[Theory] Asta's Devil is the Envoy of Justice


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Jan 18, 2018
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I had a longer theory for it, but the draft got removed when I restarted my browser and that took forever so :shy:
Anyways, the keypoint is that I think Asta's devil is who Zora bases himself after. The Envoy of Justice. You can notice a lot of similarities between the two in their appearance, demeanor, disdain of the elite, and even their abilities. There are even multiple instances where Zoro is portrayed as a devil that heavily resembles Asta's own.
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Asta dangerously channels magic throughout his body, Zora does too. Asta can redirect magic, Zora can too. Asta can absorb magic, Zora, technically, can too. Zora even once physically dug out a trap. Then you get into the narratives. Both are peasants out to hack at elitism. What differs is how they handle it. Asta wants to build himself so high that others have to look up to him, but Zora wants(or wanted?) to cut down their pegs. I think that Zora himself is ultimately irrelevant. What if Zora is the placeholder for Asta's devil. Who is Asta's devil? The Envoy of Justice that will cut down ALL of the elite devils.

Remember when Asta's devil met the Word Magic Devil? His farewell speech to him was along the lines of "no matter how strong or great you were, it doesn't matter now." Naturally, Asta's devil may not matter now, but it's likely that he intends to and WILL. So.. How? What I believe is that Asta's devil is actually growing in power alongside Asta, just as Asta's strength is growing thanks to the devil. How? Kamui-land.

Theory 2: Asta's devil isn't actually anti-magic; It's trap magic. Zora has shown that Trap Magic can do pretty much all the stuff Asta can EXCEPT flight and negation. You may be wondering, "then why does no one ever sense magic?" My answer is simple. Because Asta & his swords are akin to the suction of a magical whirlpool. They don't emit magic because they're just the consequences of it. With trap magic, the magic you detect is the trap itself, right? So what happens if you were to rid of the trap? There's no magic to sense. As I see it, Asta's devil is just channeling the functions of a trap through Asta's swords.
You know how Zora can absorb and redirect? I believe that's partly what Asta's devil does to his swords. Asta's sword is like a trap that's CONSTANTLY absorbing spells whenever his devil's power is coursing through him, and that trap loops back the dimension where Asta's devil resides. The anti-magic coursing through Asta isn't anti-magic; It's a suctioning force of magic.

Asta's flight is him being pulled into the vortex of whirlpooling mana.
Asta's negation is absorption.
Asta's magic effect negation is super absorption.
Asta's magic redirection is practically trap redirection.
Asta's repelling is the effect of the suction's current being reversed or just what happens when a spell hits the current at a perpendicular angle.

Theory 3:
Zora returns with flight.