Custom RP Guides - Guidelines and Regulations

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May 23, 2008
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Custom RP Guides: Guidelines and Regulations

  • Must be written in proper and understandable English
  • Can be formatted in any way the maker wishes but needs to be easily read
  • Must abide the global rules with the exception of the multipost rule and the image only reply; a guide can be made up of multiple consecutive posts made by the creator as long as some restraint and reasonability is followed as well as contain posts without text and containing only images, as long as these are used to explain something better or in a more detailed way.
  • You cannot post or reply to a guide; guides must only contain posts from its makers pertaining to the subject at hand
  • Guides can be anything from simple tips on how to battle to detailed instructions and knowledge on how a skill works.
  • You cannot make any guide about breaking or bypassing the rules
  • Guides are reviewed from time to time by the moderators. Until you see the stamp of approval, consider the guide unofficial.
  • Guides can be removed by the RP Staff for many reasons ranging from incorrect content/information to simply becoming obsolete; Likewise, Guides can be edited by the Staff upon review
  • Official Guides will have a Stamp of approval and the prefix "Approved". Stamp of approval is a post made in the end of the guide in which a moderator certifies the knowledge present in the guide is correct.
  • Anyone, old and new to the RP, can make a Guide. The guide is judged by the content, not who made it.
  • Some guides might be stickied due to its value, usefulness or overall requirement
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