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Aetherian Rhapsodies

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Stanza VI-Bizarre Tour
Recorded Stanza-(Past Chapters)

Stanza V-Discord
Stanza IV-Kings and Cowards

"There was always something telling me that I was committing an egregious sin, but I would rather sin for a lifetime than to die without hope."

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Zane’s hands shook as he cautiously touched his face before breathing a sigh of relief. He was really alive. After walking hand in hand with death, the recent events seemed to be nothing more than a dream. He then set his eyes upon the sword he was holding as he nearly became lost in its visual purity. He wondered if his conversation with “God” was just a dream.

“Chosen one! What is your name and what are your intentions for that power!” King Wyvern shouted with authority, cutting through Zane’s thoughts. King Wyvern was relieved to see Aurora alive; however, she was in the crossfire of an unknown variable, Zane. As if a spotlight beamed upon Zane’s back, every archer, knight, and noble among them turned their weapons and attention toward Zane. Aurora, meanwhile, was only curious as to who this unnamed commoner was. Zane’s mind was racing in attempt to answer the King, and simultaneously process what had happened. He could sense their uneasiness, and impatience; however, this only further clouded his mind.

“…If you don’t speak, they’ll eventually kill you.” A mysterious voice said causing Zane to instinctively raise his blade. This in turn caused the entire room to gasp and take a step back for fear of the great weapon. Zane was slightly confused since he had only just learned of the weapon, and how much it influenced the St. Rose Kingdom. More so, he had wondered why no one seemed to react to that strange voice from earlier.

“That voice sounds familiar,” Zane muttered to himself.

“It should sound familiar, we’re stuck together.”

“Oh, it’s the genie,” Zane exclaimed, seemingly, to himself. Aurora cocked her head in confusion, as she tried to comprehend if he had gone senile due to coming in contact with the sword.

“I have already told you that I am not a genie! Anyway, mortal, you should not be conversing with me so loudly. That girl already thinks you’re senseless.” This statement prompted Zane to look down at Aurora when he realized he had been speaking aloud only to shift his eyes back to where they previously rested before making brief eye contact.

“Oh my gods, she is more beautiful than the rumors say,” Zane thought to himself.

“Perverted human, keep your thoughts in the void where they belong.”

“Screw you…wait, you can hear my thoughts?”

“I told you before; we are stuck together.”

“Why, didn’t you say so earlier?”

“You never asked.”

“But if I asked, that would have been my first wish!”

“…You are on your own human, Godspeed.”


“I will ask you once more! State your business with the blade,” King Wyvern shouted, cutting into Zane’s conversation with the bounded god. Zane’s eyes wondered around the room when he saw Molina. This served as a jolt of memory, and a way to clear the clouds in his mind. Dyne and Molina helped save him, so now it was his turn to return the favor.

“I’m Zane Gheraos. Before I state my business, I have demands,” Zane said looking King Wyvern in the eye. King Wyvern, in response, raised an eyebrow for he knew the weight of those words even if Zane himself did not. Figuring this to be the case, King Wyvern chose his words carefully, so that Zane would understand the gravity of the situation.

“Gheraos…I am a King! Even if you are the chosen disciple, even if you wield death; I will not take a single step back. Giving into the whims of those who do not wear this crown is to step down as king. However, I am a reasonable man. I will listen to these demands in hopes that you are also a reasonable man. I will say this, if you are not weary of the path you take…I will not hesitate to kill you and wait an eternity for the next.”

“Are you done,” Zane asked confidently to everyone’s surprise. Molina believed she was looking at someone completely different. He seemed cold, and distant…but something was off. It was as if he was forcing himself.

“Zane, please don’t do anything stupid…,” Molina whispered under her breath, hoping she would not have to see him die again.

“You have an army,” Zane started, piercing the silence that hung about the room. “However, I have your future, past, and present. I do not wish harm upon you, or this country, for this is also my home; however, even if you care nothing for me, this weapon is your obsession. I have full control over this blade and that even extends to its very composition. I will definitely destroy it should I be threatened and it will reincarnate into a different weapon, in random location, at an unknown time. You will never see it again, and as you wait for an eternity, this world will cease to exist during your siege. Neither of us wishes for the destruction that is to come.”

Molina was nearly shaking as she listened to the words leaving Zane’s mouth. “T-that’s not Zane,” She uttered to herself. She would be correct. The Nameless god, having realized that his own reputation would be tarnished if his “champion” was to die merely seconds after having joined with him, began funneling sentences and phrases for Zane to parrot.

“I think it’s working.” Zane said to the nameless god.

“Of course, it’s working. I am a god after all.”

King Wyvern eyed Zane carefully before speaking. “So, what are these demands of yours, Zane Ghearos?”

World domination, women at my leisure, an altar built in my honor-‘

I can’t say that!

Why not? Its what every mortal wants right?

I think I’ll take it from here.

Suit yourself, but do not complain to me when you realize you could have had your own shrine.

“King Wyvern I only want,” he began as he looked toward Molina. She smiled in relief when she heard him speak, for this time she could tell it was definitely Zane. Before Zane could finish, he noticed the large beast that was towering over Molina. Not recognizing this as Dyne, Zane pointed his sword toward the beast and screamed. “WHY THE HELL IS THAT MONSTER IN THIS ROOM! KILL IT! KILL IT!”

King Wyvern immediately raised his hand and gave the order to smite the beast. “You heard him! Vanquish the beast!

“ZANE YOU DUMBASS,” Molina exclaimed in panic.

Dyne quickly reverted to his previous form while throwing his hands up to signal his surrender. “ZANE ITS ME, CALL IT OFF!”





“King Wyvern I am mistaken! Do not harm my friends!”

King Wyvern raised his hand once more prompting the knights to cease their assault. “Friends,” King Wyvern asked looking back at Zane.

“Yes, King Wyvern, my friends. They are only here because I would have died by King Loris’ hands if not for their help. My demands are simple. Let them leave here in peace.”

“…Is that all Zane Ghearos?”

“I’m not an idiot who believes he will get everything when he wants, the way he wants. I understand you all have rules. King Loris might be a king, but he is an ass hole. This game of his, I want it to be banned in St. Rose. Don’t bring your corrupt shit here…” Zane said this while glaring down at King Loris, who still had a bit of cake on his face. That very face gradually turned bright red with anger. Even Molina covered her face in embarrassment. Whatever, eloquence Zane had before had completely left the building. As King Loris was about to lay into Zane, King Wyvern took a couple of steps toward Zane.

“…As for the matter of King Loris, this was the first time he held this competition, within the walls of St. Rose. I wished to evaluate it for myself; however, the council and I were already leaning toward banning it. This will cause no harm, so that request will be granted. However, as for your friends, I cannot say that I can make good on your pleas for their survival. One is a monster, and your dark haired friend with the broken arm attempted to assassinate me. Even the girl can be charged with treason. Seeing that you were in league with-“

“Oh, that guy? I don’t even know who that is.”

Cain shot a nasty glare Zane’s way prompting Zane to instinctively take a few steps back. He turned back to King Wyvern, opting to pretend as if Cain did not exist.

“Well, I will have to hold your friends here and ask them a couple of questions. I will decide what to do after hearing what they have to say? You and the girl will be free to do as you please as long as you stay within the castle walls. The monster; however, will have to be detained in our prison until we come to a decision. Surely you understand the dangers of housing a shifter, especially one as dangerous as this.”

“LIES, do not be deceived. They are simply throwing one of their own under the carriage in order to free themselves! Do not trust them!” King Loris exclaimed.

“Dude…you brought us here. Are you conspiring against the king too?”

Suddenly an awkward silence settled into the room as everyone pondered Zane’s words. Even Zane was a bit surprised at his demeanor when speaking to King Loris. Maybe it was because Zane was a coward that he could spot another; after all, a coward need not fear a coward. King Loris stormed out of the room after saying something to one of the noblemen.

“As we were,” continued Wyvern, “I will have Ygris keep surveillance on you two, until we have concluded our business here. We have much to discuss; however, considering all that has transpired to day I will allow you all to rest for today. To conclude I must thank you for saving my daughter in law Aurora. Seeing you wield that blade only opens my eyes to what would have been her certain death…for that, I thank you.”

“…Er, don’t mention it.”

(Don’t mention it? )

(Please shut it… )

Silence hung over the halls as Molina and Zane followed Ygris for their unofficial tour of the castle. The aura of death Zrox emitted was scathing and it enveloped all around them. His efforts to act as a tour guide only made things even more awkward; nevertheless, Zane could not help but add oil to the fire.

“So um, why do all the knights run away from you? I’ve noticed that they have avoided us this entire time.”

“Oh…that, hm…” Ygris grumbled tiredly. He scratched his head as he looked off in the distance. Eventually he shrugged his shoulders and continued walking. “No idea…”

Zane and Molina looked at each other briefly before quickening their steps to keep up with the long but slow strides of their bodyguard.

“Oh yeah…I’m half demon,” Ygris said flatly as he continued his slow saunter to their rooms.

“Wait so….you’ve been affected by the Zyther already? Isn’t that dangerous, infectious, and like the plague of the earth said to have wiped out most of humanity,” Molina asked anxiously.


"Hasn't Xelania killed, or exiled those of Draxian decent?"


While Zane and Molina awkwardly waited for an elaboration, he continued toward their room and gestured for them to go in although they expected an explanation as to how a demon, became a high-ranking knight in Xelania. He seemed to be aware of this, nevertheless, he seemed unwilling, or at the very least, oblivious to the entire situation.

“This is where you’ll be staying. Sorry we weren’t expecting guests so you will have to share. No funny business-“

“What!? We’re just friends we don’t have-“, Zane began as he held his hands out in protest.

“I’d rather die,” Molina cut in coldly, without looking in Zane’s direction. “Do we have to go in there now? I’d rather walk around the castle since it is still fairly early in the day.”

“Well, I’d rather you just stay in one place since I have to babysit. Also, I heard there was an assassination attempt on the King. I was too busy sleeping to tend to the racket outside…er inside I suppose.”

“Sleeping, through all of that,” Molina asked trying not to seem too disrespectful.

“Yeah, I was having a good dream. Feeling pretty tired now after explaining all that...”

“We’re screwed,” Zane blurted out accidently.

“You say something? Anyway, we have to do some investigations, some patrols and whatever else the king wants. When we feel it’s safe enough we’ll let you roam free. After all, you guys might be pawns of the enemy and if you are I will hang you by your entrails. However, I doubt you are. At least one of you seems to be a decent person.”

Zane and Molina shared a glance as they both assumed It was the other that was the epitome of indecency. Ygris masterfully broke off the conversation, as well as the tour, at this point and shut the door. With nothing better to do, Molina decided to inspect the room and establish her territory. Zane simply stuffed a few things in his pockets since opportunities like this didn't come very often.

“How long do you think we’ll be here,” Zane asked as he continued to survey the room for things to loot.

Feeling as content one could possibly be while sharing a room with someone you despised she sat on the bed and shrugged her shoulders before answering his question. “Probably around three months,”

“Three months! Stuck in this place, stuck with you, I will not stand for this!”

“Trust me the feeling is very mutual. By the way, I was only joking, we’ll probably be out of this room in the next few hours, minutes even.”

“How do you figure?”

“If they thought we were a threat, we would probably already be dead, or dying. After all, a fair trial isn’t exactly something St. Rose is known for.”

“…Oh yeah,” Zane replied thinking back to when he was nearly taken in for being out on the streets.

“It’s also just as likely they suspect me and Dyne. We might only be alive to temporarily “pacify” their “chosen” one," Molina said making quotation marks with her fingers for emphasis.

“You say it like I did something wrong.”

“I just think that we shouldn’t relax just yet. They probably don’t have our best interests at heart.”

“Dyne,” Zane whispered solemnly to himself as he remembered Dyne was captured. For once, Molina was silent for she was worried that she might lose everything once again. Despite this, she still attempted to put on a strong front which only made her fears even more painfully obvious than they already were.

“You don’t have to pretend to care Zane, my adoptive father is part Draxian. I know he’s dangerous, but I can’t bring myself to stop loving him…”

Zane did not know how to respond. Zane had lived comfortably under his parents, and within the safety of St. Rose. The outside world held little influence over his everyday life although he had heard a little bit about it. The humans lived peacefully, and it was only through the strict rule of Xelania that they were able to survive comfortably this long, relatively. Their territory was known as Xelania, which translates to “the shining country” in the modern dialect. Outside of Xelania, in the land of darkness, Draxia, demonic creatures collectively known as Draxians seek to destroy this harmony along with the mysterious entity known as Zyther that continues to spread and envelop the world. Large cities like St. Rose have military might, and magical barriers to keep them out. Smaller cities, and villages usually have to fend for themselves. One could say it has been an ongoing war against the darkness. Most halflings were executed or exiled, although there were exceptions in very rare cases. Zane would be lying if he said having a demonic creature, a Draxian, within the walls of St. Rose did not bother him at all; however, this was Dyne. He remembered his boisterous laugh. The care and effort he put into desserts, and the love he had for his adopted daughter.

“I just met him a few days ago, but…I don’t want him to die. It’s scary to think that a Draxian walks among us, but Dyne isn’t a Draxian. He is my friend.”

Molina continued to stare into space, almost as if she didn’t hear Zane’s words. He reached out to put a hand on her shoulder when the door swung open as Ygris stepped through. “Yeah….you guys can go now.”

“I thought we were going to be in here for longer than that,” Zane said, a little perturbed that his conversation was ruined by Ygris’s arrival while another part of Zane was oddly relieved.

“Yeah…anyway you gotta go.”

Zane felt like Ygris had missed the point, or at least ignored it, so for what felt like hours, Ygris, Zane, and Molina sat in awkward silence.

“We’ll leave when ready, this is the guest room right?”

“No, I actually screwed up. This is the prince’s room, leave.”

Zane was sure their body guard was an idiot. How could one make such a mistake and still sound so demanding. After all, he was the guest of honor and deserved more respect than this.

“I’ll lead you to the other guest rooms. I knew it was strange that there was only one…”

Molina shrugged as she got up and followed Ygris out of the door. She was clearly more concerned with her internal dialogue than anything happening around her. Zane nearly tripped to keep up with them as they practically scurried through the hallways.

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There was blood on the prince’s hands, as his gaze chilled the entire room. Cain was chained up inside an isolated cell. The only thing that held him up were the shackles that bound his wrists and attached to chains on either side of the cell. His head hung low as blood dripped down his face and onto the cold, stone floor. Each drop seemed as a clock ticking toward imminent death. Cain smiled a devilish grin as the cold eyes of the King fixated on the former bloody mess that was Cain. His injuries were healing. Aurora found herself looking away quite often. She did not have the constitution to withstand the sight of torture, even if the subject of such gruesome tactics attempted to kill her adoptive father.

“Regeneration is sort of a pain in the ass when you’re getting tortured,” Cain joked as he coughed up some blood. Phoenix eyed him unmercifully. He had been conducting the interrogation under the watchful eye of his father. In fact, it had only just begun. Most of Cain’s injuries were from their previous battle, and it was a wonder as to how he was still alive. It was only until they begun the interrogation that he realized that Cain possessed some kind of healing factor. Phoenix as well as King Wyvern could immediately see that his ability derived from the dark arts. It was 10 times more effective than any healing magic they have seen, and usually that meant a cost was involved.

“It actually works out well for me. This means you won’t die on me,” Phoenix said dryly.

“I’m honored that the golden boy himself came to see me. I’m just so damn giddy.” Cain punctuated his sarcastic remark with a wad of spit that landed on the prince’s boots which swiftly prompted a right hook from Phoenix that nearly took his head off. His ears were still ringing when Phoenix grabbed his jaw and said something that was inaudible to Cain. Regardless of what was said, Cain was resigned to chuckling which earned him more punishment. When the ringing in his ears finally stopped, he opened his eyes only to see the blurred image of the prince standing right in front of him.

“As you can already guess, the St. Rose kingdom does not take kindly to attempted assassinations.”

“The St. Rose Kingdom, or just you,” Cain said through a laugh.

“Did those commoners have any part to play in the assassination…the Draxian?”

“Nah, I don’t have any reason to bring them in this botched job. I have my pride you know, and hell, you heard him. If they were, then Mr. Loris was part of the assassination.”

“We can’t rule that out,” Phoenix stated coldly. "Or perhaps you simply infiltrated his ranks in order to make us jump at shadows.

Cain merely laughed off the premise as he steered the conversation, “The real question is, how did that twerp nab your prized possession. After all these years someone like him gets the fabled blade of legend. Man, its just like those crappy story books.”

“You shouldn’t concern yourself with legends. You’re going to die here.”

“I sure hope so, you’re actually boring me to death.” Phoenix began to heat up the chains that bound Cain. As they begun to steam and glow with a red-orange hue, Cain began to writhe and violently shake the chains to the point everyone in the room wondered if he would actually break free. When Phoenix let go of the chains, he looked down to Cain unsympathetically and grabbed him by his hair.

“Who else were you working with? We heard you give the order to attack the King while you were looking up at our soldiers. Furthermore, you were wearing the armor-“

“Of your brave men. Was that what you were going to say,” Cain said through a gritty smile. The blood had dried on his face. His previous wounds all but vanished, save for a few internal ones, those were always the hardest to heal. “When I gave the order, did anybody follow through?”

Phoenix did not like the new dynamic in which he was answering the questions brought forth by his prisoner, but he did want to follow through with this train of thought while he was still willing to talk. When the attempted assassination happened, he noted the war cry fell on deaf ears. The lack of a response was more blood chilling than traitors shooting their arrows at their king. He wanted to know what that was all about.

“No, you were the only one ignorant enough to take on the King,” Phoenix said as he moved to a section of the room with various equipment to facilitate the interrogation.

“Ignorance is bliss,” Cain retorted. “Well then, there’s your answer.”

“You and I both know that isn’t the entire truth. You’re a lunatic, but you aren't crazy enough to shout at ghosts.”

“Come on little Wyvern. You’re a smart girl, what do you think happened?”

“You were betrayed,” Phoenix said calmly as he restrained himself from falling for his taunts.

“You said it not me…”

“Who do you work for. The level of forethought and organization that this would require does not seem to stem from someone like you.”

“Are you calling me an idiot?”

“Answer the question.”

“Wish I could.”

Phoenix settled on a fine blade that was a little smaller than a dagger. He admired it for a bit then shifted his gaze back to the helpless prisoner. “Father, I humbly ask if Aurora may leave us. I believe she has seen enough.”

King Wyvern stroked his beard as he pondered the thought. He could also tell she was disgruntled to say the least; moreover, she never had the mind or heart to withstand torture, even if it was for a good cause. Despite this, she did her best to be strong and firm, just as her husband to be and his father. King Wyvern knew that torture was not the most essential part of running a kingdom. In fact, it was not essential at all; however, he never wanted to ask his people to do something he was not prepared to do himself. He wanted to carry this on to other generations. Be that as it may, King Wyvern raised a hand to signal that Aurora could leave. Aurora bowed politely and then took her leave, making sure she did not seem too eager to remove herself from the situation. She was not sure if she should be glad that she would not have to endure any more of the gruesome acts that torture entailed, or if she should be saddened that her resolve did not meet those around her. After all, that man, Cain, had attempted to assassinate her father in law. So much had happened in such a short span that she could barely recall that she had almost died today.
Before she took her leave, she turned back once more to look at the would-be assassin. To Aurora’s surprise he was staring back at her, and for a reason unknown to her, it gave her chills. He was chained, powerless, and in the process of being tortured; even still, she could not control her uneasiness. He gave her a wink which quickened his punishment. Before she could close the door, she heard a terrifying scream that she immediately wanted to forget. Two guards trailed Aurora as she walked through the basement halls. They made sure to stay far enough so she could feel as if she was comfortably alone, but not so far that they could not easily reach her if something were to happen. Lost in her thoughts she nearly bumped into to Ygris.

“Ygris…I thought you were with our guests.”

“…Huh…oh yeah I am,” Ygris stepped to the side to reveal two commoners exasperated from traveling with the strange knight. Aurora gave them a collective glance although she held her gaze on Zane for just a bit longer.

“What are you doing down here. In the basement floor...with the prisoners.”

“Wait…the guest rooms aren’t down here, whoops.”

Aurora was too kind to display her bewilderment, so she kindly walked by the group and offered to show them where the guest rooms were.

“Oh no its fine, I’m pretty sure they’re around here-“

“Did you say prisoners,” Molina cut in before Ygris could continue his statement. Zane was too relieved that Ygris would no longer be their tour guide to notice Molina’s change in disposition.

“Why…yes. This is not the main dungeon, but this basement floor does house a number of prisoners,” Aurora said a bit unsure why Molina seemed to be cheerful discussing a prison.

“My father, the Draxian that you locked up, is he here? Can I see him?” There was a hint of desperation in her voice that broke Aurora’s heart. She nodded her head assuredly, and even grabbed Molina’s wrist to lead her to her father. Despite all the good in Aurora’s heart, even she was wary of the Draxian; however, she also knew the pain of losing your parents. Although they had not yet questioned him, Aurora could not bring herself to deny this request.

“Let us go see your father, there is no reason that family should be separated.”

Zane and Ygris shared a glance then followed the princess and the baker’s daughter down the halls of stone. Zane expected the prisoners their to be rambunctious and vile; however, many of them simply looked scared and broken. It had only been a few hours, but Zane was worried that even the jovial baker would be in a similar state. It was a pleasant surprise when they were greeted by a very familiar, warm, and boisterous laugh.

“I didn’t think I would see you so soon,” Dyne exclaimed with his gruffy voice. “What brings you here?”

“That’s a sick joke dad,” Molina said folding her arms. “I could ask the same thing, lawbreaker.”

Zane had to admit this was not the tear jerking, heartfelt family reunion that he had in mind. Perhaps not expressing themselves was the only way they could express themselves. “You two are weird, are you’re sure you’re not related by blood,” Zane commented, although it was ill advised.

“I see, you even brought the little twerp with you,” Dyne said as he moved closer to see everyone present. There was a brief moment of tension when he saw the Ygris and Aurora; however, Aurora was the only one to notice it since Ygris was busy trying to figure out why they were in the bathhouse…..they weren’t in the bathhouse.

“I’ll have you know that I am the chosen one of Xelania,” Zane boasted.

“What does that even mean,” Dyne retorted.

“It means I’m awesome,” Zane said just as quickly.

Molina shook her head as she cracked a sly smile. “You know I’ve read stories. Not everyone who is chosen has a happy ending.”

“Wait a minute…”

Before Zane could even attempt to ponder the meaning of such a statement Dyne cracked a sly smile of his own. “Sometimes the chosen one is destined to die a tragic death for the good of the world.”

“A beautiful death,” Molina added.

“Yeah sometimes it’s pretty brutal stuff. They almost never make it out clean.” Ygris cut in dryly, forgetting he was not actually invited into their conversation.

“Wait you’re in on this too! Why are you guys just now telling me this!”

Everyone collectively shrugged their shoulders to this question, and preceded to continue conversations that excluded Zane and his potential death. A part of him warmed up on the inside. Despite being in the middle of a prison, Zane was happy. It was as if the last few days never happened. They were back in the comfort of the bakery, laughing, and smiling. Molina appeared to be back to her old self; Zane hoped she would remain this way. He did not know what he could actually do to help her, but he made the resolve to do anything he could to keep Dyne alive. So for now, he did not ask the myriad of questions that related to Dyne’s origins, or how he managed to become a Draxian. Eventually, like all things, this reunion came to an end.

“I’m sorry, but this is as long as I can keep you here. We should head back while my brother and father are still interrogating the other prisoner. I believe my father was going to meet with you soon after, so shall we make our way to the audience hall,” Aurora asked, a little ashamed that she was the one that had to break them apart once again.

“Interrogation? Why didn’t anyone tell me about it.” Ygris was a bit offended that he was left out of all the recent events, even if some of it was due to his own nap schedule.

“Ygris…you killed the last prisoner,” Aurora said with a shudder as she tried to repress the memories of that day.

“Oh yeah…”

“It’s okay,” Molina said, still looking toward her father who smiled back. “We can leave.”

As everyone began to follow Aurora out of the prison, Dyne called out to Zane. “Take care of my daughter. She has no one else in this world,” he said softly,

Zane nodded, confused by the drastic contrast in his demeanor from a few seconds ago. The ominous tone in his voice resembled that of someone who knew the future was bleak, and it shook Zane to the core; nevertheless, he kept this to himself as they made their way back to the audience hall.

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Father, Cain and the others…,” Boralis started, afraid to ask the question that plagued his mind.

“They failed, King Wyvern lives.”

“Father, I don’t understand. Why didn’t you send me as well? Was I not strong enough?”

The Father turned to completely face Boralis as he placed a comforting hand on his shoulder. “Strength has very little weight when it comes to purpose my son. Cain was assigned this mission because it is his purpose."

Is his purpose?”

“...Yes, he is still alive…for now.”

“…I see.”

“Do not fall into despair. I assure you, everyone will play their part before the setting of the sun. For now we have work to do…you may take your leave.”

“Yes Father,” Boralis said as he bowed and walked away and slipped into the shadows cast by the soft light of a vanishing sun.

“…Zane Ghearos,” The Father said as he looked out toward the sky. “…Yes the promised time is very near. The end will begin soon… ”

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