricate a formation of rock that is capable of protecting both the user and others in close proximity, if desired. Doing so, seemingly leaves the surrounding terrain unaltered, even when the quantity of earth used is enough to form a complete dome around multiple individuals as seen when Ittan used this technique. The user can also manipulate the resulting shelter to have openings in it so as to be able to observe outside, as demonstrated when used by Kitsuchi.

(Katon no Jutsu) - Fire Release Technique
Type: Offensive
Rank: D
Range: Short-Mid
Chakra: 10
Damage: 20
Description: The user will release a small but powerful flame of fire at their opponent from either their limbs (through movement) or exhaling it. It can produce fire balls or fire streams or simply aid in taijutsu.

As hours passed, the villagers continued to closely watch Raditz as he remained still in the same position he was when he first sat down and waited. There was much chatter within the villagers as they remain encircled around Raditz and his makeshift shelter made of earth. Soon the chatter within the villagers ceased and the villagers cleared a path for a woman that was clothed in warm colored luxury linen that was distinct from the common wear of the villagers around her. She also was pinned up in a big hairstyle embezzled with the same crystal that was found outside of the mountains as she walked in the path that opened up for her towards Raditz. As she closed her distance between them, Raditz rose to his feet towering over her as she looks at with the most poised unbothered expression on her face. Raditz wasted no time when it came to addressing the lady.

You must be the leader of this village.

I am Tomoko. I am the leader of this village. To what business do you have with me?

Without another word from his mouth or hers, Raditz quickly draws his knife and thrusted his blade in the abdomen of the lady as blood quickly squirted from her body staining both her clothing and the ground before her. The shock from the pain showed in her facial expression preventing her from uttering a word from her lips. Raditz brought himself closer to her and whispered in her ear before she would collapsed to the ground.

Im taking over this village as leader and you are gonna die by my hand.

With the previous leader dead by his hand, Raditz proudly claims his rulership to the villages as they mourn the death of their previous leader. He pointed at a guy that was nearest to him and directed him to take him to the leader's quarters. As the person left the area to go to the quarters the shelter crumbles and the fire dies out. The man directed Raditz to the leaders home. As he walked thru the door way of the home he was able to silky cloth that hung from the walls, stretched across the ceiling and was laid on the floor with the same crystals from outside of the surrounding mountains embezzled on all the furniture in the house. Raditz like what he was able to enjoy what he was able to see touch and hear as the sun from an opening in the roof allowing the sun to come in the house to shine on the crystal to reflect off of it.

For the moment Raditz Stayed a lived the good life while he made the village his subjects ruling them thru with an Iron fist.

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The Takeover Begins

After had been ruling his new territory for some time without any opposition, the passing days were beginning to become boring. It was time to ruffle some feathers, destroy some structures, kill those who opposed him, and lead those who recognized his power. Raditz wanted to rule the ninja world with the strength of his own power.

Raditz currently was laying in bed with a Harem of men in with him all laying on top of each other. Raditz opened his eyes and rubbed them with his right fist before using his hands to lift himself up before slouching forward over the edge of his bed. He then rose from his bed before walking towards where the bath was located as his tail wrapped around his waist. With the pull of the lever, multiple streams of water would fall on himself as he was able to rub a bar of soap that was in hand all over his own body to clean himself.

The streams of water cease and Raditz reaches for a large clothe towel to dry off with. He wraps the towel around his waist before stepping out of the bathroom. Marching to the foot of the bed, he opens a chest and inside was his Saiyan armor which he puts on one piece at a time. From there, he makes his way to the front opening of his mansion out into the bright rays of the sun and everything else that was outside.

As Raditz walked thru the center of the land where he ruled, the citizen slowly stopped tending to their gardens and their animals to Look at Raditz to see what he was doing to do next. More and more people accumulated as they followed Raditz walking a total of 100 meters to the outskirts of his village. There waiting for him was a black stallion adorned with a white mane and tail. Raditz would then mount the horse before addressing his people assembled before him.

Your King will gather subject and conquer the ninja world. The only way to achieve true piece is by everything being ruled under one Conqueror. Soon all will know the name Raditz and they will dawn the title of Conqueror and they will boast about the Empire that unified the world and will never be overthrown.

Following that statement, Raditz pulled backed the reigns causing the horse to stand on it's hind legs as it lets out a loud cry that echoed in the air. After making a quick turn, Raditz rides the horse at full speed toward the south boarder of the landmark to begin his expedition.

leaving landmark.
Apr 29, 2009
Coming From

Tears of the Innocent

They had begun their journey in the Sin, and from there they headed to the edge of the northern world to a frozen tundra. Braving the elements they ventured into the hidden tombs below to find an heirloom long forgotten, a black gem of lost power. Originally it was the promise of riches that lured Isako on his journey, but with the gem in hand he felt the pull of mystery. The next clue brought him as far west as west goes, to the Land of Mountains, ironically, to delve into the depths of the earth were fire and brimstone ruled fierce. He cast the black gem into the heart of Hell and power poured into the crystal breathing life into a creature that tested Isako's worth. Alone, he may have failed. But he was not alone. Within him rested Shukaku, and with their power combined they shattered the guardian and carried the gem onward.

And so they arrived in Heaven's Ocean to complete the next task hinted at by the Mysterious Stranger. The blood of the guilty was found in Hell, it was only fitting that the tears of the innocent would be found in Heaven. Isako had been around enough to know that innocence is rare, perhaps even a myth, at least in regards to humans. The village he belonged to embraced this belief, owning the sins of their past and uniting behind a shared understanding. So perhaps the tears of an innocent were not belonging to a person, but a thing. Isako breathed in the world around him and looked over the serenity of the mountains. They stood tall, strong, and quiet from the day they rose, and would remain thus until the day they sank back into the earth. There was no malice or desire in the natural process of things, no sin to be committed. The land was pure, an innocent that stood in contrast to the men who walked it.

At the base of a mountain stood a stone gate that was used to enter the tunnels below by the farmers who lived nearby. Having no desire to confront them, Isako decided to wait until nightfall to look for his destination. Under the mountain the time of day made little difference, sunlight was a stranger below. However, it wasn't dark in the tunnels. Minerals and crystals were embedded in its walls and from them shone a pale blue light. "This beats Hell for sure, don't it big guy?"

"We'll figure that out at the end, who knows what kind of test we'll meet here." It seemed a more peaceful land than Hell's Depths, but Shukaku was rightly focused on the task at hand. The duo had been tested violently when powering the gem, surely a second test would arise here at the place of tempering.

The deeper Isako delved into the tunnels the more humid and warm the air became. It was a welcome atmosphere after all the cold he had traveled through. But these tunnels were well traveled and worn by the feet of farmers, he knew there was little hope of finding what he sought where anyone could go. He stopped to think for a moment and notice a light breeze flowing deep into the tunnels. "Eh? Now where do ya think you're going..."

Isako uncorked his sand and slowly let a few grains out at a time letting them get swept up in the breeze to guide him onward. The wind carried him further down into the tunnels until he came to a slit in the wall where he sand was pulled through. He looked in but it turned quickly sealing off site of anything further. He couldn't let this go unexplored, and so Isako formed a small ball of sand into the shape of an eye and guided it into the dark. He closed his left eye and its vision was replaced by the sand's. He guided the floating eye through the stone weaving and turning and rising and falling. It was some dozen or so meters before the eye glimpsed an overwhelming light. The crack came to an abrupt end and the eye arrived in a massive cavern, not all that dissimilar from the cavern in Hell's Depths, yet this one was filled with the pale blue light of bio-luminescent crystals rather than red lava.

"Kyahaha! We got it Tankami!" With a path to his destination before him, Isako broke his body down into particles of sand and guided himself through the crack along the same path as the eye had taken. Once through he reformed and was awestruck by the beauty he had stumbled upon. The cavern rose up twenty meters high with a ceiling lined with short blue crystals. From the center of the ceiling a chandelier-like formation of crystal reached back down to the floor with a benevolent glow. A lone crystal rose up below it, brighter than all the rest. Its peak sat just several feet below the hanging crystals above. Isako let out an impressed whistle, "Ever seen anything like this?"

Shukaku was silent for a moment, it was a rare sight indeed. The life of a tailed beast was violent and filled with war. Even over his long life there were few memories as peaceful as what he now saw. "No, not quite."

Isako slowly stepped towards the center of the cavern while looking around and taking it in. He stood before the crystal at the center and noticed a water-filled depression at its head. He looked up to see a droplet of water gathering at the tip of the chandelier before dropping down into the crystal cup below with a gentle splash. "Its crying...dont'cha think big guy?"

"Hmm...the tears of the innocent. Simple enough...but be careful, we know it won't be that easy." It was a wise warning, and Isako heeded it. But there was only one direction to move, forward.

Lifting his hand, Isako guided the black gem from his gourd with his sand. The smoldering red center could still be seen shining through the black, and its heat radiated outward no cooler than it had been back in Hell's Depths. Gently he placed the gem in the crystal and stepped back, preparing for whatever would come next.

Another drop of water gather above and fell down onto the black gem below. A faint glow appeared within the gem for a moment before fading away.

A second drop gathered and fell, and again the gem glowed for a moment, though this time it was lighter. Isako slid a kunai into his hand and prepared himself. "Somethings coming..."

The wait for the third drop seemed longer, but at last it formed and fell. The moment it struck the black stone a bright light shot out in all directions and filled the room with blinding white. Isako shielded his eyes and looked away.

The light faded and Isako's vision returned, but when it did his surroundings were completely different. He was no longer in the crystal cavern, or the land of mountains, he was back in the Eight-Falls Oasis, the hidden paradise where he was raised by the Tanuki. His family bustled around him carrying on with their normal daily routines. "The hell is going on here? What happened Tankami?"

His question was met with silence. Isako closed his eyes to enter Shukaku's sanctum, but all that he saw was the darkness of his own mind. "What the fuck! Where are ya Tankami?!" The was no voice to guide him, for the first time since he could remember, he was alone. His heart began to race and his breathing quickened as panic set in. Isako fell back to the ground and crawled backwards until he bumped into a Tanuki, yet it was one he didn't know.

"Ah! What is this? I was just..." He was confused. This was no genjutsu, yet he knew what he was seeing couldn't be real. The Tanuki helped him to his feet and beckoned him to follow as it guided him through the Oasis. She seemed old and frail, yet at peace and content with a slow pace. "I'm sorry...but I can't remember you. Who are you?"

The tanuki stopped and sat on a bench near a pool of water with frolicking children splashing about. She patted the spot next to her signaling for Isako to sit, which he did. "Quiet, is it not?" Isako looked to the splashing children who were being anything but quiet, the old tanuki smiled. "No, child, not here. In your mind. It's quiet without him, yes?"

Isako jumped up and stepped away from her. "The fuck do you know about this! I knew it was weird that I didn't recognize you...who are you!?"

"I'm what you seek, am I not?" She beckoned him back to the bench. "Sit, no harm will come to you here."

He wearily did as instructed and sat. "What have you done with Shukaku?"

She chuckled, "Is that your first thought? Interesting..." She sighed and looked ahead. "I've set you both free. Free from the bond forced upon each other by cruel men seeking power." Here eyes shifted slyly to Isako. "Is that not what you desire?"

Annoyed, Isako lashed out. "Why the fuck would I want that!"

The tanuki slowly swept her hand out in front of her motioning the the Eight-Falls that emptied into the crystal clear waters. "Do you not miss it? Your home, your family? Is he not why you left?"

Isako felt an unease in his stomach. He had told himself that adventure was his reason for leaving, a chance to find himself and his place in the world. But the truth wasn't so simple. He had been content and happy at the Eight-Falls with his family, yet he couldn't stay. His clenched his fists, "Of course I miss these furry fucks...but...:"

"Don't worry dear, I know. You were afraid. Afraid that vile men would find you, find Shukaku, and they would pay the price for it." She placed a gentle hand on his back. "Its not too late..."

He turned back to her, "What do you mean?"

"It is within my power to give you this, to unchain you from Shukaku, and him from you." The tanuki took her hand from Isako's back and folded it into her other in her lap. "I can give you the lost innocence you so sorely missed."

Isako sat in stunned silence. The prospect of parting from Shukaku hand never crossed his mind before, yet here he was with the choice placed in his hands. His heart twisted as he looked around his home at the smiles and laughter, the hot springs and saki, his friends and family. It had been some time since he left them, and he missed them dearly. He pictured himself joining them in the festivities, returning to a normal life. But he saw himself incomplete, a hole missing in his center. Who was he without Shukaku? They were one, how could he exist without him? He was torn between two images of himself being pulled in opposing directions.

But then he realized who was pulling. It wasn't his friends, his family, himself, or Shukaku. It was the men he pictured assaulting the Falls, the ones that hunted for the beasts, the ones that wanted to take Shukaku from him. They were the ones pulling him in two. He rose to his feet and looked out on the Oasis. "The hell if I let those fuckers win..." His gazed turned back to the old tanuki. "Those pricks ain't keeping the things I love from me, I'll forge my own path forward! And I ain't me if I ain't got the big guy along for the ride, ya got that old hag?!"

The tanuki woman just smiled and pushed herself to her feet with a cane in her right hand. "Hmm...an interesting answer. Very well, Isako of the Ichibi, very well."

She reached up with her cane and just before it touched his forehead his eyes turned back to the Falls. The cane tapped him and his eyes closed, when they opened again he was back in the cavern. A voice called out to him, "Grah...where the hell? What just happened?!" Shukaku could sense a melancholy in his host. "Grr...you okay kid?"

Isako wiped a tear from his eye and gathered himself. "Kyaha! Ya, course I am big guy! Just got that damn light in my eyes is all." Shukaku knew there was more to it, for he had undergone a similar experience. Beast and host understood each other beneath the words even if their pride kept them from saying things out load. They listened to each other's hears and knew that their decisions were made correctly.

He approached the center crystal and as he neared the black gem he saw that the red glow had been replaced by a deep purple. The heat had completely been quelled and he lifted the stone in his hand. It seemed far heavier than he had remembered, and the power coursed through the stone. He placed it back within his gourd and turned to leave the cavern. At the crack through which they entered he turned once more to see the glowing crystals once more. "Really is somethin', ain't it?" Shukaku nodded in agreement, "That it is..."

Isako turned back to the crack and once again broke is body down into sand, slipping through the way he came and leaving the heart of the mountain behind, with his bond to Shukaku and his very soul stronger than when they had entered.


Techniques used:

(Daisan No Me) - Third Eye
Type: Supplementary
Rank: D
Range: Short - Mid
Chakra Cost: 10
Damge Points: N/A
Description: The user creates a eye out of sand.This eye is then connected by an invisible link to the optic nerve thus allowing he user to see with that eye (connect eye must be closed) The eye must remain close to the user but has a seeing range of 20/20 vision.
Note: Only Sand users can use this jutsu

( Suna Tainai no Jutsu ) - Sand Body Technique x2
Type: Defensive/Supplementary
Rank: B
Range: Short - Long
Chakra cost: 20 ( - 10 per turn )
Damage points: N/A
Description: The user turns his own body into sand, or simply parts of it. While in sand form, he can cross long distances by soaring as a sandstorm. In this form, he is also invulnerable to attacks based on strengths and weaknesses of Sand. However, he is unable to attack during this form.

Chakra: 1450 - 10 - 20 - 20 = 1400
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