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Jun 18, 2009
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Yellow!! I'm here to learn:

Katon: Arutemisu Keshin | Fire Technique: The Artemis Incarnation
Type: Supplementary/Defensive
Rank: S
Range: Short
Chakra Cost: 40
Damage: N/A
Description: Exerting their chakra from their body, the user can create copious amounts of ash from either the ground, their body or by spewing it forth from their mouth. As the ash bursts into existence it will immediately form into a demonically winged Centaur, the size of which can range from human sized to EoS Gamakichi sized. The Centaur, clad in light armour and composed of jet black condensed ash, is capable of moving a rank faster than its creator, can regenerate from damage that doesn't destroy it in one go, and is capable of manipulating its body to form, or extend into, any armament imaginable to attack or defend. It's signature weapons however are the bow and sword, and when these are used the Centaur is granted additional abilities. With the creation of a bow, the Centaur will be capable of creating arrows of fire which, upon their initial release will travel at the speed of an arrow fired from a compound bow, however on account of their unique constitution the arrows continuously accelearate once released - occurring as the rear of the arrows constantly devolve into fire-based explosions which serve to propel the arrow forwards to greater speeds. By the time the arrow leaves short range it will be a blur to anything below 2t, with a 25% growth per 5 meters, however, because of the linear nature of an arrows flight an opponent can easily predict where the arrow will travel to from its initial trajectory and thus seek to avoid or defend. The ability of the sword, then, is that it has a passive A ranked ability that allows it to convert any solid object that it touches to ash (respects elemental weaknesses/strengths), with the conversion rapidly spreading out from the point of contact and being fatal in the case of organic conversions. (Does not apply to the user or his possessions and does not affect people). The created ash can then be manipulated to, once per turn, create A ranked or below structures to defend or attack with. Finally, the Centaur is capable of transforming it's entire body into a far more powerful, compressed weapon or armour to be wielded by its user - in this state the Centaur's ash and arrow abilities are bolstered by a rank and, while hot to the touch of opponents, the ash is completely inert to the user - thus the user can freely come into contact with the Centaur.

- Can only be created 2x
- Lasts four turns once created
- Two turn cooldown between uses and when the Centaur perishes the user is prohibited from using fire above S rank that turn.
- Despite being made of ash, the Centaur is capable of freely traversing across either ground or air and his abilities can reach into long range.
- Arrows are classed as an A rank ability that is useable once per turn and is classed as a move, one or multiple arrows can be fired throughout the turn that it is utilised - with the power of an A rank being divided between them.
- Ash manipulation to create ranked structures naturally counts as a move too.
- Visual representation;

And Panthalassa is here to learn:

(Suiton: Kyogi Hyo Furippu) – Water Release: Deceptive Table Flip
Type: Offensive, Supplementary
Rank: B
Range: Short
Chakra: 20 (-50 per turn)
Damage: 10 (+5/+10)
Description: A rather deceptive Water Release technique and variant of Earth Style: Table Flip where the user will release Suiton chakra from their body to produce an average table with dimensions and stylistic features of their choosing (within reason of normal tables). The water produced will be effectively solid in nature allowing it to easily hold the weight of an average person, objects such as cups and plates, as well as average sized weapons and such. However, this table has a certain deceptive quality to it which is found in the nature of the water which stems from Water Release: Grudge Rain Technique. The water produced to form this table has potent chakra draining qualities which can be applied at the user’s discretion. The technique effectively drains 40 chakra per turn from those that come in contact with it, with the exception of the user of course. The chakra drained is then stored within the body of water and can be used for the user’s future techniques. For each 40 chakra drained the technique allows the user to use this water as a source for their next water techniques increasing its damage by five (5). This can reach a maximum of 10 bonus damage should the technique drain 80 chakra over two turns. In addition this technique can also absorb opposing techniques within elemental weaknesses and strengths to accomplish the same feat. Because of its draining capabilities it can produce a pseudo regenerative ability making it so this technique cannot be destroyed unless it is completely overwhelmed. As an added flair of damage the user can flip the table inflicting a meager 10 damage to the opponent.
Note: Can be used five (5) times per battle.

(Suiton: Yūkan no Namida) – Water Release: Tears of the Intrepid
Type: Offensive, Defensive, Supplementary
Rank: Forbidden
Range: Short – Long (Created in short-range)
Chakra: 50 (-20 per turn) (-100 to the target per turn)
Damage: 90 (-40 to user)
Description: A highly advanced water technique where the user, through a set of five hand seals (Tiger → Monkey → Snake → Horse → Bird) and the release of chakra will manipulate moisture in the air around them. This in effect allows the user to create copious amounts of water in the air in short-range vicinity around them. The nature of the water produced takes form identical to that found in (Suiton: Uramiame no Jutsu) – Water Release: Grudge Rain Technique and (Suiton: Mizuame Nababara) – Water Style: Starch Syrup Capture Field. In essence this creates water that is a highly viscous, sticky, and dense liquid that has chakra draining capabilities to those who come into contact with it as well as opposing techniques. The user can sustain this technique at the expense of 20 chakra per turn for a maximum of four (4) turns and during that time can manipulate the water into various forms suiting their needs which can reach up to long-range from the user’s current position. In terms of chakra draining their targets this technique will drain an immense 100 chakra per turn that the opponent is in contact with it. In terms of opposing techniques should this technique come into contact with a technique that is not suitable to eliminate this technique entirely through elemental interactions then it will in essence absorb that technique. Any damage this technique sustains during that interaction, as long as it does not entirely destroy it, will be used to regenerate it back to full strength creating a potent self-regenerating cycle by consuming a portion of the chakra consumed in the opposing technique to restore itself. The unique application of the absorbed chakra is not only that it can absorb chakra but it can also be used to infuse and enhance a water technique which applies the water created from this technique. Ergo, water techniques can be produced from this body of water and if there is chakra drained from the opponent or opposing techniques that uses this water as a source will be enhanced by +20 for each 100 chakra drained or for each technique drained for a maximum of +40 damage. Once the infusion has been used the user must drain more chakra from the victim in order to gain additional infusions within the duration of this technique. There are some very serious drawbacks and limitations to this technique, however. While sustaining such a powerful technique the user is purely limited to Water Release techniques.
Note: Can only be used once per battle.
Note: Can only be maintained for a maximum of four turns.
Note: Upon expiration or premature ending the user will have their speed reduced by 2 levels, experience a full body pain from the overexertion of chakra, and be unable to access water techniques above B-Rank for the same and following turn. Additionally the user will suffer the already mentioned 40 damage from the pain their body will experience.
Note: Forbidden Ranked water techniques cannot be produced from this body of water as it would simply be far too much chakra exertion resulting in the user’s death.