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Mar 21, 2012
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Humans aren't much different than us... But still, the way they treat their lands, they need a fresh start.

Basic Information

Name: Arjuna "Eros" Alter
Nickname: Shady | Heaven's Calamity | Berserker
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Clan: Arali (Lilin)
Looks: Eros is a rather large boy in his chosen form that he walks around as. He stands taller than most Shinobi, being about 6'8 and having a very athletic body build, even though he's only about 10-12 years old. His skin tone is a light brown and is covered in blue tattoos in different areas. His eyes are a bright blue, while having long white hair that hangs down his back. Though sometimes he likes to change the color to black to fit in with humans more. The most noticeable feature of Eros are his long blue horns sprouting from the top of his head; Resembling metal more than actual horns. When it comes to clothing he seems to prefer loose, comfortable clothing. Usually wearing baggy clothes on his lower half, with no shirt and a hash over his abdominal area. This is typically white clothing with gold outlinings or designs, while also wearing pieces of golden jewelry to match his clothes.

Eros is an extremely prideful Arali, having very high views when it comes to their power and all around higher life form. He sees himself as much more than what the typical human sees him as, which is a monster. He sees himself as an actual offspring of the gods rather than a creation of them, seeing as even at such a young age, he has shown a unique skill set and optimism in every skill he has picked up. Even though he is prideful, he's pretty gentle with life itself, even humans. He doesn't mind killing humans at all, but he also has a curiosity for them that wants them to live so he can further learn about them and their ways. Unlike some of his peers, he sees potential in some humans seeing eye to eye with the Arali species, but maybe that was his young mind letting his curiosities get the better of him. He enjoys tasting new foods from the human race, so tends to shape shift into a more normal form so that he can go into villages and other territories for certain foods. Overall his most powerful personality trait is his undying loyalty and trust he has in Archelirion..

Village Info

Village of Birth: Annuntiatium, Realm of Heaven
WSE Clan: N/A

Rank//Chakra Info

Ninja Rank: Sage Of Malediction [Health: 240 | Siris: 2,200
Apex Speed Resistance:
You are able to slow opponents within a specific range, exerting a force that slows targets naturally. This causes a 2 Base Speed level decrease to opponents that are within 8 meters of him.
Note: Requires at least 5 in AGL.

Yin Specialist:
Yin Specialists gain increased awareness of spiritual abilities, translating to the ability to detect any Genjutsu or spiritual technique affecting them below MS-level. This awareness also allows them to sense spiritual entities, like Katsuryoku spirits or Hungry Ghosts. Yin Specialists are also able to utilize Genjutsu Kai passively, up to B-Rank. Inducing Genjutsu on a target causes you to siphon some of their spiritual energy, augmenting your own spiritual prowess. For each illusion placed on a target(s) your spiritual techniques gain an effective 10 chakra and no more, 2 base speed levels stacking up to three times, and 10 damage stacking up to three times. The bonus is lost one turn after a target escapes from the illusion placed on them. They cannot be self-induced illusions or those applied to Summonings, Edo Tensei that belong to the user, and Chakra Creations.
Note: Requires Yin and at least 5 in SPRT.

Chakra Fortification: (Demonology)
The user can add an additional effective 10 Chakra to an element or skill they specialize in, though not at any increased cost or strain to the user. This simply allows their techniques to have 10 more chakra infused into them.
Apex Tracker Specialist:
With more heightened senses, the user is capable of gaining a now increased x2.5 tracking. This allows him to physically track faster movement without chakra sensory.
Note: Requires at least 5 in DEX.

Apex Layering Specialist:
You can Multi-layer up to 2 Genjutsu within the same time frame, S+S rank combination.
Note: Requires at least 5 in SPRT

Apex Genjutsu Defense Specialist:
You can have a Genjutsu immunity of up to A rank, being immune to basic Genjutsu of that rank and lower. In addition to this, the user’s ability to counter stronger Genjutsu increases and requires 10 damage less than normal to break from.
Note: Requires at least 5 in SPRT.

▸ Lightning
▸ Water
▸ Fire
▸ Earth
▸ Wind
▸ Dream Sand
▸ Stygian Water
▸ Liquid Krypton

Your Techniques:
▸ Ninjutsu
▸ Genjutsu
▸ Taijutsu
▸ Kaito's Taijutsu
▸ Kenjutsu
▸ Med Ninjutsu
▸ Fūinjutsu
▸ Kinjutsu
▸ Demonology
▸ Yōton
▸ Inton

Your Sommonings:
▸ Thunderbirds Contract | Thunderbirds Ninjutsu
▸ Snake Contract | Snake Ninjutsu

Your Fighting Styles:
▸ Chishi Shindou ( Creator )
▸ Duel Monsters ( Student )
▸ Drunken Monkey Fist ( Student )
▸ Devils Fist ( Student )
▸ Steel Ball Run ( Student )


Base: 27 + 1 (Lilin Arali)

Mind: 5 • Body: 5 • Spirit: 4 + 1 (Lilin Arali) • Agility: 8 • Dexterity: 5 • Vitality: 1 (Sensei Bonus: Health)

Background Info


Esos hasn't had a long life to have a real story to tell, being only around a decade in age. He was brought into existence and lived in the realm of heaven for as long as he could remember; though his entire life was changed once the great catalism struck. His home was turned into a shell of its former self, but he trusted that Archelirion would lead his kind back into their prime days. Now having access to a world outside of the heaven realm, Eros found himself very intrigued with human life and would always explore different places when he could.

He always takes on disguises using his shape shifting abilities, and being around humans while in animal form or the form of other humans, he has learned much about how they think. Firstly, most of them see the Arali as pure demons or monsters, while a hand full of them see them as Angels and protectors. Eros never knew where he stood in between the two. Angel and demon. He would like to think he was seen as an angel, but not many have seen him in his true form, and those who have just deemed him monstrous. This lead to him being highly hesitant to not be sneaky about his form, though when in places that aren't littered with humans, he can be found freely being Himself while enjoying human activities.

At this point with all of the territories and stuff being split, Eros isn't 100% sure where he stands, though he knows that he can trust Archelirion over all to do what's best, so he still resides in the realm of heaven.


During his travels outside of the realm of heaven, Eros has learned that even though he is an Arali with unique abilities, human weapons could be extremely resourceful. With this in mind he always keeps a set amount of specific weaponry on his person. This ranges from the basics such as kunai, shuriken etc to his more unique weapons such as the duel monster cards and such.

Around his wrists are bands that have scripts on them similar to Sasukes. These are used for the Steel Run Cfs. He also carries various card shaped metal weapons used for the Duel Monsters cfs. These are up his sleeves, on his belt and some are even tucked in pockets near his chest. All these cards are slightly visible and in places easily available to touch.
Being one of the Creators of the Yumeton element, Eros enters every battle with his equipment (seals, clothing, weapons, kunai/kunai equivalent, etc legit everything) with Yumeton, giving these objects a shimmering look due to the white crystals influence within them. Placed on his left shoulder is the Dormants Domain seal with Liquid Krypton elemental chakra within. Along with that is also the Inverse seal for when people attempt to stop Eros' movements. Then on all of Eros' bladed weapons such as 2 swords on his hip, is the lost blades seal. Other than that he keeps an assortment of tags used for each specific canon fuuin technique (such as scrolls with elements pre written for elemental sealing etc ).

( Yumeton | Dākutaimuzu) - Dream Sand: Dark Times
Rank: A-S
Type: Supplementary
Range: Short-Long
Chakra: 30/40
Damage: N/A
Description: Dark Times is a dream sand infusion technique that focuses on infusing the Yumeton with different aspects of his aresnal.
A Rank- This infusion allows for the user to infuse his different elemental chakra with Yumeton's (Earth and Water) in ratio's that would layer them with Yumeton crystals. For water techniques, they would appear to glimmer with the white crystals of inert Dream Sand and gain cutting properties, while earth techniques would be encrusted with the inert crystals that gave it the same. This would cause both elements used to raise 1 rank/20 damage in effectiveness(does not change S/Ws). The user must perform 3 handseals when doing this effect and this may be done 4 times per battle, needing a 2 turn cooldown. This counts of a move but may be used simultaneous to another water or earth technique of course. This adds 10 chakra to the cost of a move
S Rank - This ability may be posted in the user's biography or at the start of battle so that he may start the battle with it prepped, and is a passive ability requiring chakra. The user may infuse his equipment (seals, clothing, weapons, kunai/kunai equivalent, etc) with Yumeton, giving these objects a shimmering look due to the white crystals influence within them. For defensive purposes, this gives anything coated basic C rank protection from physical damage. The user's weapons also gain the effect of being able to basically inject the opponent with a powerful dose of Dream Sand upon penetrating their skin or being inside of him in some way due to this coating(S-rank). The user's seal/kanji based techniques and abilities become enhanced with Yumeton and the usual Kanji material is replaced by a Kanji made of Dream Sand that is charged with more chakra and power than the original, thus allowing the seal to draw from a stronger source of chakra as well as being fortified by the dream sand crystals themselves. This allows sealing tags to be capable of dealing damage equal to it's rank when something makes contact with it . The addition of the Dream Sand kanji as a power source makes it so that techniques that fit this category raise in effectiveness by 1 Rank/20 Damage Points as well as requiring 10 more chakra to activate. This only works on Sealing based techniques up to A rank (Advanced Fuuin users are able to increase S-rank Fuuinjutsu techniques by +10 damage/chakra.) rank and only effects seal/scroll/kanji based techniques and abilities. This variation can be utilized three times per battle with a two-turn cooldown. While a seal under the effect of Dark Times is in play, this technique cannot be activated, the cooldown starting when the Fuuinjutsu it is adorned to becoming void. The effects of Dark Times lasts for as long as the seal it is adorned to does. The user cannot coat a weapon while Dark Times is used on a Fuuinjutsu and vice versa, nor can the S-rank version be used while the A-rank version is in play. No A-rank and above Yumeton techniques can be used in the same turn Dark Times is activated for either version.

(Fuinjutsu: Gyaku rirīsu) Sealing Technique: Release Inverse
Type: Supplementary
Rank: S
Range: Self
Chakra: N/A (-40 Upon Activation)
Damage: N/A
Description: Reverse Inverse is a very intricate fuinjutsu technique, applied to the users body as a body seal. This technique is used in response to techniques that bind the users, this ranges from anything such as genjutsu or yamanaka techniques all the way to a fuuinjutsu , physical handcuffs or even an earth technique that physically binds the user (This applies to any elemental technique that binds/hinders the user). Upon being the binded, the seal will instantly activate, flooding chakra. If the user is binded by elemental means or physical means, chakra will flood into the technique or weapon breaking it, dispersing it or destroying it as a whole. If the technique is mental, it will flood the users body with chakra, refreshing the users chakra network system. This will break the mental binding.

Note: Technique can only be used once
Note: Must State this in bio, or start of bio.
Note: Cant use any fuinjutsu above S rank in the same or following turn.

(Fuinjutsu: Kyūmin Erementarudomein) Sealing Style: The Dormants Domain
Type: Defensive/Supplementary
Rank: S
Range: Short
Chakra: 40 (-10 per turn, -20 per turn if used twice)
Damage: 80
Description: This technique has an application of both a body seal and a active regular fuin seal, being able to brand their body with the Kanji utilizing the technique. By applying this technique onto the user, (Be it in the start or mid way through the battle) the seal will activate causing said element to form into a small creature on their shoulders roughly the size of pakon (Kakashis Dog) This element can range from the basic elements, Advance Element, or Custom element but it needs to have an element component to it. Once the seal is active it stays dormant until an enemy is within short range. Once an enemy is within short range, the elemental creature that is on said body will instantly use a technique from said element that their body is composed of, of equal rank or lesser by using their own body as that source but having to be a projectile technique or a defensive technique that doesnt spawn larger than five meters around the user. Once the technique activates, the said creature would then disperse which the user is able to apply another seal on them, replicating this technique but will cost double the chakra to sustain it.

Note: Technique stays dormant until use
Note: Technique used from the creature can be defensive or offensive in nature, not supplementary and cant be a stream nor continuous
Note: This technique can be applied before battle in said bio. By doing this it can be activated as soon as the battle start.
Note: if applied a second time it uses double the amount of chakra to sustain said technique until active
Note: Can only be used twice per battle

(Fuinjutsu/Kenjutsu : Shi no Ōgama) - Sealing/Sword Arts: Lost Blades
Rank: S
Type: Offensive
Range: Short
Chakra Cost: 40
Damage points: N/a
Description: Lost blades is a very unique type of technique. Applying both sealing techniques with kenjutsu, making the technique, Lost Blades. The user will apply a seal on the blade portion of their sword. Doing this, the user is able to slash at anything that pertains to chakra in it, be it medical chakra, other forms of chakra. (excludes senjutsu or fuinjutsu). By doing this, the moment the user slashes at something, the seal instantly activates, sealing the chakra inside said technique, allowing for the slash to disperse the technique. This makes it look like everything the user cuts at, gets slashed and dispersed.
Note: Can use two times per battle
Note: Both Fuin and Kenjutsu is S rank, allowing the user to seal S rank and below
Note: The seal is pre-applied to the sword before battle. After usage, the user has to manually apply the seal to the sword again (This portion does not take up a move slot, but using the technique does)
Note: Seal stays dormant until clashes with other technique

Scientific Ninja Tools:
- September (200 Chakra/Siris)
- Medical Gauntlet

Theme Song and Background Music:


Won: None

Lost: None

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