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Oct 26, 2010
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Name:]Don Quixote Doflamingo]

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Don is a very tall guy (around 7 feet) with blonde hair. Don is tan and fair skinned and and all skinny but muscular. Most to all times Don has a bright smile on his face and he wears purple shaded glasses. Don wears a pink feathers on his back with a bright pink shirt underneath with black waves on it and wears boat shoes most of the time.

Personality:Don is a very loud person, but doesn't mostly speak unless he has something smart to say or think its important. When he is excised he smiles with a very big grin, mostly when he fights or is interested in something. Don has a insane trait of though and says thinking thats are sometimes not needed to be said, and is forever twisting his fingers around in funny ways. [/I]

Village Info.
Village of Birth:
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Village of Alliance:
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Rank//Chakra Info.
Ninja Rank:sage (in post)
Specialty: fire (coy fish)

Your ninjutsu:Taijutsu (need training)
Ninjutsu: A-rank
Genjutsu: (need training)

Background Info.
History: Don was born in konoha as a uchiha clan member. His mother and father moved to amegakure to hind a safe place for him to grow and mature. Don became bright at a young age and understood quicker then other children, and for that the other kids in the academy use to make fun of him and call him names. Even though he was picked on he still went on at the top of his class and his teachers knew he was a uchiha right away. As he grew up and got through the academy he started on mission in a squad with groups of three. His team mates didn't really like Don because of his sense of humor and way he thinks. Don always talked about twisted and unusual things that seemed normal to him but scared others. One day on a mission to retrieve a scroll from the allied village and bring it back a group of ninja came in between him and quickly took don out and took the scroll. Even though they left him half to death don couldn't understand why he felt so powerless and weak. After the attack and he got out the hospital don plead for the kage to allow him to retrieve the stolen scroll from the bandits. His sensei before he left told him to always be aware even though you are a smart and talented kid you still lack experiences. So Don went off to find the scroll and found the bandits in the mid of the forest. Don quickly jumped into action and tried to get the scroll back but was taken down. The bandits kicked him and punched him when he was down. They started to walk away but left him there again. He then felt chakra and power going to his eyes. Don got up and yelled to the bandits that he wasn't done fighting. When one bandit came straight at him with a kunai he moved with ease and cut the ninjas neck. The bandits was amazed and came at him with all there power and don started to realize that his eyes gave him power to see and move faster then the bandits, and this power made don happy and crazy with excitement. Don's smile grow as he toyed with the bandits. he then did five hands signs and did a fire dragon jutsu. Don couldn't believe that he remembered the jutsu and did it so well. After that experience in the forest he went on missions with courage and always with a smile.


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