Boruto's God Potential


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Mar 14, 2013
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Since Shibai has been introduced it has created the potential for Boruto to also achieve godhood. Here's how:
1. Momoshiki
Understands all types of Shinjutsu. This alludes to him being well on his way to achieving a level similar to Shibai until fate united him with Boruto.
2. Boruto and Momoshiki's connection could allow for them to achieve power greater than what anyone expects. This is because Boruto already had an Otsutsuki bloodline before recieving a karma seal. Now he has Momoshiki's DNA. Their bloodlines and abilities match.
3. Boruto has Naruto's DNA also. His father had all 9 tailed beast chakra and achieved six paths sage mode. He was considered to be superhuman. I presume that at least a portion of his power was passed down to his offspring. Momoshiki said that humans couldn't pass their power on to the next generation but did he know about Hashirama cells? Did he know that they were cultivated from the body of the ten tails? Follow me: The Otsutsuki used the chakra absorbed by the ten tails to upgrade their dna. The Hashirama cells absorbed some of Naruto's tailed beast chakra which originally belonged to it. Theoretically this power should have been passed on to Boruto.
4. At this time Boruto has ten tails DNA and Momoshiki's DNA in his body. It is said that the ten tails must be fed an Otsutsuki in order to mature. Perhaps its Boruto's body that needs to mature. This creates a very interesting confluence within Boruto. Senjutsu, shinjutsu, six paths chakra, byakugan, rinnegan... All these godlike abilities are available to him. I think it justifies him unlocking a Jougan.
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