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Apr 12, 2012
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Saw this theory online and thought I'd share:

In the world of spies and secret agents there has always been the concept of a mole and double agent. The 'mole' idea was represented by Stussy were she posed as an underworld emperor with connections to Big Mom. We've also seen clandestine operations like those of the CP9 pre-time skip but what always interested me was the thought that there is a traitor within the CP organization like there was with marines (Vergo), only that this figure was in the highest office of this organization and was actually working against the world government.

Mr. Guernica

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In the above page from 1052, we see that someone has hijacked the signal transmission between the CP0 agent who survived the Wano battle and the Gorosei. The misconception that I've noticed is that people seem to think the CP0 agent is the Mr. Guernica who was mentioned in chapter 1053. I don't think that's the case. I think there's someone else who has been observing this battle unfold and has been listening in on the chat between the 3 CP0 agents and the Gorosei. They are the same person who took the image of Luffy and sent it to the marines to have it printed on the bounty poster. Also the same person who made sure the Gorosei's order was not delivered and that the press was uninterrupted in their printing. Someone who's probably feeding Morgans with sensitive information to publish to the world. This person is who orchestrated the current mess outside, the one who's has personally witnessed Luffy's transformation and him defeating Kaido, the person who will reveal themselves to Luffy as an ally.

This person might have been involved in the incident during the reverie and he will be the one to reveal to the strawhats and us the readers what really happened these past few weeks, including equipping the strawhats with the knowledge they need to have the upper hand against the world government, the enemy this next arc will be focused on.
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