[Discussion] Gauntlet vs Duel


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Jan 9, 2020
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Which tougher between a gauntlet or a single duel.

By duel, i mean a normal straightforward fight against an opponent or opponents, once off. Basically like the Chunin Exam fights.

By gauntlet, i mean having to face off multiple times against portions of the enemy, somewhat like what we saw when Sasori only used one type of attack at a time, first bringing out Hiruko, then the 3rd KK, then the 100 puppets and finally the Sasori puppet; or when Kakuzu used a single mask at a time, then two masks, then joined the battle himself.

From what i see, the advantage with gauntlets is that one only fights a portion of the opponent and doesn't facethe strongest possible attack or defence. The drawback is that one has to have multiple fights and the opponent gains knowledge after each stage.

With duels, one gets to take full advantage of the opponent lacking knowledge and can defeat them once and for all. The drawback is that one faces the full power of the opponent.

So overall, do you consider gauntlets or duels to be tougher?

For an example, consider Kakuzu. His duel would have him using all four masks in tandem, while also attacking with his wires and maybe even separating his arms as traps. His gauntlet would have him first using the Water Mask, then the Fire Mask, then the Lightning Mask, then the Wind Mask, then finally attacking with his full body - he may even have a stage with two masks or add any masks he may have gotten from opponents to his final stage.

What about as a fighting style? Considering all the different types of situations they can find themselves in, are characters better off separating their powers or keeping it all together? The advantage of separation is that they can scout the level of their opponent using the first few stages of their attack and flee if necessary or scout out the style of the opponent to develop strategies. The advantage of unity is that they can take full advantage of surprise attacks or any openings that the opponent gives them by unleashing their strongest attack to almost guarantee a kill.

So as a style, do you think characters are better with gauntlet forms or duelling forms?