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Apr 6, 2019
What is up Anime Base my name is magicJ for Magic, but you can call me Noah Parks. It is currently 12:03 where I live and I was searching for something to do, and I stumbled upon Anime base. So I am excited to be here and share with personal experiences, cool Animes and poems. I also dabble in art from time to time.

I am a 14-year-old and believe it or not Anime is increasingly unpopular with teens. Most of us ( and I know I should not be grouping teens together and this is a stereotype) but most of us are into fashion or where to get the quickest opportunity to hit a Vape. So with that, my Anime hype has gone down tremendously, and I need to express my questions and Anime with you guy's so I'm excited!

A little background knowledge about me......:cheer:
Um, there came a time where I did give my parents a lot of hell growing up literally hell. I have made wrong, and like most people, my parents only thought I was going to get worse but luckily I didn't I got better. Currently, now I play AAU Basketball along with sing and play piano and I am apart of my track team. For those who love to talk about track, please let's start a conversation because it seems that know one share's the same interest I do :(.

I love having a conversation with people older than me because it gives me more knowledge and teaches me how to grow in my vocabulary and just how to talk to people overall.

My favorite :bandeauxbyowumarobj1:Animes are.....
-Deadman's Wonderland
-Toyko Ghoul
-Gurren Lagann
-One Piece
-Jojo''s Bizzare Adventures
-Dragon Ball Z

As far as anime goes, I remember taking an interest in the 5th grade. I was downstairs bored as hell and decided hey let me scroll and see what rated R movies I could watch XD. I did not end up finding anything, BUT on Adult Swim there was Attack on Titans on starting watching that and been hooked ever since!

Aight Imma stop rambling but expect me to be on here a lot
Imma go to sleep now

Definitely looking for new friends and just somewhere to chill and judging from the content Anime Base has to offer I''m pretty excited not going to lie:grand: