Birds of Prey / Harley Quinn


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Jun 4, 2012
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So...who's seen it yet?

It wasn't bad. Not nearly as "preachy" as some would want you to think. If it was so anti-man feministic as people acted why include an unnecessary wet Harley scene? Granted no complaints about it just pointing out if it was as "woke" as people were acting they wouldn't have included the "objectifying" scene.

It was definitely visually entertaining and the story wasn't awful but it felt hectic which I suppose suits a Harley Quinn like character. I don't wanna say this because it'll definitely alienate some people who correlate what I say to saying it's as good or better but the frantic pacing reminded me a bit of the Deadpool movies.

Roman was properly villainy which is nice after so many stories making the villain relatable or misguided. Some of the characters could have been handled a little better. Huntress and Canary were fine but Zsasz and Cassandra were a little weak imo. Zsasz could have been better but wasn't terrible but I didn't really care for how helpless they made Cassandra I was hoping to see her involved in the big fight.

Also I know the mute angle wouldn't have really fit the story and would have been a bit tough and restrictive in the film but it's a pretty big part of her character to just omit from the movie version. Also it was done pretty well on the show Smoking so it can be done.