[Adv. Nin] Bubblegum Ninjutsu

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Apr 7, 2009
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Bubblegum Ninjutsu
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Bubblegum Ninjutsu is the ability to shape and mold bubblegum into explosive substances that detonate. This bubblegum manipulation allows the user to chew and mold soft gum into several shapes and sizes that, when solid, are able to be detonated to cause great damage. However, the user isn't immune to the effects of these explosions; if caught within them, he too will have to defend from their raw power. This makes Bubblegum Ninjutsu ideal for ranged combat, similar to Utakata's Bubble Ninjutsu.

  • Bubblegum Ninjutsu is explosive, creating spheres that explode when punctured or when the user wills them to
  • Bubbles can be used to float and travel on, even coated around jutsu to protect them

  • Can be made at any rank.
  • Counts as an Advanced Ninjutsu.
  • Cost 1,000 Kumi.

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May 28, 2014
Trait Points
Bubblegum Ninjutsu Mastery

Bubblegum Ninjutsu’s Adept Skills

Proficiency (Passive) (I-III): The user’s Adept skill is honed, passively increasing the damage of all their Bubblegum Ninjutsu techniques by 10/20/30.

Efficiency (Passive) (I-III): The user can perform Bubblegum Ninjutsu with greater efficiency, reducing chakra consumed by 20/30/40%. This does not reduce the effective quantity of chakra in a technique, nor does it reduce the chakra cost of Bubblegum Ninjutsu Mastery abilities.

Honed Lethality (Passive) (I-III): The user’s Bubblegum Ninjutsu techniques are honed further, sharpened through their Adept skills. Increases critical damage by 10/20/30%.

Arsenal of Color (Passive) (I-III): Arsenal of Color employs Gum of varying colors to achieve different effects. In techniques where the color of Gum is not specified, the user is able to choose which type is utilized to access these supplemental and passive benefits. They are unlocked in order of Tier. Gum colors cannot be mixed in canon or custom techniques.
  • Red (Tier I): Red gum provides enhanced explosive utility. The user’s gum explosions cause a shockwave that inflict damage one range larger than the range of the original explosion at half damage.
  • Yellow (Tier II): Yellow gum provides a powerful flashbang effect. Explosions caused by Bubblegum Ninjutsu blind enemies within one range radius larger than the intended explosion. The user can be blinded by their own explosions. Blinding effects last for a single turn.
  • Green (Tier III): Green gum provides a minor healing effect for the user. Green gum will heal the user for 20% of the technique’s base damage, occurring at most once every three turns.
Big Red Bomber
Requires Tier II of each Adept Skill in order to unlock Big Red Bomber.

Big Red Gum (Passive): A specialized type of Bubblegum that builds on all of the user’s Red Gum. Big Red Gum increases the shockwave damage potential of all Red Gum from 50% to 75% of the original damage within the same range radius.

Shaped Charges (Passive): The user becomes able to passively shape the directionality of explosions created through their Bubblegum Ninjutsu, removing any prerequisites of height difference or location as they can perfectly control how the explosion is shaped. This does not increase the explosion’s range.

Micro-Explosives (Active): In close quarters combat the user is able to activate Micro-Explosives to disrupt an opponent’s Taijutsu or Bukijutsu combinations. The user detonates small pieces of their Big Red Gum unleashing small shockwaves in short-range. These explosions deal no damage, but knock enemies back by one meter and interrupt their Taijutsu/Bukijutsu attacks. This technique costs no chakra to activate, making it effective at combinations.

Infused Charges (Passive): A passive enhancement to the user’s Micro-Explosives. The user can choose to infuse chakra into their Micro-Explosive, making it more powerful. This causes it to inflict 60 damage and cost 30 chakra. The benefit to this is that it retains its potent speed, capable of keeping up with Taijutsu techniques even in close range despite needing to infuse chakra. This can be performed three times per battle, once every three turns.

Deafening Shock (Active): A stronger version of the Micro-Explosive. Through their Big Red Gum the user can pop a single bubble of Gum, unleashing a devastating explosion with significantly more range than a Micro-Explosive. The explosion is capable of reaching up to long-range, inflicting 130 damage. The speed of the technique and its lack of hand seals makes it advantageous to use in dangerous situations, but does not activate as quickly as Infused Charges. It can be used twice per battle, once every three turns. Those who hear the blast, including the user, suffer from tinnitus for two turns.

Juicy Flash
Requires Tier II of each Adept Skill in order to unlock Juicy Fruit.

Juicy Fruit (Passive): A specialized type of Bubblegum that builds on all of the user’s Yellow Gum. The effects of the flashbang can now blind Doujutsu and targets that are otherwise immune to blinding effects. Even closing one’s eyes does not prevent Juicy Flash from blinding a target. Juicy Fruit blinding effects last for two turns.

Yellow Flash Illusion (Active): A technique activated within the same timeframe as the user activating a Yellow Gum based Bubblegum Ninjutsu. This layers a B-Rank Genjutsu in with their technique, causing targets to experience a permanent flash of light blinding them within the illusion until released. This inflicts no damage and can be used three times per battle.

Illusory Manipulations (Passive): An enhancement to the user’s Yellow Flash Illusion; allows the user’s B-Rank Genjutsu placed through Yellow Flash to also carry with it the ability for the user to launch illusory attacks within the illusion. This causes the blinding effect in the illusion to wear off as normal, but afterward the victim will see whatever attack the user wishes to show them. This causes the illusion to inflict 40 damage.

Rapid Flash (Active): Activated within the same timeframe as any Yellow Gum Bubblegum technique. Upon bursting a Yellow Gum Bubble the user will cause a series of three successive flashes of light. The first blinds all targets physically, the second passively applies Yellow Flash Illusion, and the third once again blinds targets. This in effect allows the target to be blinded for a period of four turns, rather than two. Can be activated four times per battle.

Deceptive Flash (Passive): Passively applied to any Bubblegum technique that uses Yellow Gum, this enhances the effects of Yellow Flash Illusion and Illusory Manipulations significantly. Raises the rank of the Yellow Flash Illusion to S-Rank, causes it to inflict 80 spiritual damage, and extends the effects of Juicy Fruit to five turns. Can be used three times per battle, once every four turns.

Minty Fresh
Requires Tier II of each Adept Skill in order to unlock Minty Fresh. Customs that allow Gum to heal cannot be made without having Medical Ninjutsu.

Five Gum (Passive): Five Gum further augments Green Gum’s potential healing. Allies within one range radius larger than Green Gum’s explosion receive the same benefit the user does. Increases the ratio of health healed from 20% to 30%.

Breath of Freshness (Active): An active technique that causes the user’s next three Wind or Wind Release-based AE/CE that are released from the mouth to be infused with a Breath of Freshness. This technique can only be activated after causing an explosion with Green Gum, and lasts until the user has expended three Wind Release or Wind based AE/CE thereafter. The user’s breath carries with it potent healing properties, healing all allies within one range radius larger than the Wind technique used. The amount healed is based on a rate of 20% of the Wind technique’s damage. Can be used twice per battle.

Aftertaste (Passive): Aftertaste is the lingering effects of Breath of Freshness. For all allies struck by Breath of Freshness they will passively have Aftertaste applied to them, healing for half of Breath of Freshness’s healing rate (10%) per turn for two turns after.

What is it Like (Active): Activated at the cost of a move but done within the same timeframe as another Bubblegum technique that utilizes Green Gum, this technique causes the explosion of a Green Gum bubble to ripple outward one radius larger than the technique, knocking back all targets by 10 meters. While it inflicts no damage, it is effective in creating space.

To Chew Five Gum? (Active): Activated at the cost of a move, the user creates a massive bubble of Five Gum and bursts it. The explosion unleashes a potent shockwave, inflicting 100 damage on all targets within mid-range. Allies within this radius are healed for the same amount, and experience Aftertaste (Passive) in the next two turns healing at 20% of the base damage of To Chew Five Gum over this period. Can be used twice per battle, once every other turn.
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