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May 12, 2011
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Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon

Ciri/Ashen one



Clan: Crystal
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Chakra: 600 +25% (750)

Base 5, Nin, Gen, Tai, Ken

Elements: N/A


Summons: Cougars
Kekkei Genkai: N/A

Village Information

Village of Alliance
Village of Origin

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Ciri has iconic white hair earning her the nickname Ashen one, she usually wears her hair loosely in a half up/half down fashion with thin wisps escaping into her eyes, or a messy bun where her bangs are loose and are often tucked behind her ear when not framing her face. She is of fair skin with delicate freckles over her nose. Ciri's eyes are emerald green with yellow surrounding the pupils, the black eye makeup she wears accentuates her eyes drawing focus. Ciri has a distinguishing red scare on her left cheek that begins under her eye acquired through a mishap during training. She has a slender jawline and is of a petite build. Ciri wears dark brown, fitted leather trousers, with knee high heeled leather boots. She wears a loose, white, long sleeve, lace up shirt and her torso is covered with a tight, under-bust, dark brown, leather corset while around her waist sits a segmented metal belt, with each segment adorned with a single blue gemstone. On her forearms and hands she wears dark brown leather vambraces for protection. While travelling Ciri's head and face are obscured by a large dark fabric hood. Over her hips she wears a brown leather belt used to carry ninja tools and weapons, and she wears a single strap across her shoulder used to carry her trademark sword. Ciri the summoning mark of the Cougar on the back of her right hand.

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Ciri’s heritage has caused her a great deal of suffering from her birth to the present. She has been pursued throughout her life by various races in their quest to gain her power, and has lost many of her loved ones by their hands. This has resulted in Ciri becoming overly protective of the ones she cares about. Ciri has spent the majority of her life fleeing from potential captures, constantly travelling and never settling in one place due to her incessant need to keep her loved ones safe. Despite her having to constantly run and live secluded Ciri never grew to become a frightened or anxious woman. Quite the contrary: she is brave. Each and every person who has tried to take her has been met with resistance, whether it was simply verbal defiance or an outright battle. Ciri is incredibly protective of the people she cares for having lost so much throughout her life and will go to extreme lengths to keep them safe. Ciri’s most notable trait is her stubbornness, refusing to change her mind for anyone but herself, she likes to dance to her own tune and do things her way. Once her mind is set, there is no changing it wether rightly or wrongly. She is too strong within herself and too proud to ever back down. She is angered when people try to dictate her life for her. There is a darkness inside Ciri’s heart, though she extends kindness and compassion to those she cares about, this is not always the case as Ciri has been seen to be selfish and even spiteful in some of her actions. Though this is attributed to her past and her desperation to hold on to what she has in the present.

Personal Summoning Specialist:
You can have one custom contracted animal with you at all times. Whether it be from Canon or Custom Contracts, you have the monopoly of that summon, and other users of the contract may not utilise it when facing you in battle, or in the NW until your defeat.

Sourceless Materialising Specialist:
You can materialise your element or skill you specialise in without needing a source. Likewise, you can sustain creations of the element without limiting yourself, such as creation of S rank Earth Golem and allowing it to exist without sustaining it on your own. This is done by adding 1 handseal to the necessary total. (Crystal)

Apex Handseal Specialist:

Limited to Ninjutsu Specialities. You can perform techniques of the skill you chose to specialise in without the usage of handseals, though you must still perform complimentary and logical body movements related to the technique. (Crystal)

The user starts with a 25% chakra increase, allowing the user to start fights with more chakra.

(Kuchiyose: Megami Adara) Summoning: Goddess Adara
Type: Supplementary
Rank: S
Range: Short
Chakra Cost: 40 (+30 if fused with and +10 each turn summoned)
Damage points: N/A
Description: The user will have a Cougar tattoo on the back of their right hand this will be used to summon Adara the Goddess all of Cougars. Adara has the unique ability to fuse with the person who summoned her giving the user Cougar like traits. When fused with Adara the users speed will increase from average to that equivalent of Rock Lee without weights and will have the ability to jump to around 20 meters high very quickly both types of movement will be almost silently due to the stealth Cougars posses. The user can still use jutsu while in this form but the jutsu have no enhancements of any form from fusing.
Note: This Summoning can only be summoned once per battle.
Note: This Summoning can only be in play for 5 turns if not fused with.
Note: Can only be fused with for 3 turns before the summoning must return.
Note: This Summoning can only be summoned by someone with the Cougar Contract.
Note: When fused speed increases to that equal of Rock Lee without weights on.

Note: Due to not having hands Adara can’t use any jutsu involving handseals.

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"Ciri's Crystal Release - Crystal Katanna"
Guren Skinned Bio.

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