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Oct 22, 2009
Trait Points
Link to clan approval: New Dawn
Members Added: N/a
Members Removed: N/a
Updated History:
The clan settled down in the land of water, building a base and name for themselves. Though as they began to get started, the red fever took hold of the world causing chaos. With many deaths the lands were hit hard though it became worse when the dead didn't remain dead. With that the clan worked to protect their lands from the virus. With that they wanted to focus on a new start, changing the name to "New Dawn"

With the clan formed, the hierarchy took the form similar to the old Japanese hierarchy. The head of the clan was seen as the Emperor, the overall leader of the lands, everyone followed his lead. Next were the appointed heads of certain states, those in charge of their own landmarks, the Shogun, charged with ruling over land appointed to them by the emperor for their deeds. The rest of the clan members were assigned the rank of Artisan, those who serve the clan in their own ways until they prove themselves.

Updated Points (if your value has gone down or up with adding/remove people): Hammock (4), Proffesor Shino (4), Twilight (4), Corazon (4) Slacker (7) = 23 (Hammock ranked up to jounin)
Link to Completed Clan Missions:

[B Rank Clan Mission]
[B Rank Clan Mission]
[B Rank Clan Mission]
[B Rank Clan Mission]
[B Rank Clan Mission]

From rank 3 - 4