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Mar 14, 2013
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What if Boruto met The Great Toad Sage through Koji? At some point he and Koji are gonna meet again and they probably will be allies. When Boruto faces off against Kawaki on the Hokage faces Kawaki will be boosted by nature chakra from the juubi more than likely. Boruto will need a form or mode to counter him. The most likely powerup would be sage mode + dojutsu. Even if he's not that good with it and cant hold the form for long periods he just needs the potential to be there so that he can activate plot armor at the critical moments.

I want to talk about Boruto having Momoshiki's byakugan. Its totally plausable with the karma seal. I also like it because he could take on a fighting style more like Sasuke's than Naruto's. Right now he's not able to see the gaps in his opponent's techniques which would allow him to strike with deadly precision like his sensei. He also wouldn't need to use shadow clones to cover his approach anymore. With the byakugan ability to see the chakra pathways he can also predict the next move of his opponent allowing him to be a step ahead all the time. Not to mention he could seal off their chakra pathways in the process. That would be something Sasuke is not able to do and it is fitting that the pupil surpasses the master.

Now I want to address why I think Boruto will learn the sage transformation ability and why I think its the transformation and not the mode. First of all Naruto's claim to fame is his sage mode. That's the ability that set him apart from the rest of the pack and made people really start to acknowledge him. The nine tails was basically a handout and not skill-based so I don't count that until he started busting out lava and magnet rasengans. But none of that would have been possible without him learning sage mode. This is why I think there is no way Boruto is gonna get away with not having some form of sage mode. I say some form of it because Boruto is different from Naruto. Boruto seems to be a naturally gifted shinobi who has been able to accomplish some crazy feats without much explanation. While some say its bad writing I think its foreshadowing.

Let us start at the beginning. From the start he has known three different elements. That just shows that he has a talent for ninjutsu. Naruto did not even know what his element was at the beginning. Then there is the shadow clone thing. Boruto just naturally knows how to do it... You really have to take a second to think about that because it makes me wonder if he's an alien or something. (cough cough Otsutsuki). Then we learn that he is able to fuse nature chakra with his rasengan so easily he doesn't even realize he's doing it. This a crazy feat because legends like Kakashi and Minato were unable to accomplish that. I have to mention how he defeated Momoshiki because that puts all the hints we had prior to that in a proper perspective. Now its beginning to look like he has a power within him that he is not aware of. I think it was passed down to him via the six paths potential in Naruto.

In order for Naruto to achieve six paths sage mode he needed all nine of the tailed beasts chakra. As of the time when Boruto was born I do not believe that Naruto had all nine-tailed beast chakras anymore but he still had the six paths potential which was genetically passed on to Boruto. So the feats that I mentioned earlier was him displaying his genetic potential as a six paths level shinobi. It just so happens that Momoshiki was in the business of absorbing all the tailed beasts chakras when he was defeated. As fate would have it Momoshiki has sealed himself within Boruto. Momoshiki taunted Naruto about not being able to pass on his power to the younger generation but he was wrong and the power was passed down. He was forced to acknowledge it and he mentions that Boruto had inherited a strong power. The funny thing is I think that the power Momoshiki was seeking was the very power that's within Boruto and that's why he sealed himself inside of him. Now Boruto has the six paths power and all the tailed beats chakras, regular sage mode is beneath him. This isn't some run of the mill shinobi struggling to make his way. This is Burrito Uzumaki were are talking about and he's called Burrito cause its a wrap.