Enter Darkness Overload; Aurelius Vayne v7.5


Dec 14, 2011
Trait Points
Heir to Chaos; Descendant of Erebus; Usurper of Nyx; Aurelius Vayne
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Basic Information


Vayne Theofratus Aurelius


Mana | Logix | Usurper







Standing at 1.82 meters tall, Vayne is of an impeccable arrangement of structure and physique, not too muscular, nor too fragile, an unblemished balance of power and agility equally distributed throughout his amb. Vayne is fathomed by stout blue/green eyes and radiant white/grey hair. Although naturally having coloured eyes, Vayne is often mistaken to have brown eyes. This is due to wearing dark contact lenses that can be compared to sunglasses. The lenses prevent Vayne from being blinded by flashbombs or similar, but in turn limit his vision in dark places, similar to how normal sunglasses would. Furthermore, unlike most males of his clan, Vayne does not tie his hair back in a ponytail, opting to leave it free. As for his attire, Vayne is considered the embodiment of class and eloquence, commonly wearing suites or garbs of the highest quality. Considered somewhat of a fashion freak, especially when it comes to official business and special occasions, Vayne drives home his artistic side in his attire, always aiming to achieve his own personal interpretation of perfection. However, when on missions and in fights, his style often changes based on necessity, although, almost in all cases he has ninja pouch which contains an assortment of tools unique to him and his style, and the Garb of Achlys is always worn beneath his attire, concealed to the naked eye. Furthermore, Vayne has multiple summoning tattoos placed on his body. His wrists, lower legs, chest, and inner mouth have the summoning tattoos of both snakes and deers. In regards to the one's inside his mouth, they are placed on the inner upper and lower lips, in addition to his tongue. All tattoos are small in size. Who'd want to cover up greatness, ey? Furthermore, Vayne has a few false teeth which contain pills that he can easily access in battle.
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Like most members of the Nara clan, Vayne is of superior intellect, however, even amongst the Naras his intelligence is considered unnatural. Highly praised as a prodigy that only appears once every generation, he quickly rose to become the leader of the Nara clan. Rumour has it that he intends to lead the clan into a bloody war that would enslave the world. But of course, that is a mere rumour. Vayne is also noted to be quite the master manipulator, being more sly than a margay/conman hybrid, and more charming than a lovesick poet. Although a callous and brutal fighter, Vayne's style is quite tactful. However, he does have a bad tendency to toy with his opponents, even in dangerous situations. Despite his nature, Vayne does share a special bond with most of his village, having a nurture over nature stance in regards to them. This bond, however, has not stopped Vayne from manipulating members of his village in order to serve his ulterior motives. It is also noted that Vayne is quite the prankster, although some of his pranks often lead to massive fights and disagreements, such as the time he published an article on Scaze which lead to the later developing a deep seeded phobia of Vayne. Overall, Vayne's personality is quite the contrast to his outwards appearance, where he appears to be peaceful and innocent but is truly a savage beast.

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Will you define your sins? Or will they define you?

Village Info

Land of Birth:

Green Bit (081)

WSE Clan:

Golden Sabbath ft.
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Group Associations

*** Addicts Anonymous

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Rank & Chakra Info

Ninja Rank




Combat Specialist

Shadow Manipulation

Single Hand Seal Specialist

(Water)Sourceless Materializing Specialist

Jaded Fist of Judgment Fighting Style







Dream Sand


Ink Arts

{Excluding Restricted}Body Arts

Ninja Arts

Sword Arts

Leg Weights

Sealing Arts

Medical Arts

Forbidden Arts

Illusionary Arts

Deer Summoning

Snake Sage Mode

Snake Summoning

Shadow Manipulation

Eight Inner Gates Master

Soften Body Modification

Custom Fighting Styles

Whip Arts

Shadow Combat

Nine Arts Dragon

Jaded Fist of Judgment

What is history but a fable agreed upon?

Background Information


For months I have roamed the world in search for a new pawn, for, Chun Woo-Han had long since served his purpose. The Gyojin was no longer capable of handling the tasks given to him. A shame, truly. I would have kept the nine arts dragon, the Goomoonryong, around, but pride, pride is a lethal poison. The dragon's descent from power was an abrupt one, but his attempt to regain it was a long and hard journey etched throughout time. Unfortunately, all journeys must come to an end. It was an undeniable fact of this world, no, the undeniable fact of this world. Chun fought valiantly, but his attempts were nothing more than a child's tantrum. I spared his life, reluctantly, in hopes of using him once again in the future. But as it shows, you can only hit a man so many times before he breaks. Chun fled the main village and eventually left the country all together. As a result I went out to search for new subordinates. My search, in complete honesty, was a disappointment. Baraggan Louisenbairn, the main prospect, took his own life in front of my own eyes. It was a strange act, one that I have yet to wrap my mind around. But nevertheless, the journey was not a complete disappointment. On my way back I had found a candidate; a 'child' who had remarkable growth potential. Our conversation was a short one, but the seeds were planted... My return to the rock was uneventful and rather bland. I chose to return to the rock gardens, to get an update on the affairs of the village. It was well known that I was generally detached from common village affairs, only involving myself in necessary conflicts, although the last one was rather unique. A reverse summoning had removed me from the war, leaving the village in an uncommon state. Nevertheless, this was Iwagakure, it stays strong and rises despite all. The path I took was a scenic one, choosing to enjoy the rebuilt beauties of past, in addition to some new changes. All was going well until.. 'Feitan!' It had been a while since I seen Feitan, especially in such a manner, but knowing his temper I did not immediately react. It might have been a small insignificant scuffle, but the crowd, the crowd told another story. A few minutes had passed since Fetians outburst, but civilians were still fanatically running for their lives. I stopped one man to inquire about the situation. LET GO OF ME! He shouted as he attempted to shake me off. I firmly held him in his place and spoke. Whats going on here? My voice was clear and calm. The man instantly recognised it and let out a deep breathe. The officials... Feitan and Morgana, they're fighting! Feitan and Morgana fighting? This didnt make sense, none at all. I'll sort this out. Go! Needless to say I rush towards the scene, causing it to rain as I do so. If it was indeed true that Feitan and Morgana were fighting then things were bound to get messy. As I ran a sense of dread washes over me, not solely based on Feitan and Morgan, but on what my reaction would be.
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(Ame Senpo: Shizen no Ame) - Rain Sage Arts: Nature's Rain
Rank: S Range: Short - Long Chakra: 40 (-10 per turn) Damage: 80 Description: The user will do the Ram sign and either channel their senchakra into an already existing rain source or use their chakra to make it start raining. The rain will be infused with natural chakra and the rain will span over to long range covering the entire terrain. The user has the rain hit their body and has their body absorbs the natural chakra. The user can use this to enter Sage Mode directly after 1 turn of getting hit by enough rain. If the user is already in Sage Mode when the use this jutsu they can use the rain to add 1 turn for each turn in the rain, the turn used not counting. Due to the senchakra powered clouds it would take a high level wind jutsu (S rank) to blow away the clouds away. Note: Must know Sage Mode Note: Usable 3 times a match, lasting 4 turns each use. Note: Requires a 2 turn cool down between uses Note: Must be taught by Korra.
Arriving at the battle scene I realise that it was indeed true, the two officials were duking it out. I arrive as the witch flies away and just as Feitan recovers from an attack. My eyes shifted between the two, rage building up with each passing moment. The two had truly decided to fight. But that decision was not one that should be taken lightly, repercussions were bound. I act quickly, dropping a flashbomb behind me, expanding the range of my shadow and increasing the speed of my order exponentially. Both Feitan and Morgana would almost instantly close their mouths and bend their knees as if praying to a God, the latter avoiding a stone aimed at her neck as a result. What is the meaning of this bullshit? I demanded, switching my gaze between the two who formed with me a triangle of equal lengths. I release my hold on their mouths, but keep them bent on their knees, as I stood tall. It might have been true that Morgana had the high ground, but I still gazed down on her in equal proportions to that of Feitan whom was level with me. It was not a matter of height, it was one of character. (Kage: Chumon No Yogen-Sha) - Shadow Arts: Order of The Prophet

Type: Supplementary
Rank: D Range: Short - Long Chakra: 10 Damage: N/A Description: After capturing the target(s), either through this technique or others, the user is given the opportunity to humiliate the target(s). The user can choose to force the opponent to bend their knee(s) in order to kneel in front of the user, or to choose to cause the target(s) to close their mouths, preventing them from talking. The two are often used together to silence insubordinate mongrel. Other than the aesthetic uses of the technique it has a practical use. The user can choose to close the mouths of the target(s) as they are releasing a jutsu, thus effectively stopping the technique and potentially harm the target(s) depending on the nature of the released technique.
The two were surprised to say the least. My appearance was unexpected and to a certain extent unwelcomed. The two reveal the nature of their fight and, after hearing out the two points, I would allow their battle to continue, moving on towards the nearby Tshuchikage to discuss preparations for the future, particularly preparations for the future conduct of the village. Dark days were ahead. A few months passed and many events unfolded, namely the crowning of a new Tshuchikage. Feitan was elected as the new kage of the village. My position as war general would remain relatively unchanged, leaving my plans to go on swiftly. Soon after I would embark on a journey and enact a plan of mine. The plan cultivated in the formation of an alliance with Amegakure's first officer and several others. However, the alliance would serve as a means to the destruction of Konohagakure and the death of it's Hokage, once again, the death of the Raikage, and the death of Amegakure's surrogate leader. From my end of things it was a flawless victory, with not a single loss. Soon after I would leave for some sorts of head hunter game. The event was rather easy, as I won my division, but I was stripped from my prize due to some fine printing I missed in all the bloodshed. Nevertheless, it was an interesting experience, one that followed several troublesome actions. Now, I seek an ancient relic of the past...

Little to none has yet to be revealed. The journey has just begun...

And so it was, he was the alpha & the omega


Specialties and Fields of Interest
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Summonings and Sage Mode

During my early years, I stumbled upon the snake master Orochimaru. Intrigued by the powers snakes wielded, I would go on to sign the contract and form a pact with the snakes of Ryuchi cave, becoming one of the multiple signers. However, down the line I began to stand out among other signers of the contract. Eventually my infamy would lead to the White Snake Sage himself seeking me out, with intentions of teaching me how to utilise natural energy. The training was supervised by the sage of snakes himself. After a short period I became capable of fully utilising natural energy to my benefit. Several months later, I encounter a unique breed of snakes, said snakes were much more capable and adapt at combat. Naturally, these stronger and more effective snakes replaced normal generic snakes. Furthermore, the Sage of Snakes gifted me with unique tags that replaced my normal explosive tags. These tags would summon snakes that would bite the target then explode, adding a more lethal aspect to a basic technique. Additionally, I am a signer of the deer contract, having multiple tattoos throughout my body.(Mentioned in looks)
Sage Mode
( Fukanzen Hebi Sennin Modo ) - Imperfect Snake Sage Mode
Type: Supplementary

Rank: S

Range: N/a

Chakra cost: N/A ( -10 turn to sustain )

Damage Points: Active + 20 damage to all ninjutsu and taijutsu up to S rank

Description: An empowered state of body achieved by blending natural energy with one’s physical and spiritual energy. The mode heightens performance on all levels by adding a new dimension of power to the user’s chakra. The state is a direct result of Senjutsu chakra circulating through the body. To enter this form, a minimum of 10% of the user’s maximum chakra reserve must be moulded into Senjutsu chakra, all subsequent technique employ Senjutsu chakra until the minimum cost (-10/turn) cannot be paid to sustain the mode. The user is immune to C-rank and below damage (unless externally empowered to increase lethality) for the duration of this technique. The user is able to passively sense chakra and his/her perception and reflexes are enhanced. Their ninjutsu and strength increases, empowering taijutsu and other close range physical combat techniques by +20. Additionally, the user is able to break out of Genjutsu, using Genjutsu release technique one rank lower than what he would normally be required to. Lastly, the user gains access to snake anatomy and other physical feats granted by Sage mode.

Note: Usable twice per battle . Must wait 2 turns before using this technique again. Perfect Sages can use either perfect or imperfect form thrice with a delay of 1 turn between modes.

Note: Imperfect Sages can convert a maximum of 30% of their total chakra reserve. Perfect Sages can convert a maximum of 40% of their total chakra reserve.


Hebi Kuchiyose: Sentaku-shu | Snake Summoning: Selective Species, Crotalinae: The Pitvipers
Type: Supplementary/Defensive

Rank: D-S

Range: N/A

Chakra Cost: 10-40 (Depends on rank of summons)

Damage Points: N/A


The Crotalinae are a selective species of snake summonings which were bred and assigned only to the greater of the snake contract signers. These species of Snake summonings specifically had evolved over time to have harder, more adaptable scales covering their body and an enhanced pit organ that naturally heightened their abilities to sense. This heightened sensing used through the pit organ seemingly was developed not only for predatory reasons but also for defensive measures against other predators. The sensing was exactly like the basics of any other snake, just taken to a higher level. Meaning they could sense minute vibrations up to a certain distance around them and even had an infrared optic map of the world before them. Typically, most snakes of the Crotalinae subfamily had natural infrared maps overlaid through their optic tectum, but with the Selective species being bred into existence it was heightened to the point of even being able to put this to use in the pitch black and in the darkest of times. The facial pit actually visualizes thermal radiation using the same optical principles as a pinhole camera, wherein the location of a source of thermal radiation/heat is determined by the location of the radiation on the membrane of the heat pit. The resolution on the infrared mapping through the heat pits has a very high resolution, which in turn allows the snakes to sense different levels of heat and cooler areas in extreme detail. Besides the sensing, their scales made for a greater form of defense, allowing them to survive harsher conditions and more damage than an average snake summoning. Not only were the scales on Crotalinae found to be more thicker and tougher than average, but they also held a passive ability to blend in with their environment by changing colors and becoming camouflaged. This coupled with their sensing made them very dangerous predators that were even able to escape other predator's perception if they didn't have some higher form of tracking or sensing.

Note: Must be posted within the bio or in the beginning of a fight.

Note: The Crotalinae Species can be summoned as generic snakes like the ones summoned in techniques such as: Summoning Technique: Giant Snakes, Summoning Technique: Three Headed Snakes, or Just the normal generic summoning technique, though instead of being normal snakes, they'd be of the Crotalinae subfamily. They won't take the place of those techniques, instead the user uses the generic summoning technique to summon Crotalinae, having to post this technique along with it but not costing an extra move.

Note: The sensing of minute vibrations and infrared mapping spans as far as an 100m radius, with larger snakes being able to sense the furthest due to their larger pit organs. Snakes under 40m in length can only sense up to 50m whole anything bigger can sense up to the maximum reach.

Note: The evolved scales allow the Crotalinae Species to take up to 20 more damage than average snake summonings of their rank. This is due to the thickness and tougher nature of the scaling covering the Crotalinae


(Sunēkutagu o Bakuhatsu) - Exploding Snake Tags
Type: Offensive

Rank: E Rank

Range: Short

Chakra: 5

Damage: 10

Description: These are special exploding tags created by the Sage of Snakes. These tags are blue with a snake tattoo and scaly look. The user will use these instead of normal exploding tags. When these tags go off the release 10 tiny snakes (2 inches in length) that have explosive scales. The snakes will bite down and wrap around the nearest body part and than explode. The explosions each have the power of a normal explosive tag.

Note: Must post this in the user bios to be able to use them

Note: When attached to a kunai, these tags can be countered in a free form way the same as normal explosive tags. The snakes are treated the same and may be countered with sword slashes ect.

What they look like

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The heritage and the mana Two and one, the heritage and the mana are essentially interchangeable synonymous words, if you understood their implications. The heritage is no other than the Nara Clan's hidden art; shadow manipulation. From a young age I was able to grasp the concept of the clan's secret art, becoming quite proficient with it's usage, matching and even surpassing clan elders in skill. However, it took me years to actually begin to dwell into the ability. This was due to being contempt without it's usage. The focused interest into the ability would soon lead me down a path of untold potential. I progressively unraveled new abilities and discovered new capabilities, steadily increasing my arsenals lethality over time. Eventually this would lead to my encounter with the Gods, a tedious tale. On the hindsight of the encounter many new abilities were gained, such as the Garb of Achlys himself.
(Kage Fūinjutsu: Battoman To Junbi Jiksn) - Shadow Sealing Arts: Batman With Prep Time
Type: Supplementary/Offensive/Defensive
Rank: A
Range: Short - Long
Chakra: 30
Damage: N/A (Dependant)
Description: Similar to the concept of having ink tattoos, this collaboration technique essentially allows the user to apply tattoos to his very own shadow. Naturally, this must be done when the shadow is in a tangible state. The user can either use this technique to give his shadow the required tangible form, or simply employ the tattoos on a preexisting tangible shadow. The tattoos are quite similar to those of , as in the user needs to merely draw the shape or kanji(s) of the desired objects, then utilise them at a latter point. The tattoos, at the cost of 5 chakra points, can passively be repurposed into different shapes and constructs similar to Body of Creation. The user can have up to four tattoos placed on his shadow at one point. A single tattoo contains B rank strength, meaning that when repurposing 4 tattoos, the user can create up to and including S rank ink techniques. A single tattoo can expand up to 10 meters length, allowing the user to have a degree of leniency over the size of his creations. Releasing a single pre-set tattoo costs 20 chakra points, releasing two costs 30, while releasing three or all four costs 40. When using a repurposed tattoo into its technique the user must use 10 additional chakra points to the technique's chakra cost. Pre-set tattoos also have a reaction ability which is dependent on the shadows strength. When an opposing technique of sufficient strength meets an active shadow to completely neutralise or overcome it, the tattoos would be automatically released in the direction the technique came from, clashing with it and interacting based on s/w. (Would not work if the user wasn't using a shadow technique for instance). Depending on the number of tattoos present at the point in time, the chakra cost can vary from 20 to 30 to 40. However, for tattoos purposed for specific techniques, it would cost said techniques chakra cost + 10, similar to the release portion of the technique. The pre-set tattoos must be stated in the user's biography or the beginning of a battle. The technique can be used 4 times per battle, with preset tattoos not counting towards the 4 times limit if stated in bio, or at the beginning of the battle. The implementation of Fūin allows the ink to essentially blend and be sealed into the shadow and keep it indistinguishable from a normal shadow, allowing for it's release at a latter point. The chakra used to release a tattoo or repurpose it doesn't factor into how the Jutsu operates, i.e. if it operates based on chakra, this additional chakra wont bolster its effects. Counts towards the Fūin seal limit.
Prestored with the following
(Inku Ninpou/Fūinjutsu: Tsubasa Kouse) Ink Arts/Sealing Arts: Wings of Aggression
Type: Offensive/Defensie/Supplementary
Rank: A
Range: Short - Long
Chakra: 30
Damage: 60
Description: Through manipulating an existing ink source, either through hand movements or simply drawing, the user would have the opportunity to create a 3 meter large mosquito/fly hybrid, similar to ink techniques that create animals from scrolls. The creature is capable of flight, administering consecutive bites/stabs/sucks, and laying eggs. The creature has two main abilities, each related to the creature’s abilities.

Power: Through utilising it’s proboscis('mouth'), the creature can administer a powerful strike to a target, causing great pain while also taking in some of the targets blood and chakra. Alternatively, the user can have the creature take some of his/targets blood and chakra, in a non lethal manner. When used in a lethal manner, the creature can suck up to 30 chakra points, while delivering A rank damage. When used in a non lethal manner, it can consume up to 60 chakra points. In both cases, any technique the target is sustaining would be prematurely ended. (This can be used two times, lethally, and two time non lethally. However, it’s only usable once on the user) When Power is used on a technique, it would absorb all the chakra in the technique, weakening it by a rank while also piercing it with power. The absorption quality stems from combining Fūinjutsu, specifically in the form of a seal that gives the creature the aforementioned abilities.

Life: Only usable after Power has taken place and both blood and chakra has been consumed. The creature(s) would be capable of laying an egg(s), through which a miniature version of it would emerge, adding to the overall power of the technique, specifically 10 points per 30 chakra points. This is unusable unless blood is present, and due to it being reliant on power, it can occur in the same t/f of Power, but costing a move. The maximum power that can be increased is 20 points, but it should be noted that each 'Life' usage requires it's own 'Power' usage in which blood is taken. The eggs created would double the amount of creatures on the field, so for a big mosquito/fly only one.

Usable twice per battle, lasting 3 turns, with a three-turn interval between usages.

Inkupo: Batafurai Eisha) Ink Art: Butterfly Swimmer
Type: Offensive, Supplementary
Rank: A - Rank
Range: Short - Mid
Chakra: 30
Damage: 60
Description: Having pre drawn on a scroll, the user will toss it into the air where the scroll will unwind and reveal the artwork. It is a lovely depicted river, drawn in colorful ink in order to mask the true nature of it secretly appearing as an water based technique. Through the methods of Ink Ninjutsu, the user will cause the 2D image to form into a 3D, flooding the area with ink. The amount of ink formed is enough to rival that of Water Release: Great Exploding Water Colliding Wave in terms of the amount of end resulting water made, being enough to flood the entire battle ground. Due to the nature of this technique, it's near impossible for the enemy to adjust their chakra into the ink as it is laced with the user's own chakra (similar to how Earth Release: Swamp of the Underworld is) and thus can’t stand on it causing them to sink down, potentially drowning while also restraining them, preventing them from moving properly. The amount of ink released only spans out enough leaving a two meter gap between the user in order to avoid self infliction, while being able to use this technique three times per battle with a two turn cool down. This technique carries the same s/w of regular Ink.

(Bugu no Achlys) - Garb of Achlys
Type: Weapon

Rank: Dependant

Range: Dependant

Chakra: 10 per turn | Up to forty for specific abilities

Damage: -

Description: Garb of Achlys, or GOA, is an ancient tool that takes the form of a battered piece of clothing that resembles a cloth, although due to the abilities it has it has been seen in different forms. Once a worthy owner encounters GOA it would form a bond with them and change into a form desirable and suitable for the user. Once this is accomplished the user would be granted several new abilities, all for a cost though. This is due to the parasitic nature of GOA. GOA is a conscious, sentient construct that although is aware of the world around it, does not interact with it in a significant manner, merely just being present. The weapon itself is said to have an unknown number of capabilities, however only a numbered amount of it’s abilities are currently known.

First and foremost, the garb’s connection with user and the user’s capabilities. Through it’s awareness of the world GOA grants Vayne sensory, however it is limited to shadows. Vayne becomes aware of any and all shadows present in the area, no matter how small or faded they may be. However, although he becomes aware of the shadow, distinguishing specific parts of the shadow would require concentration. Normally Vayne would have a basic understanding of what the shadow is, for example he would distinguish that fingers are being held up, but with concentration he would be capable of knowing how many fingers are being held up. This sensory grants Vayne a two times multiplier in regards to sensing. Of course this ability becomes completely useless for constructs that lack a shadow. This ability is always active as long as a piece of GOA is in contact with Vayne. It costs five chakra points per turn. The user is limited to focusing on 3 objects, during which his awareness of the outer world is cut to just being aware.(No sensory multiplier)

The second ability relates to the general function of the garb and it’s bias towards perfection. Due to this GOA can essentially change it’s shape into anything and separate into multiple shapes to match the need’s of it’s bearer. GOA has the ability to alter it’s size, this proves useful when it is owned by different users. The size altering occurs after the user passively sacrifices twenty chakra points, through those GOA could change it’s size, essentially expanding at a rapid rate, allowing it to assume more shapes. Individually, GOA can be treated as a cloth, not offering any defensive or offensive capabilities. However, when more and more of GOA build atop itself it can reach surmountable strength and durability. The power of GOA depends on the amount of additional chakra the user supplies, with the strength corresponding to the 1:2 chakra:damage output. This can be used five times per battle. When hitting thirty chakra points mark, the strength increase only lasts three turns, which upon ending prevent the utilisation of the power increase of equal or higher measure for two turns. Sacrificing forty results in an increase that only lasts two turns, after which a three turn interval must pass before the reutilisation of the power increase ability. In regards to sacrifices lower than thirty, they all last for four turns, after which a turn interval must pass before the utilisation of the technique. The aspect of decreasing the size of GOA would cost five chakra points and can be freely used as it offers no noteworthy advantage to the user. Any offensive/defensive actions done with the expanded cloth would cost a move, barring the turn it expands in.

The third and perhaps the most battle useful ability of GOA is it’s relation to the Nara clan arts and related techniques. The garb implements it’s awareness into the user and clear their mind from any unnecessary thoughts(killing intent and similar/emotion altering techniques) , this allows the user to be more proficient with their usage of nara clan related techniques, allowing them to be able to create and use more complex and concentration requiring techniques. Normal techniques would be performed with more ease, translating to a -5 to chakra requirement for initial usage of the technique. Furthermore, GOA has one more function that greatly aids the user in conflicts. It becomes passively active when a nara or related technique is used(Shadow CFS for examole), GOA would release some of the user’s previously taken chakra into the technique, empowering it as a result. This translates to a rank increase for A ranks and below, while for higher it increases the power by ten. This ability can only come into effect as long as the GOA has taken some chakra beforehand. GOA absorbs five chakra points per turn for this ability and would require twenty chakra points in order to have the ability come into play, however, the user can actively sacrifice chakra, four times per battle, in order to have a higher storage of chakra. The user can sacrifice up to forty chakra points, this can be performed in the same timeframe of a technique, allowing the user to have the boost added to the attack in the same instance it is released. Boosts are restricted to once every two turns.

In regards to the GOA's durability, it depends on the extent of the second abilities usage that was previously mentioned. When the ability is not in use the garb would be as durable as normal clothes, leaving it vulnerable to attacks. However, all parts of the garb must be destroyed in order to render it completely useless. If a portion of the garb was not destroyed then it could be used to return the garb to it's former glory, based on the capabilities/restrictions placed on the second ability.

-Can only be used by a nara.

-If not on the user's person, it can be summoned similar to any other weapon.

Vessel of Enyalius is the inauguration of body skills gathered throughout countless years of training and battle. It was, at a point in time, my bread and butter, my main method of fighting. However, upon my investment to the shadows I slowly relied less on it. Nevertheless, I kept training and honing skills with it. Branching out to perfect utilisation of all sorts of weaponry, whips and kunais in particular. Due to my constantly adapting style of combat, I keep my body as sharp as my brain. This translates into my capability of moving faster and more effectively than those that should be of equal level to mine. Furthermore, I went a step further than most and had my body , granting me the ability to stretch my limbs to great extents, allowing me to incorporate unique and unexpected attacks into my fighting style. Furthermore, I am a master of the Eight Inner Gates.

Tools of Ares: are the assortment of tools plunged from the vaults of the God himself, Ares. The tools vary from mere needles, to smoke pellets to more intricate creations such as war fans and much more. The tools were modified to be heavier than normal tools, allowing them to be more efficient in free form combat. This is similar to Minato's flying thunder god kunai, but to a greater extent. Furthermore, all tools have two tags on them, intricately intertwined to appear as one. They are common explosive tags and the explosive snake tags. Lastly, I always carry a single tag related to the technique thunder rage. Additionally, at the back of each of my ankles I have a small plastic bottle that contains ink mixed with my blood. If pressure is applied to the bottles they would squirt ink into the ground, allowing for a source of ink techniques in some situations.

Sight of Apollo: is the testimony of a superior artistic sense polished through years of battle and self devotion. My experience lead to being capable of drawing extremely complex and intricate drawings at a severely fast and effective manner. Additionally, I utilise several unique methods of utilising ink release, both in terms of ink release by itself and combining it with other aspects available in my arsenal, such as elemental chakra and summoning based techniques. For instance, all my ink reservoirs and those utilised in preprepared techniques have the same ink as that of oath sign and Ars Chasseur, allowing for a more dynamic method of utilising ink.

(Inkupo/Kuchiyose: Chikai no Sain ) Ink Arts/Summoning: Oath Sign
Type: Supplementary

Rank: N/A

Range: N/A

Chakra: N/A

Damage: N/A

Description: A rather unique technique in terms of composition, being rather tame in its effects due to not being an offensive nor defensive technique. Through the manipulation of specialized chakra absorbing ink, this brew of ink is merged with chakra of the user and actual blood - causing it to take a murky crimson coloring. The ink however has special properties, allowing for those who frequently uses summoning a new unique way in order to summon. By kneading chakra into the ink, drawing on a surface( be it on the ground, on a scroll or airborne) the user creates the kanji for the animal they are summoning i.e dog would be written as “犬” which then allows them to summon the animal. This makes the load easier for the user, due to the ink carrying their chakra and blood within the ink,acting as a medium for the appropriate summoning. The ink provides half of the needed chakra, thus the user only needs to pay half the total amount it would normally need to summon the animal.While primarily used for contract summonings, the user may also use this method for techniques such as Summoning Technique: Rashōmon by drawing a kanji associated with the technique i.e gates. This technique must be mentioned in the user’s bio or before battle in order to utilize and is passive in nature, not taking up a move nor time in the the timeframe though must be referenced while performing said techniques. The user may also say incantations, speaking in unique languages or phrases purely for cosmetic purposes.

Ninpo: Sōzō no Karada) | Ninja Art: Body of Creation
Type: Supplementary/Defensive

Rank: C

Range: Short-Long

Chakra cost: N/A (-5 per turn)

Damage: N/A

Description: Using the ability to manipulate Ink, the user will gain the ability to place the ink on their bodies for the sake of future battles. Similar to getting a tattoo, the ink will rest on the user's skin in a variety of shapes and forms, and can often times be confused with Fūinjutsu seals. The ink "tattoos" have a variety of uses and properties, namely the ability to create ink animals directly from the user's body without the need for a scroll, because in essence the user would have turned his body into a living canvas. By channeling chakra into the ink the user can have the tattoos move about on their bodies in order to ensure the perfect orientation. Ninjutsu and Ink manipulation techniques that would require pre-prepared scrolls can be done with Sōzō no Karada by either the user drawing the needed shapes on their body or having the image needed already drawn on before the match. How this works is by first drawing the required shape/kanji onto their body and then coursing chakra through the ink to summon the preferred effect. Due to the ability to move the ink while it is on the skin, a new shape can be created instantly with chakra control and as such the user would only need to drawn a single shape once and then have it re-purposed for anything else. As mentioned before, the main ability of this technique is to allow the user to bring forth small, ink made creatures for the sake of carrying messages, scouting, or general amusement. Meaning, even if they were used to attack they would count as free form techniques with no rank or damage value at all. The creatures able to be created are listed below:

Hawk (鷹, Taka) Can be ridden for reconnaissance or high-speed travel. Smaller variants can be used to carry explosive tags or be used to deliver messages.

Rat (鼠, Nezumi) Can swarm across an area to search for a target much faster than the user would be able to on their own. Being so small, the rats are inconspicuous, also making them suitable for covert message delivery.

Snake (蛇, Hebi) Can be used as ropes to restrain someone. With the ability to soundlessly enter through even the smallest crevice, they can also be used for covert ops.

Tomoe Lion (巴獅子, Tomoe Shishi) Used for travelling on ground, these lions appear vicious on the outside but are actually harmless. If needed they can be used to hold down a target with their powerful jaws.

Fish (魚, Sakana) Made of special, water resistant ink, the fishes are able to travel through bodies of water to deliver messages or very small objects in their mouths.

Note: Must be stated in the user's biography or beginning of the battle.

Note: Up to 3 tattoos can be made in one go.

Note: The technique can be used five times per event, with each contract lasting two turns.(In the case four are made at a single go) Alternatively, the user can create a less amount of constructs and have the additional turns added to the created construct. For example releasing two creations that would last four turns each. Due to the technique lacking any actual damage potential, this extension serves for more story oriented purposes.
(Inkupo/Genjutsu/Raiton: Shuuru Fantazumu) Ink/Illusion/Lightning Technique: Surreal Phantasm
Type: Supplementary
Rank: A
Range: N/A (Same as Genjutsu; to which how far the flash will reach)
Chakra: X + 30 Infusion (X being the original illusions chakra cost)
Damage: N/A
Description: Through the use of some unique in tattoos on the user’s body; the user may will infuse their lightning chakra into the tattoos in order to cause them to begin to glow bright. This causes a flash of light to occur, which spans up to long range (depends on original technique's range) away from the user’s position – causing those who see the light to be inflicted into an illusion. This allows a new and unique way of casting techniques, utilizing the tattoos as a mean to cast an illusion; with the user being able to us any illusion they desire. This technique costs a move, but is use in tandem with the illusion, needing the same amount of hand seals, chakra etc for the original technique though with minor infusion of chakra for the flash of light. This method can follow with any Genjutsu the user knows up to A-Rank but is can only be used once every three turns. The tattoos must be posted before battle or within the user’s bio.

(Inkupo: Arusu Shasuuru) Ink Arts: Ars Chasseur
Type: N/A
Rank: N/A
Range: N/A
Chakra: N/A ( +10 Infusion)
Damage: N/A
Description: A rather unique technique that naturally has no inherent offensive nor defensive power - but rather is a tool utilized by those who are capable of utilizing Ink Ninjutsu. This selective brand of ink is different from the others used, as it's intention is to capture the true essence of an animals predatory sense - in which the ink has the ability to form invisible works of art. This isn't to be confused with true invisibility but rather a contribution of the ink's ability to retract light away from it due to the translucent coloration and a minor infusion of chakra. Once the ink is used, the creation is formed, preventing the enemy from being able to see said work of art and thus is ideal for stealth attacks though it should be known that when within short range of the opponent, the creations cameo is easier to see due to distortions in the air or even from moving along the ground causing prints to appear etc.

The user is able to also apply this to his/her ink techniques within scrolls by simply having it pre-drawn or even conceal ink created tattoos on their body in which the user simply has to pay an extra infusion of chakra to "activate" the effect. Must be posted in user's bio or at the start of battle, though this only pertains in carrying the ink where as the infusion requires a move. The cameo affect only lasts for three turns before naturally a wearing off.

Knowledge of Athena: is essentially the years of battle experience and battle engagement rolled into one. Throughout the years I had developed a different way of fighting than most, often going for more roundabout tactics, and precise manoeuvres. An example of this is how I never look an opponent in the eye, but rather at their chin. This quirk is carried on by my summons who adapt similar methods when possible. Additionally, my summons are capable of understanding me when I talk in my native tongue.

Pillages of Prometheus: Personifies several bodily seals prepared beforehand in order to combat particular situations if the need arises. On my tongue and on my chest above my heart I have the Lightning Blades Creation seal, while on the lower of my spine I have the Reverse Four Symbols seal. Additionally, Dark Times is a unique seal relating to Dream Sand that I also have on my body. Furthermore, through the utilisation of kinjutsu, I have gained an Edo of the Yamanaka Clan.

( Yumeton | Dākutaimuzu) - Dream Sand: Dark Times
Rank: A-S
Type: Supplementary
Range: Short-Long
Chakra: 30/40
Damage: N/A
Description: Dark Times is a dream sand infusion technique that focuses on infusing the Yumeton with different aspects of his aresnal.
A Rank- This infusion allows for the user to infuse his different elemental chakra with Yumeton's (Earth and Water) in ratio's that would layer them with Yumeton crystals. For water techniques, they would appear to glimmer with the white crystals of inert Dream Sand and gain cutting properties, while earth techniques would be encrusted with the inert crystals that gave it the same. This would cause both elements used to raise 1 rank/20 damage in effectiveness(does not change S/Ws). The user must perform 3 handseals when doing this effect and this may be done 4 times per battle, needing a 2 turn cooldown. This counts of a move but may be used simultaneous to another water or earth technique of course. This adds 10 chakra to the cost of a move

S Rank - This ability may be posted in the user's biography or at the start of battle so that he may start the battle with it prepped, and is a passive ability requiring chakra. The user may infuse his equipment (seals, clothing, weapons, kunai/kunai equivalent, etc) with Yumeton, giving these objects a shimmering look due to the white crystals influence within them. For defensive purposes, this gives anything coated basic C rank protection from physical damage. The user's weapons also gain the effect of being able to basically inject the opponent with a powerful dose of Dream Sand upon penetrating their skin or being inside of him in some way due to this coating(S-rank). The user's seal/kanji based techniques and abilities become enhanced with Yumeton and the usual Kanji material is replaced by a Kanji made of Dream Sand that is charged with more chakra and power than the original, thus allowing the seal to draw from a stronger source of chakra as well as being fortified by the dream sand crystals themselves. This allows sealing tags to be capable of dealing damage equal to it's rank when something makes contact with it . The addition of the Dream Sand kanji as a power source makes it so that techniques that fit this category raise in effectiveness by 1 Rank/20 Damage Points as well as requiring 10 more chakra to activate. This only works on Sealing based techniques up to A rank (Advanced Fuuin users are able to increase S-rank Fuuinjutsu techniques by +10 damage/chakra.) rank and only effects seal/scroll/kanji based techniques and abilities. This variation can be utilized three times per battle with a two-turn cooldown. While a seal under the effect of Dark Times is in play, this technique cannot be activated, the cooldown starting when the Fuuinjutsu it is adorned to becoming void. The effects of Dark Times lasts for as long as the seal it is adorned to does. The user cannot coat a weapon while Dark Times is used on a Fuuinjutsu and vice versa, nor can the S-rank version be used while the A-rank version is in play. No A-rank and above Yumeton techniques can be used in the same turn Dark Times is activated for either version.

Edo Purchased in Shop: Purchasing a basic Yamanaka. Specialties are Single Handseal Specialist (Lightning) | Genjutsu Casting Specialist | Genjutsu Layering Specialist | Lifeline (Health)
Scientific Tools/Artifacts/Pills: Absorption Arm | Kote; (Suiton: Gufuu Suika) - Water Style: Typhoon Water Vortex | Kote; (Raiton: Sandāboruto) - Lightning Style: Thunderbolt | September

( Kyuu-tsuki ) - September 200 Sen
Rank: S
Short - Long
Chakra: N/A ( +50 per turn ) ( -50 per turn to an opponent )
Damage: N/A ( -20 to an opponent's technique )
Description: September is a small orb-like self-sustained chakra battery that can be pre-charged with basic chakra, or senjutsu chakra. If charged with basic chakra it will be compatible with any non-hostile shinobi. The battery has two capabilities called charge and drain. Charge allows a shinobi to draw chakra from the battery or apply it to their techniques and drain allows the battery to draw chakra from a shinobi or their techniques. The battery has a max capacity of two hundred chakra.

Charge: While in direct contact with the battery or while it is on their person a shinobi can passively absorb chakra directly from the battery through contact. It can be used while still hidden or in a pouch not needing to be pulled out. It allows the shinobi to draw up to two hundred chakra from the battery at a rate of fifty per turn allowing for them to regain chakra or to supply exhausted allies with chakra. It can also be used to provide senjutsu chakra instead of chakra at a quicker rate allowing them to gain ten percent of their chakra as senjutsu chakra but can only be done once usually exhausting the battery. When exhausted the battery is still able to use its drain ability. Alternatively, like the name implies the battery can be used to charge a technique with ten extra chakra providing it a twenty damage boost. This is done in the same timeframe as the augmented technique and can only be done twice with a two-turn cool-down.

If a hostile individual tries to use the battery it will absorb their chakra instead of giving them chakra at a rate of fifty chakra stolen per turn. The wielder of the battery is also able to instigate this process passively by making direct contact with the opponent allowing them to instigate the process stealing fifty chakra per turn where contact is made. Additionally, through this draining ability, the battery is able to steal ten chakra from a technique causing it to weaken by twenty damage. This is similar to the capabilities of the Scientific Ninja Tool: ( Abusōbu Ude ) - Absorption Arm on a much lower and more basic scale. Where that can absorb entire jutsu this battery can only absorb ten chakra storing it in the battery. This portion of the drain ability will cost a move slot, can only be used once per turn and only twice per battle.
Note: The wielder can only carry a single chakra battery
Note: Must state the ratio of basic chakra to senjutsu chakra that is found in the battery

On person and in false teeth
(Heishi Piru) Soldier Pills
Description and Background:Soldier pills are a more combat aimed variation of the military ration pill. Upon ingesting the pill, your chakra supply doubles, but burns at a greatly accelerated rate due to the "pressure" involved. Upon ingesting the pill, any ninjutsu you use gains +15 damage and any taijutsu gains +10 for 4 turns. Upon expiration of the effects you must use an extra 10 chakra for every technique afterwards for 5 turns with no enhanced effects due to the fatigue setting in meaning you have to force your techniques more, and thereby adding to the toll it takes on your body. These pills are a basic medicine medical ninjas use in combat and are essentially black small round pills which are swallowed and absorbed through the mucosa in the stomach, made off of various ingredients and medicinal herbs as well as stimulants. Can only be given out to up to 4 times, excluding the user's use.
Description of Side Effects:
-Upon using a second pill in a conflict the additional chakra cost after expiry rises to +30 until healed
-Upon taking a third pill, the medical ninja will suffer cardiac arrest upon expiry of the pill.
-Costs a move per turn to use.

(Hyōrōgan) Military Ration Pills
Description and Background:Military Rations Pills (兵糧丸, Hyōrōgan) are special pills that replenish one's chakra and nourish the body. It is made up of powerful stimulants and nutrients, said to allow the user to keep fighting for three days and three nights without rest. Replenishes 50 percent of the user's maximum chakra supply per pill taken, along with pumping stimulants into the body to alleviate tiredness. These pills are a basic medicine medical ninjas use or distribute in combat and are essentially dark brown small round pills which are swallowed and absorbed through the mucosa in the stomach. Can only be given out to up to 4 times, excluding the user's use.
Description of Side Effects:
-Taking two pills in a conflict results in hyper-stimulation of the cardiovascular system. The users heart rate and blood pressure increase to the point they become painful for 6 turns after taking the pill.
-Taking 3 pills in a conflict pushes the user's cardiovascular system to breaking point, resulting in heart failure after 4 turns.
-Costs a move per turn to use.

(Ketsueki no Zōka Piru) Blood Replenishing Pill
Description and Background: Contains high concentrations of amino acids, iron and mitosis inducing enzymes designed to turbo boost the production of erythrocytes from haematopoetic stem cells in the human body. This pill alleviates and cancels the symptoms of blood loss after one turn. These pills are a basic medicine medical ninjas use or administer in combat and are essentially dark red small round pills which are swallowed and absorbed through the mucosa in the stomach
Description of Side Effects:
-Taking 2 pills leads to increased blood pressure, and increased likelihood of blood clots forming, specially through trauma.
-Taking 3 pills over stresses the cardiovascular system and causes fainting from lack of blood to the head after 4 turns.
-Costs a move per turn to use.


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