Chista in Abaddon


Jun 9, 2019
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Story Introduction:

What is the main character's name in the story of a 2-year-old girl who lives in Abaddon (Greek for Hell) and differs from everyone who lives there because she has neither a horn nor a tail, just like a normal human being. But it has a beautiful eye that shines through the sun, though its cornea is dark in hell and its only resemblance to those in this unusual eye has been going well for years, and now Chesita has grown up and is determined to escape the burden of responsibility. No one was able to do it until then .....
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Episode 1 | part 1

I had cut a corner of the room with my hand-knit doll sewn with ugly and crisp design and my eyes were left on the walls of the room, the diner still had no one to sit next to, and I could talk to him about the wood chipboard. We can't,On the day you hear the loud rumbling of my Russian house, I still remember trying to rebuild my house, afraid to end it, and stay in this frigid cold and a frozen house! I stood back until she came to look at Terra and her I was welcomed as she always treated me cold. My brother was also moving behind him until he reached me. He warmly caressed my head and entered the study room with my father, never allowing me to come in and prevent me from The books I use to read there say that the contents of those books are too expensive for you to understand, but it's a lie they know better than anyone else. I take the road and it was and was not
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