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Apr 15, 2011
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Basic Information
[Name]: Fushi | [Nickname]: Spineless Ruler | [Gender]: N/a | [Age]: ??? | [Clan]: N/a

[Looks]: Fushi's entire body is covered by intricately wrapped in dark blue seaweed vine like bandages, having his eye glowing with chakra, removing the essence of humanity within him, giving him an overall mummy-like appearance. Along with this Fushi wears a black headband (dark blue) with no distinguishing markings and a pair of black pants. He also doesn't wear shoes as his feet are also bandaged heavily. At times, he wore shinny armor with numerous metal plates, forming protective guards along his chest, waist, shoulders and thighs.

[Personality]: Fushi appears to be extremely trustworthy, obedient and loyal, as he was a being entrusted with the capture of his master, which enabled him to escape and enter the new world, this shows another side of highly being manipulative. This was due to his nature to fully play a part of another being or persona to the complete 'T' so to get what he wants, which is known to be a sort of ability in of itself. However, should it come down to missions, he is a very cold, callous, and dispassionate figure, and is rather aloof, brooding, and indifferent, willing to harm his comrades in addition to his enemies should they get in his way of the mission.

Village Info
[Land of Birth]: Unknown | [WSE Clan]: Village Hidden in Storms (Hellsing Organization)

[Rank & Chakra Information]

[Ninja Battle Rank]
: Jounin | Eyes of Arashigakure
1,600 Chakra / 160 Health


Increased Speed Specialist - Your base speed is increased by 1 additional level. This makes your movement faster than those of your rank. This increase stacks on with Active speed increases such as Leg Weights or Eight Gates.

Advanced Elementalist -
You are capable of using one element with 20 more damage than normally. This counts as one of the two allowed boosts a technique can have. This cannot be combined with other Damage Specialties. (Algae Release)

Apex Speed Specialist - Your base speed is increased by 4 additional levels. This makes your movement faster than those of your rank. This increase stacks on with Active speed increases such as Leg Weights or Eight Gates.
Note: Requires any Increased or Advanced Speed/Tracking/Speed Resistance Specialties.

Yin Specialist: -
Users will gain heightened spiritual abilities translating into an awareness of all genjutsu and spiritual entities below MS level and passive genjutsu kai up to B-rank. As well, Yin user's genjutsu give them heightened genjutsu prowess, allowing them to render their genjutsu techniques unbreakable by one of the primary methods of release (to be specified during the move). The user's chakra siphoning abilities becomes stronger allowing them to passively siphon 30 chakra per turn from enemies.
Note: Requires Yin.

Elements: Katon — Raiton — Doton — Suiton — Futon
[Advanced Chakra]: Yin — Yang
Complex Elements: Magnesium — (Co Creator) | Algae — (Creator)

Shinobi Skills: Genjutsu (Advanced: Yin), Taijutsu (Advanced: Yang), Ninjutsu (Advanced), Leg Weights (Basic), Kinjutsu (Advanced), Chakra Sensor (Advanced), Fūinjutsu (Advanced), Medical Ninjutsu (Advanced), Kaito's Taijutsu (Basic), Mantis Fist (Creator), Oversoul (Student), Nine Arts Dragon (Student), Black Heaven and Earth (Student), and Basic Kenjutsu.
Summoning Contracts: Stingray—(Contact Owner)

Custom Jutsu Thread [Link]

Background Info
[History]: Upon the awakening of the Rinnegan within Hei, Fushi would be sub-consciously given life with the power of the divine fruit within Hei’s body. It’s gift of creation in spirt and Hei’s will, the tree’s bare leftover roots deep within ground would surge into a sphere as Hei’s chakra had splurged into the vicinity. On the day of the Otsutsuki’s Eradication of the Northwich, Fushi had been born. Whist one without actual conscience of thought but a mere will “Survive” embedded from Hei. Sushi quelled deep in the grounds of the burning village, the Otsutsuki would further seek vengeance on Hei, as the rift closed. The original form of his being had became deep blue, appearing to be whole in flesh head to toe akin to being covered in medical bands, however for this was his skin. Instinctually, Fushi knew his name and gender however he was not human in terms of biological features. It could be that since Hei was a male entity, thus was Fushi. The glowing eyes of Fushi were merely his chakra’s ability to mimic his surroundings completely.

During the time in the ground, he had instinctually became one with the soil, much so he slowly progressed upwards to the top of the earth ground in that dimension. When a Otsutsuki young boy fell and and injured his head upon returning to the forbidden village that had been destroyed a couple of many decades ago. The body would lose consciousness dying on the spot unbeknownst anyone, Fushi would emerge from the entity of nothing to become that boy in flesh.

During the point onwards, he was taught ninjutsu and the ways to speak, think, formulate a plan. For this was due to his persona, for he absorbed all information which further stimulated him to keep search for more. Learning of the man Hei, his inner soul would burn with a will to search and find his master. The in-turn brought him understanding of who he was and how he became to be. Now that he had learned all he could, he would manipulate a few of the Otsutsuki to create a rift akin to his master, however with a twist that he would be forth their vengeance, foolish to trust him, they obliged and allowed him access to the space-time dimension that Hei Otsutsuki resided in. The feat his master had performed succeeded any other Otsutsuki which never though a variant timeline domain in a form of a dimension was possible.

Crossing over to the world, Fushi would seek out the land of lightening, but something was amiss with his abilities…

Fuinjutsu upon Body

Fuuinjutsu: Deddozōn | Sealing Technique: Dead Zone
Type: Supplementary/Defensive
Rank: A
Range: Short - Mid
Chakra: 30
Damage: N/A
Description: A seal with the word 'Maintain' will be placed somewhere on the users body. The seal will passively drain chakra from the user which it will then redirect into the surroundings so as to detect attempts at manipulating space (affords no other kind of sensory). When a technique that seeks to distort space/time is utilised within the users vicinity (Mid range radius) this seal will activate, passively draining chakra from the user to erect a barrier that will instantly spread outwards and prevent the space time continuum from being manipulated - in effect the seal will serve to neutralize space time techniques such as summoning jutsu, or techniques that utilise portals such as 'Stick Earth Drop' from being utilised as it forcibly maintains the fabric of space and time. The seal activates automatically upon detecting an attempt at space/time manipulation, and is effective against such jutsu up to, and including A rank. However it is wholly ineffective against S ranked space time manipulation (Such as S rank summoning techniques as the jutsu utilises more chakra than this technique to bring a stronger summon to the field, however it will still be effective against lower ranked space time techniques even if the substance that they attempt to bring to the field is higher ranked)

- The user can start the battle with the seal already placed, in which case it must be posted at either the start of the battle or in the users bio. Otherwise the user will have to manually place the seal, which counts as a move and can only be done twice.
- The seal can only activate once per turn, and the user cannot use Fuinjutsu above A rank the turn after it triggers.
- The seal passively drains 5 chakra from the user per turn
- When triggered, a barrier of the appropriate strength will be set up (i.e A rank to counter A rank S/T) that will prevent the space time technique and last for that turn. An A rank barrier can be set up once, and a B rank barrier can only be set up twice. For C rank and below however, on account of there being virtually no S/T techniques that weak barring the summoning of certain lesser animals, the barrier can be triggered continuously to prevent these critters from taking to the field.
- As activation is passive, (But does count towards move count) the user is free to continue as normal.
- Won't work on 'Flying Thunder God' as it is a S ranked Space-Time technique.

(Fuuin: Kichigai Kouyou) - Sealing Technique: Mad Enhancement
Type: Supplementary
Rank: A
Range: Short - Long
Chakra: 30
Damage: N/A
Description: The user will passively apply a seal with the Kanji for "Madness" on their body. This technique will both distort how their body but also their techniques appear. A barrier of chakra will form over their body in the form of a black haze of chakra cloaks the user's body without obscuring their sight. The haze casts anyone who looks upon it in an external genjutsu (A-Rank) that constantly shifts the user's outline like an off-focus photograph, thereby obscuring any discerning marks or features. The mist-like illusion also causes his image to double or triple randomly, making him appear to be a hallucination. It essentially creates the effect of the user's body flickering from side to side across a one-meter area too fast for the eyes to track without the creation of after-images. This isn't to be confused with the user moving back and forth, this effect can solely be attributed to the genjutsu induced by the haze and will occur even if the user is standing still. This throws off techniques which require a clear line of sight or concentration on the user's position. This effect will occur regardless of the opponent's tracking speed. As for the user's techniques, their distorted image will depend on it's state of matter. Solid techniques will appear pitch black with red lines of light across them, liquid techniques will appear as blood, gaseous techniques will appear as a black smog and energy-based techniques will appear a dark-red colour. This lasts until deactivated.

-Can only be taught by Detective L
-Can only be used twice per battle

(Fuuin: Hakari no Doragon) - Sealing Technique: Scales of the Dragon
Type: Supplementary/Defensive
Rank: S
Range: Short
Chakra cost: N/A (-40 on activation)
Damage points: N/A
Description: The user has a seal on their body with the Kanji for "Impervious" that automatically activates upon the user being struck with a Taijutsu attack. A barrier instantly forms over the user (before the user can be harmed) and mitigates the damage dealt by the strike and any subsequent strikes encompassed in the technique or freeform combo. Whether a Taijutsu technique deals one single hit or a multitude of them, each activation of this seal will defend one single Taijutsu attack/combo, be it freeform or a technique. The effect of the barrier is to reduce rather than eliminate the damage the user takes from being struck physically by the opponent so it will only halve the damage of any Taijutsu technique no matter how powerful (e.g. S-Ranks will fall to 40 damage, D-Ranks will fall to 10 damage). Due to this seal only reducing damage rather protecting the user completely, it acts as a failsafe more than anything else in case the user is caught unawares by someone much faster than them. The user’s body will sustain the remaining damage after the barrier halves it’s power.

Note: Can only be used twice per battle
Note: User still takes half the damage
Note: Only applies to Taijutsu techniques
Note: No S-Rank or above Fuuin in that turn or next

(Fuuin: Kanbatsu Jakunen Metsubou) - Sealing Technique: Law of the Logia
Type: Supplementary/Defensive
Rank: A
Range: Short
Chakra cost: N/A (-30 on activation)
Damage points: N/A
Description: The user will have a seal on their body with the Kanji for a specific element and it will lay dormant until the user is physically struck, be it by an attack, weapon or an opponent. Whenever the user is physically interacted with (e.g. punched, stabbed, shot), their body will instantly exhibit all of the properties of the chosen element. This doesn't mean their body merely has the properties of the element but rather when interacted with the targeted part(s) of the body will passively dissipate into storm energy or harden into steel (effect depends on the chosen element). If for example the user is stabbed and they turn into storm energy, the bladed weapon would merely phase through their energy-composed body and leave them unaffected. On the other side of the scale, if the user's body hardens into steel then the attack will simply do them no harm. After the attack or strike has passed through them, their body will automatically revert itself to it's normal appearance. Since this technique usually only applies to specific parts of the body, any unconverted portions of the user's body can still be moved/controlled/used as normal. While in this form, the user can only use the element they transformed into, the element's it's composed of and any combination of the aforementioned element as well as any non-elemental abilities. This technique enables the user to defend against A-Ranks and below of neutral elements (B-Ranks and below for weaknesses, S-Ranks and below for strengths). If the user is struck with an attack that will neutralize their transformation, the two cancel one another out and the user reverts to their original form unharmed. If the user is struck with an attack that overpowers their transformation, the user's body reverts to it's original form and sustains the remaining damage (after the collision of techniques). The only exception to this rule is if the two chosen elements have no sort of interaction with one another (e.g. Fire and Lightning), in which case rank differences will not matter. Regardless of how the user is hit, this can be a full body or partial transformation (depends on the user’s choice). Should they be struck by a physical attack capable of cancelling out their transformation (e.g. a sword streaming nagashi), the sword will remain inside them on reversion and they’ll be impaled by the blade.

-Can only be taught by Detective L.
-This seal can only activate twice per battle and lasts one turn
-This technique must be stated in user's biography
-Follows elemental strengths and weaknesses
-User must possess the given element and it cannot be a CE
-Happens passively but counts as one of the user's moves per turn

(Fuuin: Bachi no Fukyuu) - Sealing Technique: Bane of the Immortal
Type: Defensive/Supplementary
Rank: A
Range: Short
Chakra: 30 (-10 chakra per turn)
Damage: N/A
Description: The user will have a seal on their body with the Kanji for "Eternal". The seal lies dormant and is passively activated whenever the opponent tries to seal or drain the user's chakra and/or abilities. The seal will instantly release an intangible barrier that surrounds the user's body like an armour. Any abilities which act externally such as the canon techniques Multiple Infinite Embraces or Living Barrier will be unable to affect anything inside the barrier, namely the user's body. Seals which act internally will first have their chakra be absorbed by the barrier (happens instantly and so before they can come into effect) and once erected, the barrier will prevent any further insertion of chakra while active. The seal is self-sustaining and will involuntary leech chakra from the user's body. This is for the express purpose of maintaining this technique even when the user can't use or mold chakra. This is possible as the chakra still exists within the user as it is equivalent of their very life-force. This can counter S-Rank and below sealing techniques. This cannot be activated manually and will only ever activate under the aforementioned conditions. It lasts for four turns or until the ability attempting to seal or drain the user's chakra or abilities is no longer active, whichever is longer.

(Fuuin: Bachi no Kindachi) - Sealing Technique: Damocles, The Curse of Kings
Type: Defensive/Supplementary
Rank: S
Range: Short - Long
Chakra: 40 (80 chakra for double usage)
Damage: N/A
Description: The user will have four seals on their body (must be stated in the biography) with the Kanji for “Curse” that can be passively activated (instant but still counts as a move) whenever the opponent uses a technique. The seal will will release an intangible barrier that expands outwards in all directions. The barrier instantly reaches long-range in every direction and serves to absorb chakra from the given technique in order to weaken it by a quarter . The amount of chakra absorbed is proportional to the power of the technique but one thing that remains the same is that the remaining technique will fall to three-quarters it's original power i.e. a 120 damage technique would fall to 90 damage (Forbidden Rank). The barrier is destroyed soon after coming into contact with the technique if it exceeds a traditional S-Rank in power but not before it leeches a quarter of it’s chakra in order to weaken it by the same degree. The user can instead activate two barriers rather than one to reduce the targeted technique to half it’s original power rather than a quarter. This will count as two of the user’s three moves per turn. This means this technique does not counter other jutsu in itself but rather aids the user in countering more powerful techniques by weakening them. Due to the barrier’s intangibility, it will can work on solid techniques as well as liquids, gases and energy-based techniques. It will also only shatter against non-physical techniques due to their ability to clash with the intangible barrier. The reason this seal needs to be passively activated (still counts as a move) is so the user can use a technique in the same-timeframe to counter the opponent's weakened jutsu. This technique can be used thrice per battle, be it three usages of the single version, three usages of the double version or any variation/combination of the two.

Note: Can only be used three times per battle
Note: No Fuuinjutsu techniques can be used in the user's same and next turn (when single version is used)
Note: No Fuuinjutsu techniques can be used in the user's same and next two turns (when double version is used)

Artifacts: N/a | Pictures: N/a | Theme Song and Background Music: N/a | Battles Won: N/a | Battles Lost: N/a
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