Hanguri Gulf (262)


Jul 12, 2009
Trait Points
Arriving from LM 64

Storyboard Element(s): Deal with a traumatic event from your past (3)

Mission Start

The ebb and flow of the boat coupled with the crisp air of the sea brought back deep, forgotten memories. Susabi inhaled deeply, sat back in his seat and exhaled. He closed his eyes and let his breathing follow the rhythm of the water he traveled on. He couldn't help but think back to his young years, when his father would bring him along for his exhibitions near the Land of Lightning.

Years ago

Like routine, Susabi's father brought him along exhibitions to discover areas around the Land of Lightning through Gaikotsu Bay. He thought of this as a way him and his son could bond, training him in a plethora of skills such as manning a boat, how to read a map and navigate waters, or something as simple as combat training. The expedition had been going smoothly for four days but they have seem to hit a wall. Nothing new came up leading to some down time. Susabi's father, an elder of the Hyuga clan called for him to the deck to commence his training. Come here, Susabi. It's time. Last time we spoke, you said you wanted me to treat you seriously in these spars, yes? A young Susabi ran to up to his father, standing some distance away while spreading his feet apart. Bringing his left down to his hip and extending his right are forward, pushing his palm outward toward his father. Susabi excitedly nodded at his father's question, reaffirming him that he was ready to handle a challenge. In response to this eagerness, his father stepped back an equivalent distance away and assumed the same stance as his son. Almost simultaneously, the veins surrounding the temples of both Hyuga bulged as blood flew within them. Their eyes transitioned into a pupilless white eye. Upon a wave crashing into the boat, Susabi lunged forward at his father, winding his right arm back and thrusting his palm forward. His father side stepped the attempt while raising his knee to intercept Susabi's arm, striking it at its elbow.

His elbow now airborne, Susabi pivoted his foot stance so that his feet now faced his father. Naturally the rest of his body followed the same motion as he stiffered his right arm. The motion followed through with Susabi attempting to his his now elevated arm to his advantage, aiming to to strike his father. Good recovery... his father commended him but grabbed his forearm pulling Susabi towards him, raising his knee again to collide with Susabi's stomach. ..but not good enough. Continuing through, the Hyuga Elder used his other arm to deliver a palm strike to the side of his son's head as Susabi doubled over from the knee blow. Injecting a small amount of chakra into his head causing Susabi to fall to the side.

Aiming to stop his fall, Susabi planted his foot into the ground, using this footing to try to strike his father his with left palm, aimed for his side. His father, keener with his Byakugan than his son, picked up on this movement through his periphery and continued his onslaught. He easily outmatched his son in both speed and power, bringing his fingers to a point to strike his son's body in various locations. Instinctively, Susabi reeled his arms back towards his own body forming , crossing his arms to try and guard from the blows. He was entirely outclassed. This was pressure Susabi never felt before. Eventually, his father increased the power of his attacks to break through his guard, sending Susabi careening backward. Out of frustration, Susabi pushed himself forward, going in for a desperate strike. The veins from around his eyes subsided however his vision sharpened. The wild move caught his father offguard allowing Susabi to at least strike him in his right arm. And the arm fell limp. Looks like you got a hit i- his father speechless as he gazed into his sons eyes. His pale, white eyes were replaced with a shining blue eye. S-susabi you eyes! They've changed! Let's stop for now. This is unprecedented! Susabi panted falling to his knees, his blue eyes fading back to their original color. Don't you think... that was a little too much? His father let out a hearty laugh while using his left hand to try to unseal and reverse the numbness that Susabi caused. His laugh subsided and trail off into silence. No matter how hard he tried he could not return feeling to his arm. Susabi began to panic I- I'm so sorry. I don't know what I did. I was just trying to counterattack. Someone help! My father needs medical attention! The doctor that usually accompanied the family on their expeditions ran out to the elder and attempted to use any healing technique to return feeling to the arm. Susabi watched in horror, the last thing he wanted was to harm anyone in his family. Tears began to roll down his eyes as it became evident that his father's arm had been lost for good.

Present Day

Susabi reopened his eyes, his heart filled with sadness and regret. He looked off into the distance, eyes focused on the crests of the waves. He had to make up his mind, to find time and visit his father some time in the future. But for now, his destination was on its horizon and he was one step closer to his questions being answered.

Mission End