[Ken] Dokkodo


Aug 17, 2011
Trait Points
Hello dear student, let's start with what you know about dokkodo, how it works in the rp, what it is conceptually, all that good stuff.
Right so Dokkodo is an off branch of Senjutsu; similar to Sage Mode that allows the user to gather natural energy. This natural energy instead of being guided to the chakra system like to mix with spiritual and physical energies, it instead does that in a more…external formation. This is then guided and controlled into the user’s weapon, crafting the unique style of kenjutsu dubbed “Senkenjutsu”. It’s also named the “The Alone Way”, which the style has some unique properties in it. The style of combat employs Senjutsu’s known ability to petrify things including humans and jutsus, basically allowing to corrode and shatter techniques. One thing I noticed is that the techniques also introduce some other unique properties about the style that could probably be employed in customs later on as well. The style however in most cases requires the user to be within the Dokkodo Mode itself, similarly to Sage Mode is required first to be active to use Senjutsu. However, Ronin and Samurai are more aligned with the style so therefore can use most of the techniques without actually needing to activate the mode. My only question is, would it be possible to say that other unique “mythical” aspects can be used/looked upon to be used in custom techniques for Dokkodo given how diverse Sage Arts or related skills can be. Like how Hashirama can just conjure those deity gates things he does while in SM etc, if you know what I mean. Not to that extent but similarly