Gogeta V3.


Mar 17, 2014
Trait Points
● ○ 『基本』 Basic Information
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Nickname: N/a
Gender: Male
Age: 32
Clan: Unknown
『外見 Looks

Gogeta has the appearance of a 5'10 physically fit man. He has blue eyes, long spiky blue hair, and tan skin. He wears a black and yellow vest. Around his waist is a teal sash, and he wears white silky pants, dark shoes with teal wraps, and black wristbands. Strapped across his back is a 1.8m long bo-staff and in his sash is a katana.

While in Monkey Sage Mode, Gogeta's hair grows considerably and becomes crimson red. His muscle mass also increases, he grows a tail, and his upper body becomes partially covered with burgundy red fur. Gogeta in this form also possesses a shadow trim around their eyes and over the eyelids that crimson in color.

『性格 Personality
Gogeta is a warrior first and hero second. Depending on his mood and perception of his opponent he can be aloof and taunting or serious and aggressive. Above all else, he simply wants to test his abilities against strong opponents no matter who they are.

● ○ 『村』 Village Information
『誕生 Village of BirthLightning Mountains
『同盟 Village of Alliance』 Tsumigakure
『整列 Character Alignment』Chaotic Neutral.
● ○ 『ランク』 Rank//Chakra Information

Ninja Rank: Jonin | 160 Health | 2000 Chakra
Nindo: Art is a blast!
Apex Handseal Specialist | Strong Fist | Apex Speedster | Advanced Tracker Specialist | Mode Mastery | Chakra Fortification
雷 Raiton
火 Katon
土 Doton
風 Futon
水 Suiton
嵐遁 Ranton
Your Ninjutsu
幻 Genjutsu
体 Taijutsu
体 Basic NB Taijutsu
剣 Kenjutsu
忍 Ninjutsu
封印術 Fuinjutsu
仙術 Senjutsu
蛇 Snakes
猿 Monkeys
  • MIND - 5
  • BODY - 4
  • SPRT - 2
  • AGL - 8
  • DEX - 4
  • VIT - 1 (Chakra)
● ○ 『背景』 Background Information
『歴史 History』 Gogeta's origin is unknown. He is a lone warrior who only makes appearances when strong opponents present themselves.

● ○ 『他』 Other
嵐遁 Apex Handseal SpecialistGogeta can perform techniques of the Storm style without the usage of handseals, though he must still perform complimentary and logical body movements related to the technique.

剛拳 Strong Fist』 Gogeta is a Taijutsu specialist. His pure Taijutsu attacks have strength to Elemental Ninjutsu. This does not include Nintaijutsu or enhanced Taijutsu via Gates, 7HB, CES or other States. Should the his Taijutsu destroy a technique completely, he will not suffer any effects such as burns or cuts from energy based Ninjutsu.

Apex Speedster Gogeta's speed is high enough to cause afterimages that trail up to 3 meters behind him, making it difficult to pinpoint his exact location without sensory. This prevents Genjutsu from being casted on the user unless the opponent can track faster than the user is moving unless it is touch based or sound based.

Chakra FortificationGogeta
can add an additional effective 10 Chakra to his Storm ninjutsu, though not at any increased cost or strain to the user. This simply allows their techniques to have 10 more chakra infused into them.

Advanced Tracker Specialist』 With more heightened senses, Gogeta is capable of gaining a now increased x2 tracking. This allows him to physically track faster movement without chakra sensory.

Sage Mode - Mode Mastery』Gogeta is currently undergoing a personal journey to bring his understanding and synergy of Senjutsu to new levels. His path is the Mode Mastery path. At his current skill level he can activate Sage Mode passively.

口寄せの術 Summoning Contracts 』Gogeta is a signer of the Snake and Monkey animal contracts. He has a Monkey summoning tattoo on the bottom of his left forearm and a Snake summoning contract on the bottom of his right forearm.

『封印術 Fuinjutsu』 Gogeta has mastered fuinjutsu. On his wristbands are the Lightning Flash Blade Creation seals. On his back is the Reverse Four Symbols Seal.

『重り Leg Weights』Gogeta has mastered Leg Weights. He wears his in his Automated Clamps SNJ

『科学忍具 Scientific Ninja Tools

  • Smoke-Flash Bombs
  • Absorption Arm
  • Assassin's Arsenal
  • Mirror Drone
  • Automated Clamps
● ○ 『写真』 Pictures
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● ○ 『背景音楽』 Theme song and Background Music
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● ○ 『戦い』 Battles
Won: /
Lost: /

Updating Gogeta
Credits to Tybone and Jakai's Bio Shop

Update Log
  1. Got rid of "Now you see it..." specialty and ap costs
  2. Got rid of "Mythical Swordsman" specialty.
  3. Got rid of "Single Handseal Specialist"
  4. Added "Sage Mode Mastery" - Mode Mastery
  5. Added "Chakra Fortification" specialty.
  6. Added "Strong Fist" specialty.
  7. Added 1 AP to Speed and 1 to Vitality - (Chakra)
  8. Added a Bo-Staff and Katana in the Looks section.
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