[Mystery] A Christmas Tale, Part 2: The Conclusion... I guess xP


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Dec 3, 2009
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Last time we left off, the nobel handsome Prince Zise was on his way to learn the Path of the Dragon in order to find a way to save the mysterious Princess Rei of the Kingdom Hidden in the Valley of Fiery Eagles. Having reached the Grandmaster of the Dragon Path on top of a narrow and wicked mountain, he was ready to learn the wisdom needed to complete his mission and to finally get her home.

"You have come."

In front of him sat a mysterious figure, shrouded in a green cape long enough to cover his entire body. Only his face was visible, scared but youthful. He had a wicked demeanor about him, green fiery hair that was literaly on fire, and a huge broadsword gently placed in front of him.

"Are you the man I came to see? To find the answers to save-..."

"I am the Wicked Grandmaster Le Caliburn Oh Great Fire! And the answer is yes..."

Baffled, Zise looked at him. This tale just got stranger and stranger. Sitting down, the two had a deep and meaningful chat about the Dragon Valley, but Zise, despite his great wisdom, had no clue what he needed to do as soon as the Grandmaster was done talking.

"How do I become a path that leads to the Dragon? I have no time for riddles!"

Standing up, Zise was irritated and frustrated. 2 days had already past and he still had no clue what to do.

"Hello, I am here!"

From behind a rock, a scrawny looking figure came jumping in.

"Now who the hell are you supposed to be?!" :rage:

Zise was beyond irritated now, too much time had gone past and he couldn't afford to waste any further.

"I am the Witty Jas! And I will be your guide!" :hint::liar:

"To the Dragon I hope?" Zise mumbled...

"No, to the Pirate King of course!" :cheer:

"Oh is that so..."

He couldn't even bother anymore, looking at the Grandmaster who gave him a nod in return, Zise decided to follow. One week of a long march later, they finally arrived at a great occean. It suddenly struck Zise that he came riding in on a bird earlier that could easily have saved him several days getting here. Sitting down clutching his head, the Witty Jas just danced beside him as he composed a poem of the day;

"The man he walked, the man he walked; far and wide, far and wide. Bird left behind without a thought, only his leg he brought! It was however not all for naught, the occean is here, let's pop a beer!"

Dancing around the jokester sang and was full of joy, and before they knew it, a ship was ohoy!

"Welcome err little fellows, onboard me ship you shall find the way!"

Standing the size of two men, the two were greated by the Pirate King RokuNR, also known as The Cleaver. Getting up, Zise pushed ahead and just let things happen as they did, whatever he did now he just had to role with it he thought quietly to himself. Setting sail, the ship was hopefully on the right track... Hopefully. Having sailed for what seemed like an eternity, Zise felt dizzy. Clutching his head once more in pain he approached the Pirate King asking how far they had come and how long they had sailed for.

"Well according to my calculations, we should reach the Nobel Shore in a few days... Aboard The Cleaver's ship however, time goes faster than normal. I'd say we've been sailing for 3 years..."


Speechless, Zise had no idea what to say, but his emotions told us a different story.


Lifting up the Witty Jas, Zise threw him overboard in rage, only to hear a clunking noise shortly thereafter. Looking overboard he quickly realized they had reached shore. The Witty Jas composed a poem of this miracle;

"We reached the shore, we reached the shore, even if it was a chore. 3 years it took to get ashore, now to find the Dragon and save the princess of yours!"

Time... Such a fragile concept, but at least now they were getting somewhere. Clenching his fist, Zise looked at the Pirate King and gave him a nod, jumping over the edge he started running. He didn't get far however before he crashed hard into a mysterious figure. This was the Nobel Warrior Mugiwara the 3rd.

"Now who the hell are you, picking a fight?!"

Readying himself, Zise was about to pick a fight he simply couldnt' win...

"Now hold your horses my friend, you've been looking for me I heard?"

The man countered. Confused, Zise didn't respond at first.

"The path is now clear, you have walked it and thus become it. I am the Dragon, and I will take you to the Princess!"

Putting a bright smile on his face he smiled at Zise whom wasted no time and grabbed his arm and started running. In the background the Witty Jas and the Pirate King were waving goodbye like in one of those strange fairytales. Once more he was stopped in his track though as Mugiwara pulled his arm back, putting him to a complete halt.

":klaus2: The way we are going, is that way :super:"

Pointing in a different direction, the two of them were off. Day turned to night and night turned to day. Zise was contemplating his life decisions at this point, surely this rescue mission was a failiur by now. Not long thereafter however, the two of them came to a mysterious looking train station. Mugiwara simply pointed at the train that was about to leave the station and then left. Well, he had come this far, might as well go for it... Zise thought to himself. Boarding the train he sat down at a seat and looked out the window. It didn't take long before a girl with striking resemblance to the Princess Rei sat down beside him!


He shouted, everyone on the train turned and looked their way. Simply putting her finger over his mouth telling him to hush, the girl leaned in and whispered into his ear;

"I am not the Princess you seek... No, I am her sister, Lawliet:hi: I'm here to tell you that your journey is almost complete..."

But how? I've wasted 3 years on doomed seas, how is it still not too late?!"
Zise was in agony, the mere concept of reality was fading in front of him, was this all a dream??

"This is your stop... Have fun!"

"But wai-..."

He didn't get a chance to finish his sentence, the next thing he knew he was standing on a road that led up to a dark tall castle in front of him. Shaken by the sheer size of the spooky looking place, Zise snuck his way past the front gate and through the garden in front of him until he came to the door. He didn't even get to knock on it, the door opened and inside!!...

:v:: "You have come..."

A dark and intense theme started playing behind the back of the shadowy looking figure as if he had pressed the play button on some old MP3 player...

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He stood upon a balcony several floors above where Zise entered, and below the man on the ground floor a huge dragon laid curled up with its long spikey tail wrapped around the inside of the mansion as if it was part of the building itself. Its glaring yellow eyes looked at Zise, who simply had no idea what to say or do.

"It's you..."

Zise uttered, not wanting to take another step inside. He remembered the guy from back when Rei was captured. The Shadowy looking man on top of the huge dragon that came through that portal and disappeared as quickly as they had come.

:v:: "It is I, the Evil Mastermind Versuvio and this is my domain. Tread carefully if you don't want to be snack for my pet..."

Jumping down from the balcony above, Versuvio landed in front of Zise as he started approaching him.

"Why do I not have a weapon??!..."

Zise mumbled to himself, questioning if he actually came prepared. In a desperate effort to stop the Evil Mastermind from approaching, Zise yelled out asking for the Princess.

"Oh the Princess??"

Stopping in his tracks, Versuvio slowly turned to his right side as he slowly lifted his right hand up in the air and glanced at one of his red diamond rings positioned on one of his fingers... Clenching his fist gently, he then turned his head towards Zise again and said...

"Oh I let her go home 2 years ago..."

Turning his back on Zise, Versuvio slowly walked towards the dragon and started petting him.

"WHAT NOW?! :gone::argh::nosh::no:"

Falling to his knees in frustration, he did not know what to say nor what to do. Then suddenly in a flash of lightning and with a great thundering bang, the silhouette of a woman appeared beside him in a bright light. Blinded by the light, he went to cover his face with his hands as the figure in front of him reached out her hand to him.

"Grab on to my hand and I will free you from these shackles..."

Slowly reaching his hand out to her, Zise suddenly saw everything clearly again, he was in a different place altogether. The sun was shining bright and a light breeze was blowing upon his skin. Looking around he was now standing on top of the highest cliff in the Valley of the Fiery Eagles again, holding hands with the Princess Rei. Was it all a vision of the future or some kind of strange dream?? Shooked for a second, he didn't know where to fix his sight when suddenly the Princess reached her hand out to him and placed it on his chin smiling. She then took his hand and guided him towards the Fiery Eagle that stood waiting near the cliff, placing his hand gently on it.

"Deja vu??"

He thought to himself, he had been here before. Deep in thought Zise recalled a paragraph from the Great Book of Firey Eagles that his mother used to read to him when he was a child. The paragraph read;

"If one finds love infront of a firey eagle about to take its first flight, one might be granted a vision of the future..."

Before he managed to gather his thoughts however, she then slowly reached out to him and whispered into his ear;
"Complete this final challenge and I am yours..."


Watching as she slowly approached the edge of the cliff, Zise knew he had to act fast.


He mumbled. Halting her approach she looked at him still with her smile intact.

"Don't do it... I need you... Don't go..."

He pressed on.

"But I'm not going anywhere??"

Taking another step towards the edge, she was just about to fall over now. Acting as if his feet moved on his own, Zise reached out to her and grabbed onto her as hard as he could, refusing to let go. He looked at her as their eyes met... He knew what he wanted, he knew what he needed to say now to prevent any of this from happening. Staring intensly at each other, Zise was just about to say the 3 magic words when suddenly everything started shaking abruptly and the scenary around them became cloudy and foggy. Everything turned black now as Zise could only her Rei's voice...

"Get up..."

The voice whispered quietly...


Zise answered...

"Wake up, you're going to be late!!!"

As if thunder struck from the sky Zise abruply awoke to a screaming Rei standing by their bed with a frying pan in hand as the alarm clock was ringing constantly and loudly in his ears...

"IT WAS ALL JUST A DREAM?!?:onion-msn-smileys-21::noes::gone:"

Clutching his head Zise let out a scream that surely the neighboors heard! Calming down, a smile formed on his face... Sure, he wasn't going to make work in time that day but at least now he was right where he wanted... Beside the woman he loved. He had found her, at last...

The End:lok::lok:

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Author's note: As promised, here is part 2 - The Conclusion @Rei
Hope you liked it :ROFLMAO:Again this was mostly written on the go but I did take some inspiration from certain topics that took place in the Advent Calender for sure, like the train and the mansion, lol.

Part 1: https://animebase.me/threads/christmas-event-advent-calender-challege-6-sharing-for-laughs-xd.765572/
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I adore it! :heart:

I need to change Jas' username to 'Witty Jas '

'...screaming Rei standing by their bed with a frying pan in hand ' LOL

I have done this, but with a hammer. Have Zise tell you the story.

Write moreeeeeeeeeeeee.
I wouldn't have written it if you didn't insist so that's great :sweat::score::cheer:

You should :snickering: Don't tell him where the idea comes from :ROFLMAO::lol1-onion-head-emoticon:

Really :omg::ROFLMAO: Now I got to ask him, lol. Hey yo @Zise
What's this untold story Rei's mentioning?? :sneaky:

I dunno how to continue this though :ROFLMAO: I only intended to make 3 parts in total but figured you wouldn't have time for that so mashed the two last parts into one final part instead to make it easier, otherwise I would have cut it when they reached the train station, haha, but I didn't plan anything past this, hence the ending with all of it being a dream, haha. Glad you enjoyed it though, been a while since I wrote something so it was a fun ride indeed :win:

Evil master mind @Versuvio ?? , michael is sure going to be in huge trouble.
I gave him an epic theme, that should be enough :super::ROFLMAO:
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