Custom Summoning Contracts Guidelines

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May 23, 2008
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≈Custom Summoning Contracts Guidelines≈

As you all know, you can make custom summoning contracts with animals in the custom jutsu thread. In a similar manner as the canon contracts, the custom contracts will come to have various signers (people who can summon said animals) and a contract holder or owner (the person who has authority over the contract which can be the creator of the contract or someone else it was passed on to). The signers and the holders/owners vary during the lifetime of the contract and are updated and changed often with the contract passing from one hand to another multiple times. The contract itself suffers changes as more animals get added to it as time goes by or these animals get updated or changed in one way or another. Before, every member had to post this information in a specific thread in the Jutsu section where all contract changes were posted as they happened by quoting the last known update of that contract which, when the contracts were only a few, was not a big issue but became completely untraceable. Additionally, the contracts need to be trained and the summons taught to the signers of the contract, something that was done in various threads, scattered throughout the Training Grounds. Again, this was very unorganized and scattered, lacking a sense of productivity.

Therefore, a few changes were made to the system to make it more viable:

1: Every Custom Contract will have 1 thread only, which needs to contain the [CSC] prefix and be named "Custom Summoning Contract - Name of the Animal"​
2: All updates to the contract (adding signers, changing ownership, adding animals, etc) will be done in that thread by quoting the last update of the contract and posting the update​
3: All training of new signers will be done in that thread and no other thread; all the signers of the contract will receive the training in that thread​
4: The thread will contain, in the first post, the contract iself, using the template in which it was submitted and with a link to the post in which it was approved (which can be found in the if needed)​
5: The thread must be created by either the contract's creator or the current contract holder/owner. For new contracts this must be done the moment the contract is approved whereas for old contracts it needs to be done as soon as possible​

Note: This doesn't change or invalidate any training done before, using the old system; it simply organizes how things will work from this point onward. As such, the old Custom Summoning Contracts thread will be closed and archived but remain visible.
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