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Apr 7, 2009
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- A long time ago, when the five great nations were yet to be born and the clan wars was at its peak, a small group of gifted shinobi lived in peace near the coast. They were incredibly talented with water jutsus, making it almost impossible for anyone to attack their village because of its strategic location near the sea. Each day was spent training and trying to understand the mysteries of the ocean. Without surprise, the Gyojin Clan had a very deep connection with every water creature that lived near their village. With time and careful studies, a crafty new art was develop to allow user to breath underwater. However, it was not without any consequences. With every genetic alteration, every new generation was slowly turning into a creature that can only be classified as a combination between a human and a sea creature. Then, when the wars couldn’t be avoided any further, the Gyojin Clan took their weapons and marched to combat. However, they were crushed, outnumbered by the recent alliance of the Uchiha Clan and the Senju Clan. In a desperate move to save what was left of their clan, those who could now survive both on land and underwater exile themselves into the abyss of the ocean. The elders, who weren’t fit to survive underwater, were left to die on the surface. For years, the Gyojin Clan remained hidden, rebuilding their village inside the perimeter of a vast barrier jutsu, creating the illusion of an underwater island. To this date, the Gyojin Clan is still hidden, and forgotten from history
  • Gyojins have enhanced physical strength compared to Ninja, gaining a bonus 20 damage to Taijutsu and +2 Bonus Base Speed levels.
  • Being fishmen, Gyojin have a natural ability to breathe underwater and can sense large bodies of water. Ninja and other living beings are excluded from this sensory, however, only being able to sense inanimate sources.
  • Gyojin have the ability to use B-rank and lower Water Ninjutsu without handseals as well as a 20 damage resistance towards Water Ninjutsu.
  • Access to Gyojin Karate, a series of Nintaijutsu based around Water, as well as the ability to sign a contract with a Sea King summoning

  • Requires, at minimum, Genin Rank and 10,000 Kumi.
  • Counts as a Custom Kekkei Genkei.
  • Cannot be combined with Tailed Beasts, Beasts of Tiamat, or other Custom Kekkei Genkeis.

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