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Mar 2, 2012
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I like this one

(Suiton: Kougake Kyojin Enkai) Water Style: Gauntlets Of The Giant Ocean

Type: Attack
Rank: Forbidden
Range: Mid-Long
Chakra: 50
Damage: 90 (-30 to user)
Description: This is a very advance and dangerous water-style jutsu. The user will do a set of 5 handseals initiating the attack. If the user is a water specialist, he is able to manipulate the moisture in the air above the opponent to form a huge water pool, if not the user spits a glob of water up above the opponent that will then spread into a huge water pool. The water pool is created 10 meters above the opponent. Once the water pool above the opponent spreads about 10 meters in radius, utilizing chakra manipulation, five huge pairs of gauntlets is created out of the water with a chain attached to the end of them. Due to gravity, they then separate from the pool of water and crash down towards the opponent with massive force and speed. These gauntlets are roughly 5 meters tall and 3 meters wide, but have enough force once landed to cause massive damage that is enough to crack bones with every hit. The opponent can make the gauntlets all strike at at once combining to be an F rank attack or have them attack back to back making each gauntlet at max B Rank. These water gauntlets are strong enough to cause craters of medium size if they so happen to hit the ground instead of the opponent. This technique was said to be a huge strain on the opponent's body due to the large scale technique this is. It will cause slight dizziness and fatigue.

Note: Can only be used once
Note: This jutsu takes up two jutsu slots
Note: No other Water-jutsu in the same turn
Note: No Water-jutsu above S rank in the next two turns