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Mar 15, 2014
Trait Points

Dean Winchester

Basic Information
  • Name: Dean Winchester.
  • Gender: Male.
  • Age: 20.
  • Clan: N/A.
  • Looks: Dean has green eyes and short-cropped Ivy-league hair that is dark blonde. He is 6'1" in height and muscular. He wears a brown leather jacket over a T-shirt, jeans and boots. He wears an amulet around his neck that resembled the head of a bull made of brass, attached to a black cord and keeps black aviator sunglasses which he uses occasionally.
  • Personality: During his teenage years, Dean used to be a short-tempered guy who did not like to be bothered and had no plans for the future. After becoming an adult, he turned a new leaf and becomes calm, collected and analytical. He also focuses on the future and stops becoming careless in his decisions.
Village Information
Land of Birth: Land Of Wind.
WSE Clan: Village of Sin.

Rank//Chakra Info
Ninja Rank: Genin.

  • Primary Specialty - Personal Summoning Specialist: Dog Summoning.
  • Secondary Specialty - Sourceless Materializing Specialist: Crystal Release.
  • Unique Specialty - Apex Handseal Specialist: Crystal Release.
  • Elements:
  • Earth Release.
Background Info
  • History: Dean Winchester was born in the land of wind and over time became isolated and alienated from his companions and fellow villagers. His parents being rich just gave him a lot of money and let him be as they were too immersed in their own work. This led to him becoming detached and aloof with most people. At the age of 16, he decided that he had enough of the emptiness in his life and decided to travel in the Land of Wind and eventually join the Village of Sin. His adventure begins.

  • Scientific Tools: N/A.
  • Artefacts: N/A.
Theme Song and Background Music:

Won: 0.
Lost: 0.

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