Glass Precipice (070)


Oct 1, 2010
Glass Precipice

This area of the Great Wind Desert seems to have been the location of some great battle. It is unknown who fought here, but it can be assumed that at least one of the combatants possessed almost unparalleled skill with fire techniques since the entire surface of the sand in the area has been turned to glass. The Glass Precipice is a beautiful sight, but it is also treacherous; slippery to walk upon and with every edge as sharp as a blade. Most travelers, including the nomadic tribes of the region, avoid the area.


Mar 18, 2013
Spawning here with new bio, Heaven's Host. This post also marks the beginning of my Candidate (1.5) mission.

Summary: After landing on this strange planet and spending some time, Oni has taken to exploring the landmarks at his own leisure. But when he comes across a mysterious riddle that takes him far West, he felt compelled to investigate. Learning of the planet they called Earth was his foremost passion, after all.

A harsh midday sun. Hot, still air. The sound of nature as it crash and rolls onto a peculiar shoreline. Then the pale, alien skin of the Outsider as it nears the forgotten place. The only safe place to walk was upon the unforgiving sand of the neighboring landmarks, which would surely make the soles of one's feet into painful sores. But such a predicament was only for humans. The Outsider, in all it's strange abilities was... something else. It flew above the hot sand looking like an eerie blemish against the blue sky in its white robes. But in its strangeness there was beauty for as the figure descended close enough to the ground and removed its hood, a male face could be seen. One with fair, almost ghostly features, and soft, white hair. When the eyes opened, they alarmed--they were red, something which only a few creatures on the planet had in common.

The Outsider dared not place his unprotected feet down on the glossy shores of the place they called the Glass Precipce because not only did it look tricky to traverse, but the formations that jutted out at irregular angles would surely make quick work of his skin and flesh. No, he would not touch down for now. The Outsider was Tabris, Angel of Free Will, and was from a place and time far beyond Earth. He was an alien, much too strange to be trusted, but also much to curious to stay hidden. And speaking of curiosity, his whole reason for being at this landmark was fueled by his eagerness to learn. In his left hand was a note, a riddle he got from a Noticeboard some miles north, that spoke;

" Waves of sand turned to immortal glass,
That which you must seek is sought by none.
Ephemeral flames forged the blades,

In the place a battle once raged. "
He was sure he had found the place. For only here in the observable shinobi world could one find sand that had been charred to glass in what appeared to be some sort of battle. He surveyed the area from a vantage point. The hot daylight was new to him, for his home place didn't have this kind of environment. But still, he welcomed the sensation like the tourist he was to the planet. Only fire could've done this, and no natural disaster either, being basically on the shoreline and all. No, this was the work of what they call "shinobi", and must've been one that was very good at Katon. XVII (our Outsider's name) wondered if the one or ones that scorched this place had managed to win their fight. Are they even still around? What were they fighting for? Who were they fi--

It didn't matter anyway. The fact is, they were long gone, some of their bones no doubt immortalized in the beautiful display he was looking at. Come to think of it, there were no humans around this site for miles anyway. It was as if the locals avoided this place. Harsh memories? Terrible history? Whatever the reason, at least he didn't have to worry about being interrupted. On the back of his note he scribbled his findings; Sand turned to glass long ago. Fire or Katon? Could this be work of the fabled Uchid--Uchiwa--Uchi... those that possess the Sharingan? Area avoided. Possibly cursed? and lowered himself to come even closer to the shiny land. Something caught his eye. Something that shone with a baleful light brighter than the glistening glass around it. It was small, and buried beneath the formations. It might've been here for years now. What if this was what the fight here was about? Tabris hovered over the spot, cocking his head to the side and staring at the small, diamond looking gem. It appeared to have answers, and he needed to free it. Holding out his right hand he would focus Raiton throughout his arm until it was made into physical lightning. Then, with a graceful touch of his palm to the glass he discharged the energy. A sharp explosion a meter high fountain of glass followed. With a crater created, Tabris was shocked to see the gem remained unharmed by his technique. It wasn't even scratched. He found a smile had crept up the side of his face. How fascinating! He took the thing, half expecting to be jolted by its mysterious powers, and placed it in a pocket. When he was done he ascended into the sky again.

He then took off toward the East. Maybe he could get information on this object at the nearest marketplace...

( Furaito no Jutsu ) - Flight Technique
Type: Supplementary
Rank: A
Range: Short - Long
Chakra: 30 ( -10 per turn )
Damage: N/A
Description: Through the use of their chakra, the user gains the ability of unsupported flight and levitation. The user moves and maneuvers at his running speed. This can be used upon activation as a means of dodging attacks but after this, cannot be utilized like such unless specifically noted.
Note: This can be used by Otsutsuki clan bios and canon Otsutsuki noted to have flight, Juubi Jinchuriki bios.
(Raiton: Denki Railanshō) - Lightning Release: Electric Discharge Palm
Type: Offensive
Rank: C
Range: Short
Chakra: 15
Damage points: 30
Description: The user will manipulate their lightning chakra in their dominant hand generating electrical bolts of lightning around their forearm. The user will then slam their palm onto the ground causing the electrical energy to become discharged sending out bolts of lightning into the ground and around them up to 5 meters.

Leaving Landmark.
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