Bea Sanmyaku (094)


Oct 1, 2010
Bea Sanmyaku

Bea Sanmyaku is characterized by a mountainous terrain dotted with large clusters of tall trees and vegetation that afford the otherwise rocky landscape a relatively rich fauna. Some small villages of artisans and farmers speck the landscape. The easternmost parts of the area are more rough and stony, featuring less flora. Here the locals have constructed a series of deep-shaft mines, connected by narrow paths through the rugged terrain.


Sage of Snakes
Apr 25, 2011
Coming from here

As Korra arrives to Bea Sanmyaku should be arriving from the East side of the landmark where it was rocky and stony. She would notice some deep-shaft mines through the rugged terrain. She would stop by and talk to a few locals about the area and where she should talk to someone that was in charge. The locals would instruct Korra to go more to the Western part of the land where the more rich area is. Korra would thank the locals and than head more West.

After some time Korra would arrive to the Western part of the area which was filled with rich fauna and tall trees with villages built in with the nature of the area. As Korra arrive some farmers would notice her and approach her. Korra would explain why she is here and is looking for whoever is in charge of the area. The farmers would than greet her and lead her to a building built into the tree.
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After walking up some ladders and across a wooden bridge Korra would walk into a house/buiulding on a tree to meet a young woman who was in charge of the area. The woman would greet Korra and than her and Korra would sit down and start discussing business.

Why hello I am in charge of the this area and how may I help you?

Hello I am Korra and I am here for the Sin Village and our expanding efforts of uniting the Badlands area.

You basically want us to join you and be part of your claim lands am I right?

Why yes that is the simple way of going through all this.

Im assuming there are benefits? Cause if not those greedy miners to the West are annoying and be taught a lesson.

Ohh well this works perfectly because I was just there and taught them a lesson.

You did this works great than because we need materials for farming and mining. If we get access to those materials than we can offer you food and supplies from our farming lands.

This all works so do we have a deal? Also do you have a name for this place?

Why yes we do? And no we are still thinking. Do you have a suggestion?

Fortree City.

That works with me.

Korra and the woman would shake on the deal. After shaking Korra would have the woman sign the treaty scroll she has been carrying with. After getting the signature, Korra would give the woman a scroll of all the landmarks her area can go to trade and such. After that the lady would have a few people start heading to the West part of the lands to inform the miners there that they can go more West now and has another group start going to the other landmarks.

Mission Ends.

After completing this Korra would head back to the Graveyard of Sin to leave Sado a note of the so far claimed land.

LLM and heading straight to Graveyard of SIN
Travel Itinerary:#94>93>92>91>115
Departing #117 at 3:01 PM EST 4/9/2019
93 - 4:01PM-5:01PM
92 - 5:01PM-6:01PM
91 - 6:01PM-7:01PM
115 - Arrive at 7:01PM EST