[SciFi] 'Girls Last Tour' Fanfic

Jun 21, 2019
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Dear readers and fans of Girls' Last Tour :)

Last year I wrote a story that follows the journey of Chito and Yuuri after the ending of the manga because I felt there was a lot of unanswered stuff left after the manga ending, and I felt that after everything they went through Chito and Yuuri deserved something more. My story is called "Girls' Next Tour" and it takes place right after the ending of the manga :)

The story takes into consideration the events that transpired from the anime, manga and the anthology comics, and it's pretty much my own interpretation of what happened after the ending, as well as some events from the past with another character that was important to the story.

"Girls Next Tour"

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Following the day after they reached the top of the world, Chito and Yuuri are faced with a life or death decision as they decide to journey towards the center of the mysterious layer.

Mystery / Romance / Sci-Fi / Post-Apocalypse / Post-War

You can read it at the following sites:

You can download the eBook from here:

I hope you can write your thoughts about the story, critique or feedback. I really appreciate it and it makes me beyond happy that people would like to read it.
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