[Sign-Ups] Chernobyl: The Nuclear Power Plant Sign Up Thread #26

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Apr 12, 2020
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Game Information

Host: @Chief_Alpha (Discord: Chief #3065)
Semi-Open Setup: It is a type of setup where the moderator has revealed all of the roles that can possibly be in the game. However the exact distribution of these roles is unknown to the players.
Plurality Lynch: The player with the most votes at the end of the Day phase will get lynched. In Case of a tie there will be a Random Lynch by using Random number generator.
Phase Length: 36/12
SOD/EOD: 11am/11pm EST
Claiming Mechanics: Alignment and ability claiming is allowed but you cannot mention your character name neither can you fake it.
Minimum Required Posts:

General Rules

  • Editing/deleting a post is strictly not allowed.
  • Communications outside the given thread, if not approved by the host, is prohibited.
  • Changing usernames or playing with another alt account will not be tolerated.
  • Revealing any kind of information about the on-going game will get you mod-killed. If already dead, you will be banned from playing any of my future games.
  • Alignment and ability claiming is allowed but you cannot mention your character name neither can you fake it. You cannot copy/paste the Role PM or screenshot it and post it in the thread. You'll be instantly mod-killed.
Voting Rules

  • To Vote: Vote Lynch (Player's Name)
  • To Unvote: Unvote
  • To Change Vote: Change Vote Lynch (Player's Name)
  • Everything must be in bold letters.
  • You cannot vote yourself, even as a joke. If seen, you'll face some consequences.

Game Mechanics

The following list is customized for this particular game.

10X Town
4X Mafia

Of the following 15 roles, 1 will randomly be discarded and the other 14 will be assigned at random. Each role is restricted to use its actions as listed below. Role modifiers and additional abilities cannot be disclosed.
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Event Mechanics

  • At the start of each Day Phase a specific question will be provided in the Event Section within the Opening Post for the Day Phase.
  • Players are requested to send their answers in the Role PM thread. The answers should not cross 50 words, the lesser the better.
  • After receiving the answers, I'll be linking each living player with a poll link along with their Unique Codes to get an access to the poll.
  • The Answer with the highest no. of votes will be the winner of the event and hence will receive a special ability.
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  • All the answers will be anonymous. You may vote your own answers (but, really?).
  • In case of a tie, the Event Jury will cast his/her vote and ultimately decide the winner for you.
  • The answers must be sent to the host in the Role PM within the first 20 hours since the start of the Day Phase. The countdown will be provided along with a humble reminder 2 hours before the submission deadline.
  • After getting the poll link and the unique codes, the players must cast their votes within the next 14 hours, the deadline is 2 hours before End of the Day Phase. Again, the countdown for this will be provided but with no humble reminders. (I'm not too kind a person!)
  • The result of the poll will be declared in the closing post for the Day Phase. The winner will be announced publicly but no information regarding the awarded ability will be given out.
  • The event is structured in a way so that most people can participate even with varying time-zones.
  • For any queries, ask the host in the Forum PM/Discord (Chief #3065)

1. @TheLukundo
2. @Hammock
3. @Ryu Kishi
4. @RedGloverKing
5. @Ansatsuken
6. @Elmage G Ace
7. @Just_Red
8. @Alice in Noodleland
9. @Rej
10. @Michelle
11. @Thestatusquo
12. @SoulKiller
13. @Dragomir
14. @ForgotToFlush

Event Jury: (The event Jury doesn't need much participation in the game. He/she is needed only as a tie-breaker in the events.)
1. @Imperfection

1. @Sagebee
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