Change that word!


The friendly loner
Oct 29, 2018
Ok, so now that you've stumbled upon this thread, you probably are wondering what the point of this game is. I'm glad you thought that because thats what I'm about to explain. Anyhow, this game will start with me giving a four letter word (for starting this simplistically). Then the next person has to do either one or both of the following. I will do an example to demonstrate.

Say the word is "play". The next person can change one letter in the word to make a new word or they can add or remove a letter to change the word. If you remove a letter it is probably best to also switch a letter. Also, since the word is so small, it is probably best to add a letter. (Unless of course there seems to be no other possibility to change the word). So I could change it to "plays" or just switch a letter and now it is "slay". Or if you are feeling adventurous you could switch and add to get "delay".

If you thought that was all to the game, then you would be wrong XD There is one more trick you can do if the situation is dire. If you are having trouble changing the word, you can scramble it for something new! You can't make the same word within two posts of another player (otherwise you'll keep doing the same thing XD) So this is helpful in such a situation.

Alright everyone, have fun and be creative!

The word is: Jump