Fairy Tail Fanfiction : The Thunder God and The Green Haired Mage


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Oct 4, 2018
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Prologue Stalker Diary of Freed Justine

XX XX X793 Sunny Day

Today I attended the New Writer Award Ceremony for Lucy Heartfillia with Laxus and others. My Laxus is as hot as always…no, 10x more sexier in that suit. As usual, I stay nearby him and watched closely and silently. First, Mirajane Strauss flirted with him, followed by her sister Lisanna Strauss. Later, Cana Alberona asked him to drink. Oh and Lucy Heartfillia had stared at Laxus for a few times, is she interested at him too? That’s my Laxus! He sure is attractive.

XX XX X793 Rainy Day

Today I stayed at the guild with the Thunder God Tribe. Laxus came in the guild very late, he looks weird but still as hot as always, did anything happened?

XX XX X793 Gloomy Day

Today we are supposed to go for a quest with Laxus but he postponed it saying having something important to do. Out of curiosity, I followed him. Laxus meet up with a man wearing cat mask at a small deserted area. Who is that guy? And he’s quite rude to Laxus, and Laxus seems to scared…no, more to respected him. But they seems to know each other quite well. That guy seems to act quite intimate with Laxus…Ah! I’m jealous. Later Laxus followed that guy into a portal and disappeared. Where are they going?


Later, Freed is looking for something at the guild lounge, he is so focus on searching and did not notice that Laxus had been watching him. “Are you looking a diary with brown leathercover?” “Yes…I’m…Ah! Laxus! I didn’t know you are here.” “I’m here since just now.” “What...Oh! You found the diary? Where is it?” “I burned it.” “Ah…” Then without any warning, Laxus pushed Freed and pinned him on a table. “Idiot, don’t ever try to do that again.”

Prologue End

Chapter 1

“Don’t you dare to spit out anything you saw that day, Freed. If not I’ll never forgive you!” At this moment, the Green Hair can clearly feel the rage of the Thunder God…No…Instead of rage and and anger, it’s more like anxiousness and fear, what is he scared of, what is hidden in the mind of this Thunder God? Laxus loosen his grip and headed to another table, leaving Freed looking into the air blankly. Then, he slowly get up and seated at a table next to Laxus.
The environment is extremely quiet, as if they are the only two in this huge guild lounge. Freed just watched his admired Thunder God without saying a word, he knows that something must have happened to Laxus, something really big or so he thought. Suddenly, after chugged down a whole mug of ale, the Thunder God spoke. “Freed, what will you do if I left Fairy Tail or perhaps Fiore?”. "Why is he asking this question?" Freed thought for a while but still answer with a firm resolution. “I’ll follow you.” “Is that so?” Then, the Thunder God continue drinking on his own without talking to the Green Hair anymore…


Later, at Fairy Tail male hostel, Freed’s room. Freed is sitting at a working table doing some random paper works. He is concerned of what happened this afternoon. Who is that person? Why is he caused such an uneasiness to his almighty Laxus? He wondered. “And, why do I have the feeling that I have met him some where before?” Although that person’s face is covered by that cat mask, but that eyes…That sharp looking yet overwhelming eyes…He sworn he had seen it somewhere before … “Wait! Is it when we are still in Blue Pegasus?” Yes, he knows that he had met that person once during his time in Blue Pegasus, although just a short glimpse, that pair of eyes are not something he could so easily forget. “But what is he doing at that place and that time, could he be actually related to the Alvarez Kingdom?”. Although Freed is very curious of what happened but he could do nothing except for brush it off and get on to bed earlier, he is having some important quest with Laxus tomorrow morning.


The next day, Laxus and the Thunder God Tribe is on their way back from the quest of stopping a wide scale of raids in a certain city. They are supposed to get to the guild but Laxus leave the team halfway with unknown reason, usually, the thunder god tribe will just let him be but this time, it looks super suspicious, so Freed decided to follow Laxus again. But this time, it’s not as easy as last time, maybe is that Laxus had become more alert after Freed first try. However, the Green Haired is still able to detect after he feel that strong but familiar magic pressure, he follow where that magic came from and saw something he might not be able to forget for the rest of his life.

At a wide field, Laxus is facing with black-haired person who is currently looking at Laxus with those sharp but overwhelming eyes. They are surrounded with some heavy magic aura which as if they are going to start a very fierce fight.

Chapter 1 End.

Chapter 2 (From Laxus perception)

They know nothing about him, they know nothing about my struggles, no one remembers what happened that day, the day when Fairy Tail almost totally wiped up from the world. That guy, he is not a bad guy. No one will ever remember, that day, Natsu is defeated by Zeref, and The First Master never shows up… Everyone are dying, those from the other guild, those from Fairy Tail and even gramps, they are all dying. I could do nothing to stop this calamity, I could only watch it with despair, I want to stop it but my body refuses to move anymore… When I thought everything is going to end, I heard his voice. He makes a deal with me. That guy, he is strong and I know so well of it but today, I cannot lose, I must win! If not I’ll have to leave Fairy Tail…No, I’ll have to leave this Earthland forever


At the field, the two are facing each other intensely, no one is going to make a move. Then, the black hair man speaks. “Are you going to stand there without doing anything or you are expecting me to take the first move?” Hearing this, the lightning dragon slayer realized that the man he is facing does not even feels like considering him as a worthy opponent, leaving the lightning dragon slayer no choice but attack first. Laxus turned himself into lightning and charge toward that man, trying to blow an attack with his lightning iron fist, but before he could get the black haired, he get countered, the black hair kicked the lightning dragon in the stomach and send him flying, however instead of continue to attack he just stand there watching the lightning mage struggling to get up as if he was telling the lightning mage : “Is that all you got?”

The fight continues with Laxus charging different types of attack on that man, only end up getting blocked, escaped or countered. Laxus realized that if he continues like that he will never win, so he stop the attack and thought for a while, then he decided to use that technique he thought he will never have chance to use again. Laxus is surrounded with red lightning… “Raiko Akamikazuchi!” Laxus charged that deadly red lightning punch to the black hair, this time, it hits and caused the man to step back a few steps, and his right arm is badly electrocuted. But for an instant, that man somewhat ‘shake off’ that electrocute effect from his right arm and gives Laxus a weird smile and say : “Interesting…I knew that I shouldn’t have underestimated you.” Saying this, a weird tattoo pattern glows on his right arm and disappeared as if some ‘seal’ have been lifted…


Yes, I always know he is strong, after all, he is the one that defeat Zeref while wiping up the whole Alvarez Kingdom with just a single attack… And yes, I shouldn’t even think that I will stand chance winning, and never should I making him so excited with this fight…


Without even realizing it, Laxus is now unable to move due to that strong binding spell place by that man. The black hair lifts up his right hand toward the sky as if he is summoning something. The green haired mage is not dare to move despite seeing what happens to his almighty Laxus due to that intense fear. Suddenly, a certain portion of cloud turn dark and form a whirlpool, a white dragon…No, a light aura that looks like a dragon appeared from the whirlpool. “Hakuryo. (white dragon)…” As that man moves his hand toward his opponent, the ‘white dragon’ charged swiftly as if he is delivering a finishing blow to that lightning dragon slayer, however just before that attack reached Laxus, the man pulled back his hand causing the dragon to crushed to the ground, caused a deep and deadly hole on it. Then he gives Laxus a sarcastic smile before leaving that lightning dragon slayer alone there, defeated…

Chapter 2 end

Chapter 3

The green haired mage had been upset since that day, when he witnessed his almighty Thunder God get defeated, actually it not really big deal judging of how strong that mysterious person is, but something make him feels really unsettling… It’s now the third day after that fight of Laxus with that mysterious black hair guy, even since the day of he been defeated, Laxus have not been seen in the guild, and no one seems to be concerned of his sudden disappearance including the Thunder God Tribe, except for Freed, although it’s not unusual for Laxus not to be in the guild for days but something seems off… As if, no one seems to remember there is a person named Laxus ever existed…


Freed Justine Stalker Diary, version 2.0

XX XX X793

OMG OMG OMG!!!! For the first time ever, Laxus lose! That guy is terrifying, he was clearly just fooling with Laxus at the first half of the showdown. But even with that attitude, he cans just toying with Laxus just like that! I really thought he was going to finish off Laxus with that last hit, but I could do nothing, my feet refused to move due to that intense atmosphere. Damn! I was such a coward!

XX XX X793

I went to the guild today, but something seems off. As expected, Laxus is not here, he must be quite upset of what happened yesterday. But seriously, who is that guy, what do he wants from Laxus?

XX XX X793

Really feels something is wrong with the guild today, but I seriously can’t tell what is wrong. Laxus is still not coming to the guild, although it’s quite normal for him but why do I have this unsettling feeling. Had trying to search for information of that mysterious black haired guy but fail to find any clue…no one seems to know about a man like that.

XX XX X793

This is weird, really weird, Laxus have not been seen for the third day, usually it’s not a big deal, but it seems like no one in the guild is mentioning about Laxus, even Bickslow and Eva. Yes, no one had mentioned about anything of Laxus for this whole three days!!! As if Laxus is not even existed… Wait, might be just my imagination…Alright, I will go find out tomorrow…
Had went to that field where Laxus and that guy had a showdown but I can’t trace any magic from it, normally with such a huge amount of magic used, one should at least left some trace…but no, even the hole that day is disappeared…

XX XX X793

No no no…What is happening actually? I asked Bickslow about Laxus but he seems to don’t know who Laxus is, why? Even our team name had change from Thunder God Tribe to Fire God Tribe… What the hell is happening? It must be that guy! What have he done? What should I do?

XX XX X793

I have been searching the whole town, not even the shadow of Laxus been found as if he just disappeared, I even sneak into his room but…it’s empty. So I tried to find every single place I spotted Laxus interact with that guy but no clue at all, who is that guy?! What do he wants from Laxus, I need to find out, I must find out! But how?
It’s easy, if you are so interest on who I am, meet me at the field.

Chapter 3 end.

(Writer's note: I will be ending this in two or three chapters, might be done next week)
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