[CJ] Boss things eh!?


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Jan 4, 2017
Trait Points
Type: Supplementary
Rank: C
Range: Short-Mid.
Chakra: 15 (-5 per turn)
Damage: N/A
Description: The user molds chakra throughout their entire body, or alternatively into an earth source below, as they wave a single hand seal triggering this technique. Upon its activation the user releases a large omnidirectional sphere from their body, or the ground if that method is chosen, that consists of numerous grains of earth that stay suspended in the air in motion around the user on various axes while the creator serves as the epicenter of this technique that creates an adaptable dust storm. The expansion of the dust storm from the body is rather swift while the release method from the ground is near instantaneous, and once active the translucent storm rages on as it hampers the eye sights of those amidst the shroud. Those within Scatter Cloud's veiled realm will be unable to see objects past short range of themselves while view within short range itself is hampered to a lesser degree. Small objects are harder to pick up without enhanced sights, human sized objects are seen to a hampered degree, while bigger objects are easier to spot than others. Certain doujutsu can see through this technique with ease while others would have trouble based on their different properties. The course of each grain's fixed rotation is linked to the user's senses allowing them to feel the unnatural motion of disturbance amid their cloud as well as the feeling of grains being removed from the overall substance giving the user enhanced feelings while surrounded by their own dust shroud. Lasting 4 turns, this technique consistently collects grains of earth from its surroundings while active making the jutsu seem unquellable as it reforms when faced with weaker techniques unable to combat the shroud in its entirety.
>Can be used 4x per battle

This is my first ever approved cj boss.....you deserve more tbh, but this is all I got ;_;