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Apr 7, 2009

If I learned something, do I need to learn it again when I make another bio?

You only need to learn something once. For instance if you learned Iron Sand or the Sharingan for example, then you can add it to all your current and future bio's that fit that requirement. However certain skills can only be used by certain bios. If you had a Sharingan bio and learned the Sharingan, you can't add the Sharingan to any other bio unless it's an Uchiha bio (though some biographies do allow for unorthodox combinations, which is further extrapolated in ...).

Can I add skills to a canon bio it hasn't used in the manga/anime if I have learned them?

You are free to use any of the 5 Elements, basic ninjutsu, genjutsu and taijutsu on every shinobi bio, even if the character didn't use it in the series. For most of the other abilities it mainly depends on the restrictions placed on these abilities as some abilities are tied to specific canon characters. For example, as said before, Sharingan can only be used by Uchiha bios.

Can I only be trained by one person?

No, you are free to decide by whom and how many you want to be trained. Most of the time people get trained in one specific skill and when that training is finished, they search for another person if their current teacher can't do it.

When have I mastered a specific element/skill?

If you have learned all the canon jutsu's, related to that specific skill, that can be learned by any bio, you have mastered it (this is usually up to S rank, though some of them do go up to F ranks).

If I have mastered a skill, but a new canon jutsu is added for that skill, have I still mastered that skill?

If you have mastered a skill and a new jutsu is added, you can use that jutsu by default because of practical implications it would cause if not. Of course you are free to still ask training in it if need be.

I can't find anyone to teach me in a specific skill, can I get it by default then?

In the case that no Sensei exists to teach that specific skill, one can turn to the Sensei Mod who is capable of teaching any skill, regardless of its nature.

How do I train people exactly in a CJ/CFS/CS/CE?

Same way you get trained by senseis in canon stuff: you make a thread in the section, only this time you are the one who does the teaching. How deep you want to go in on that training is up to you.


What is time frame exactly?
The time frame is the chronology of a battle, more precise the chronology of everything that truly happened. As explained in this post not all jutsu's or techs posted by an RPer were in the end used by that RPer as a result of the opponent's moves. So for example a battle lasted two turns for each RPer and each turn both of the RPers succeeded in getting only one jutsu through. That creates a time frame of 4 jutsu's in a chronological order.

Can I help a friend in battle when I see he is losing?
Unless both the opponent and the friend allow it, no you can not intervene in a battle. This, however, applies to normal battles. By default, you can't intervene in tournaments and 1 vs 1 solo fights and the Ninja World has separate rules.

Do I always have to react on the first jutsu the opponent used?
The first move of the opponent always goes through, however you are not obliged to use you first jutsu after the opponent's fire move. You can also do it after his 2nd or 3rd move. Of course that rarely happens because most of the time there is an offensive jutsu involved the user has to block to avoid losing, but it's possible that for example your opponent uses several jutsu's that do not harm you and thus don't have to be defended again. Make sure though that you react after a move of the opponent when you do this to keep the time frame simple.

When does a jutsu beat another jutsu?
Well there are several factors involved like the type of the jutsu, its scale and range and how it's used. But simplified it's a matter of counting: A-rank beats C-rank and continues as A-rank, A-rank beats B-rank and continues as B-rank, A-rank and A-rank cancel each other out. This means if there is a difference of 2 ranks, then the stronger Jutsu will prevail with no weakness. If there is a difference of 1 rank, the stronger Jutsu will win but suffer a 1 rank reduction. If there is no difference in rank, the two will cancel out.

However, when an elemental advantage is in play, the element at a disadvantage will 'downgrade' a rank compared to the other jutsu: A-rank fire beats A-rank wind, the wind would be considered B-rank compared to the A-rank fire jutsu.

More information can be found in this Guide.


What landmarks can I start in?
You can start in any landmark that isn't claimed by another clan. This affords you a significant amount of freedom to decide where and how you start your story, rather than be constricted to a single location where all roleplayers enter the world at.

How does the timeline work? What about arcs?
The Warring States Ninja World operates on a single timeline. This means that in the world all events occur simultaneously. In previous iterations of the Ninja World, events would be separated into different timelines and players would reset themselves once they "left" a timeline. This outdated system has been replaced by the universal timeline, divided into different universal story arcs.

Story arcs are one of the most integral aspects of the Ninja World. Arcs can last for long periods of time, from a single month up to three months. They are archived in the and detailed in the Ninja World Updates thread. Arcs are usually accompanied by updates and changes to the Ninja World as well. In order to create a sense of consistency in the Ninja World, arcs are a strict system imposed on a biography. When you select your biography for the Ninja World, that becomes your designated biography. And once an arc starts, it cannot be changed or updated until that arc ends. Updating your biography allows you to modify its abilities and history based on events that have happened to it. However, changing your biography entirely (dropping the character, changing the inherent 'essence' of it) will mean your progress in the Ninja World is entirely reset. All Ryo, artifacts on the biography, and clan progress will be lost.

So when can I update my biography?
Biographies can be updated in a grace period between arcs. Once an arc ends, it will typically be followed by a period of 5-7 days for people to update or change their biographies. Once the next arc starts, these biographies become locked in once again.

So what's the deal with these artifacts?
Artifacts are unique items, obtained exclusively from Ninja World activities. They can be purchased from the marketplace with Ryo, dropped from missions as a random chance for loot, traded, or even stolen from other roleplayers. These artifacts can vary in purpose significantly. They can be useful weapons in battle, schematics for roads or bridges in landmarks which offer unique benefits, or medicines and potions for you and your clan members. Artifacts can be used in the Battle Arena, depending on the artifacts purpose. But each artifact is bound to the biography they are on, and thus cannot be traded between your biographies.

How do I know what can or can't be submitted?
Only way is to read the Submission thread regularly to get an idea of what is reasonable or not to be submitted and what can or can't be done.

If my submission is declined, can I appeal or complain to someone?
No. The approval or not of your submission is at the discretion of the moderator who checks it. Complaining about such issues is against the rules of the submission threads and may lead to infractions. Just move on and create something else or, if its possible to resubmit, work on it and try to make it approvable.

How do I know what animals have been made and approved for custom summoning contracts?
Go to the Approved Customs list and check. Even if its not listed there, the best thing you can do is use the search button in both the Archived, old Custom Jutsu Submission thread and the current Submission thread. Simply use the search button and search for the animal you have in mind to check if someone has already made it before.

I have an S-Rank Custom technique and I want to teach it to my friend, can I?
Yes. You make a thread and explain the technique and how its used there. Your firend will learn the technique like he would with a cannon technique. Also, be sure to remember each of your customs can only be taught to 6 people and that you need to put the link to the training in your thread, next to the technique.

If I see someone submitting something I have submitted before or that I noticed to have been submitted before by someone else, what do I do?
Simply link the issue to an RP mod. Always link to the original submission and the similar submission so that the mod can rectify the situation.


Can I submit a CE that already has been submitted by someone, but got declined?
That depends on the situation. By default when a CE is declined, the submitter has the right to submit it again, unless specifically stated he can't anymore. However when it's obvious or there are reasons to assume the original submitter isn't planning on submitting it again or a significant amount of time has passed, you can submit it. For instance, that person himself said one can submit it, he has been inactive for 3 or more months, or he can't submit it anymore due to one reason or another.

Are the jutsu examples in the CE submission automatically approved when the CE is approved?
No, CE Jutsu have to be posted in a separate thread after the CE got approved. The purpose of the Jutsu in the submission is to show how you are planning to use the element in the form of Jutsu.

Can I submit a CE before I have all the requirements to submit one and just wait to get it checked when I do have them?

No, you submit a CE when you are allowed to submit it, not sooner.


Can I write about my own CC in my bio for cosmetic purposes even if I don't fit the requirements for one?
Absolutely not. You can only write about CC when you are an official sage and have your CC approved.

Can I change the ownership of my CC?
Unofficially you can leave your clan and put someone else in charge, leave everything to that person and have no interest whatsoever in your own clan, but officially you still remain the founder as that clan was approved for you, not for anyone else.
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