Cloud Quarry (163)


Oct 1, 2010
Cloud Quarry

Cloud Quarry is the home of an enormous quarry, or rather a ragtag collective of competing quarries that have all but fused over the years. An army of miners, cutters and grinders work the quarry, providing a lot of stone and other minerals to the region. Most of it is ferried down the area’s only river and then sailed to Thunderbird Valley and onwards. The area as a whole also hosts some grassland and forestry in the lower-lying coastland, where most of the workers live in large, semi-permanent camps.


Mar 2, 2012

Rhaenys was very close to the source of the storm now, the very air itself almost like a frozen bath in her lungs. She could tell there was something unnatural going on, and she would make sure that these lands would be made safe.



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Jul 17, 2012

Landing on land once more, Trunks proceeds to the place told to have the warrior he was seeking.



Aug 29, 2014
Coming from here

As Ryuu got closer to Cassander, he decided it was time to bring out his summon; someone that could communicate on behalf of him. For he could not exactly imagine writing notes to the creature, or using sign language with it either. And so Ryuu summoned besides him Oregon, one of his barnacles. Upon being summoned, the creature looked at Ryuu questioningly, but after some telepathic communication, he realised what Ryuu wanted. Basically, he was to act as a spokesperson in the next land. He nodded knowingly at the boy, making Ryuu feel reassured. Ryuu had told him that there was to be no fighting; he only wanted information here.

(Kuchiyose : Oregon) - Summoning : Oregon
Type: Summon
Rank: S
Range: Short/Mid
Chakra Cost: 40
Damage Points: N/A
Description:The User bites their thumb and wipes it on their tattoo, performing a string of three hand seals and then slamming their hands on the ground which creates a couple metre tall tornado of water with 1 metre diameter anywhere within mid-range except around the opponent - this is harmless and purely cosmetic the water disappears and reveals the summon. The Summon is basically a very large amount of ordinary sized Thoracica type barnacles clumped together to form a humanoid shape, 7 foot tall and a strong looking build. The mastermind of these Lesser Barnacles is the Boss of the Summoning Contract and he is able to command them to do his bidding, 'Oregon' the Barnacle Boss resides in the Head of the man representing the brain and in form he is a very large Barnacle that has outgrown it's shell and so is protected by the other Shells. Oregon wears a mask that looks ever so much like a demon, the mask is a hard calcite shell which is what Thoracica Barnacles are made out of; the mask has two large curved horns which a protrude from his forehead which can be used to impale an opponent - the mask is shaped into a stern face. He also has a tail which is just an extended barnacle tendril he has full control of. Oregon has a greater intelligence and is basically the one whom trained the first Barnacles passing down his knowledge. He can talk or communicate mentally to the Contract signer.

Oregon is a Taijutsu Specialist and he has the ability to perform Taijutsu of up to A-Rank and gets a +10 Damage boost because of his extremely hard body. Since his body is made up of many thoracica type barnacles which have their tendrils also spread out through the body to keep together - means he can be pretty versatile. He can pull apart his own body (except the head) to dodge oncoming attacks like punches or swords and then quickly clamp it shut again, the tendrils of the many Barnacles stretch to allow him to separate his torso or other sections so that he is not hit. When Oregon clamps shut like this, it is strong enough to snap a blade and so can crush bone pretty easily whilst at the same time Barnacles detach from inside his body and attack onto the limb of the enemy if he decides to let them free. The Barnacles that are left on the opponent's limbs can be then set up for the Barnacle Jutsu, "Body of the Thoracica". Oregon can also use this to stretch his limbs or body, making them much longer so he can punch and kick much further, or to further ensnare an opponent. He has one final use of pulling his body apart and that is to be able to completely cover his opponent with his body of barnacles and slowly crush him, this however takes about two turns to actually do some critical damage and it basically becomes the opponent's armour; if Nagashi is used on them it wouldn't be effective and would crush the opponent much faster due to the contraction caused by paralysis.

Oregon has the ability to change his body structure further by changing from a man to a four legged creature very quickly, the only reason he does this is to close distance between his opponent and can do so pretty fast. When running on all fours like this he can close the mid-range gap in seconds but it still trackable and when he goes to attack he quickly changes back into a Man to fight.

He also has a very strong Defense, being made completely out of Thoracica Barnacles it's like being a Walking Piece of Armour, he acts like the S-Rank Earth Hardening Technique in strength except B-Ranks and below have no effect at all. Unless it is Lightning then this immunity only extends to C-Rank and below. He also cannot be effected by Genjutsu of any kind as other Barnacles in his head will take the effect instead of him and because there are many that form the head.

- Oregon can use "Body of the Thoracica" on any Acorn Barnacle on the Field
- Oregon can be summoned with a Weapon made of Calcite Shell, it acts like a normal weapon.
- Oregon separating his body to dodge attacks costs a Move (not if he's doing it to stretch his limb further to attack). He can use this to dodge small scale jutsu as well.
- Oregon changing in the Creature Form to move faster costs a move, changing back doesn't.
- Oregon can only be summoned Once per fight
- Oregon can only last 4 turns on the field
- Must have signed Barnacle Contract
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Chakra: 1425 - 5 - 40 = 1380

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