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Apr 7, 2009
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Never dawdling in their pace, the clan continued to speed outwards as they reached the bay itself. The water was slightly choppy, almost as if a storm was brewing. Madara thought it to be metaphoric, the storm forming much like the storm that was GS forming as they moved forward, and rushing across the ocean towards the small island ahead.


Oct 1, 2010
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This post encompasses a mission using the following storyboard elements:
- Investigate a chilling mystery (4) (custom)
- Choose between what is right and what is easy (3)

Visenya discovers a ship drifting in the Haran Bay and is determined to solve its mystery.

After leaving the degenerate spectacle behind Visenya's path had taken her to the waterside. It had been no conscious decision of hers, rather she felt as if the brief walk there had passed in a daze and it was only when the smell of salt and fish reached her nostrils that her train of thought was interrupted and her mind snapped back into focus. She had taken in the thriving docks, teeming with sailors, peddlers and fishermen, breathed its air deeply, and then stepped onto the water's surface as she began an aimless trek across the deep blue. She walked for hours across the still waters of the Haran Bay, enjoying the peaceful silence of the sea. Many seafarers of all sorts frequented these waters, but Visenya neither sensed nor saw anyone else on the horizon until she felt she had reached the very center of the Bay, where she came across a small, formerly three-masted barque dead in the water. It looked as if a storm had torn the masts, sails and most of the rigging to shreds, but there had been no such storms in the Bay for some time to her knowledge. The hull was intact and the vessel did not seem to be taking on water. It was odd, to say the least.
"What could have caused destruction such as this without obliterating the entire ship?" Visenya asked herself aloud as she made her way towards it. Upon closer inspection, as she came within reach of the hull, the wood had indeed taken some damage; shallow cuts and furrows that did not match normal wear and tear were everywhere. However, it did not remotely compare to the level of destruction that must have befallen the masts and sails, and as Visenya climbed aboard she could guess why. The deck had been blown to pieces by some sort of shock wave, she ventured, tracing her hand across the ruined remains of the deck in a spot she guessed must have been the epicenter. It explained why the only remaining part of the deck was the foundation of the aft mast and the wooden planks of the deck itself, groaning and threatening to buckle even under her modest weight. Now feeling her curiosity tuck at her heart and mind Visenya stepped below deck, carefully maneuvering her way down the all but collapsed remains of a narrow stair.
The darkness in the space below was solid enough to cut, broken only by narrow beams of sunlight streaming through tiny crevices in the planks above. Visenya had to admit that she was impressed by the quality craftsmanship; from above deck it had seemed as if light aplenty would seep through the broken wood, but no such luck. There was a sickly sweet smell in the air that foreshadowed that at least not all of the crew had abandoned the ship before the catastrophe. It would do no good to navigate the remains of corridors blind however, so the Lady closed her eyes for a moment, opening them to let her purple Rinnegan eyes scan the space anew. It immediately struck her how different it seemed from the deck above. There were few, if any, signs of whatever event had torn the top deck to shreds, which Visenya found both comforting and unnerving at the same time. She stepped into a long, narrow corridor, whose monotonous wooden wall panels were broken only by small cabins arranged in neat rows along the passageway. These revealed little as Visenya poked her head into each in turn; few personal artifacts remained and none of them were helpful in explaining the nature of the ship itself, or what had happened to her and her crew. As she drew closer to the brig near the aft of the ship, however, the sickly sweet smell became progressively stronger. The Lady of House Targaryen knew the smell of death and so she steeled herself as she turned a corner towards where she expected the brig to be. It was not a cell, as she had expected, but a solid wall of metal reinforced wood. Not that it made a difference, as the heavy lock securing the even heavier door had quite clearly been broken. There were no windows, no small holes to peek through, but Visenya could sense something on the other side of the door, so she drew Dark Sister from her scabbard and carefully, silently, edged her way towards the entrance, clutching the heavy handle tightly as she tore the door wide open in a single motion. The stench of death and decay that hit her as she did was enough to make her recoil and take a step back in disgust, gagging and cursing. Inside the brig were the remains of at least twenty sailor, packed like sardines in a space big enough to hold perhaps five and with insects buzzing in every crevice, bodily or otherwise. From the look of them they had been in there, dead, for at least ten days. She looked at them through the flat side of Dark Sister, but could not ascertain any obvious cause of death. Swallowing thickly and with her lip curled in disgust, Visenya quickly closed the cell door again, backing away from the brig and turning instead towards the captain's quarters. She had to know what had happened here.
It was only a brief walk to the other side of the ship, where the captain's quarters were located. The door there was not closed, but, like his crew, the captain inside was dead and had been so for some time. His rotting corpse was seated behind his desk, or rather slouched over, revealing a rather large knife stuck in his back. Maggots were visibly crawling under his skin, a rather disturbing sight. His clothes were finely tailored, however, and the Lady caught a glimpse of some identifying heraldry stitched onto his doublet before a slight noise had her swing around, blade raised high, to face a large wooden trunk situated in the near corner.
"Who's there?" She demanded to know in a hard, biting voice. "Show yourself!"
There was no response for some time, and Visenya was in the act of stepping towards the chest when the small, frightened voice of a child spoke. "Please don't hurt me," she begged, for it was undoubtedly a girl. The Lady immediately sheathed her sword and rushed forward, opening the heavy lid of the chest to reveal a haggard girl no older than five staring up at her with eyes wide with fear. She was clutching a small orb, no bigger than her small fist, so hard that her knuckles had turned white. "Please," she repeated. "Please don't hurt me."
Visenya was no mother, but she was a dutiful wife and her hard visage immediately softened as she laid eyes on the girl. Carefefully, and whispering sweet reassurances, she lifted the girl out of the trunk and held her close to her chest. Her eyes lingered on the mysterious orb for a long moment, but even her powerful eyes could detect nothing dangerous about it, only a fading residue of powerful chakra. Visenya looked around the sizeable cabin, suddenly unsure of how to proceed. She felt frustrated by her lack of results, but getting the girl away from the ship was at the forefront of her thoughts. Thus, with two quick cuts of Dark Sister's blade and a chakra-empowered jump Visenya tore through the creaky top deck, emerging from the darkness of the ship's lower deck into the almost burning bright sunlight above. The girl in her arms, already nearly curled into a ball, whimpered at the exposure. She had obviously been locked away in the chest for as long as the captain and his crew had been dead, if not longer.
Visenya found them a spot near the stern where the ship railing offered some shade and carefully put the girl down there. She wouldn't look at Visenya and stared instead, mutely, into her lap, still clutching her orb tightly in both hands.
"Little girl," the Lady prodded gently, brushing a few strands of her dirty black hair behind her ear. "What happened here? Can you tell me who you are?"
It took time, hours, of gentle prodding, but after offering the girl her sparse food and water, both of which she gulped down with fervor, she learned first her name; Laura, and then her history. It was just as well that Visenya had never reached the lower hull, because Laura attested that it contained the remains of nearly 100 destitute farmers, promised jobs and a new life, or threatened with violence, by the captain and his crew, themselves hired by a wealthy merchant of the Southern Cluster. They were being brought to a mine somewhere in the Lightning Mountains instead, Laura had learned from eavesdropping on the sailors, which had prompted her to try and escape with her mother, but they were caught and the mother murdered and thrown overboard. She remembered little and less from that point, but in Visenya's mind the orb spoke for itself. She could fell that its powers had been spent, but it was undoubtedly the source of the shock wave that had killed everyone else aboard the ship. Laura called it an old family relic, a memory of a father she had never known. Something must have caused it to activate, but as she held the sobbing, frightened girl close to her chest Visenya decided not to pursue the matter further. Laura was but a child; what had happened was not her fault. It was the right thing to let the matter drop, even if it meant that she would never know the full story of what had happened here.
Visenya carried the young girl on her back as they trekked across the sea back towards the Cluster. She would keep her safe from harm... and she had not forgotten the sight of the heraldry on the captain's chest.
Someone would pay for this.

( Doujutsu: Rinnegan ) Eye Technique: Samsara Eye
Type: Supplementary
Rank: S-Rank
Range: Short-Long
Chakra: N/A ( -5 per turn )
Damage: N/A
Description: One of the 3 great Doujutsu, the Rinnegan has, like the other, the ability to see chakra and the chakra flow of individuals. It also allows the user a great clarity of perception and tracking abilities, although its levels vary from user to user. Dispicted as the eyes of the SO6P, the Rinnegan awaken on Madara Uchiha after he obtained his EMS and implanted Hashirama's Senju cells in himself. Having both lineage from the SO6P allowed him to awake the Rinnegan. When Madara activates the Rinnegan, he seems to not suffer any kind decrease in his EMS abilities in terms of tracking speed, clarity of perception or seeing chakra. Eventually his eyes were bestowed upon Nagato Uzumaki and in him manifested lower abilities (equal or comparable to a 3 Tomoe Sharingan). While Nagato was never able to deactivate his eyes, Madara could switch at will between his EMS and Rinnegan eyes, although he wasn't able to go from 3 Tomoe to Rinnegan directly. Eventually Obito transplanted Nagato's (and subsequently Madara's) Left Rinnegan into himself. By doing so he gained access to both Doujutsu at the same time although losing the ability to deactivate the Rinnegan and as such, losing chakra constantly to maintain it.
Note: Constantly passively active in Nagato and Obito bios
Note: Requires activation ( spending move ) for Madara bios but remains active indefinetely afterwards if the user chooses to. After having a complete Madara bio with Rinnegan for 1 month, user becomes able to switch between both doujutsu without spending a move. User needs to have activated EMS before and had it active for 1 full turn.

~Leaving Landmark
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Jan 10, 2013
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I steadily propel the boat forward, utilizing the oars. A rather monotonous activity, however, I would perhaps soon come upon land. T'was exhilarating, with every swing of the oar, the distance would grew, between me and my older self. Rations filled my hunger, and determination, kept me moving onward toward a port like area, as I enclosed upon land which seemed to create a lagoon within it.

"A harbor, perhaps? Perfect place to find new interesting individuals."