[Sign-Ups] A Certain Mafia Game #30


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Oct 30, 2018
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Host - @Toujo
Player List - 19/19
1 - @XTMF
2 - @Rej
3 - @Shanks
4 - @Houtarou
5 - @Ansatsuken
6 - @Kyte_
7 - @Alice in Noodleland
8 - @Nikamara
9 - @Johan3113
10 - @Elmage G Ace
11 - @SoulKiller
12 - @Nessos
13 - @Demon
14 - @SirSalt
15 - @iNotorious
16 - @Haze_with_a_Z
17 - @Poison
18 - @fluffy_rabbit
19 - @Aether9

Substitutes - 3/?
1 - @Sagebee
2 - @AL_sama
3- @osieorb18
4 - @Hammock
5 -
Game Information -
- Closed Setup: No role information will be revealed to a player outside of their own role before the game starts. Roles are revealed upon flips.​
- Open Claiming: This game features restrctions on neither role nor character (flavour) claiming.​
- Night Start: This game will begin in the Night Phase. This Night Phase will be defined as Night 0.​
- Majority Lynch: To lynch a player, the majority of votes in play must be voting for them. This is determined by the number of alive players, and not by the weighting of individual votes. Day Phases will end before deadlines if Majority is reached.​
- Phase Lengths: This game is divided into cycles, and formally recognises a Day Phase and a Night Phase, which make up one cycle. Each Day Phase will be 72 hours long. Each Night Phase, including Night 0, will be 24 hours long. Night 0 henceforth belongs to "Cycle 0".​
- Quasi-Dusk Phase: While not formally recognised, once a majority of votes have been placed on a single player, that lynch is then locked in. The period between majority being reached and the Day Phase formally ending will be treated as a Dusk Phase, wherein players may still post freely, but votes made will be ignored, and any voting changes will not be counted. Day Phase abilities, if any, are not accepted during this period.​

Expected start date: End of next week (between 6th-9th August). Open to changing per player feedback.
Out of Thread Communication forum: Discord, but willing to use an alternative means if players would prefer.
Special Mechanics:
This game features special mechanics, which pertain to the resolution of Detructive (killing) actions. Exceptions or additions to this are provided within Role PM information.
Special Mechanics

This game features a Power Level system. If a character belongs to the "Science Side", their power level will be represented as "Level #", with the lowest being "Level 0", and the highest being "Level 5". Level 5 characters have their own order, ranked from #7 (lowest ranked Level 5) to #1 (highest ranked Level 5). This means Destructive actions from a Level 4 character that target a Level 5 character will fail, and kills from a Level 5 character ranked at #4 will succeed against Level 5 characters ranked #5, #6 and #7, but will fail against characters ranked at #1, #2 and #3. Note that a character ranking appearing in this list does not mean the character corresponding to this ranking is present in the game, or that the characters are equipped with killing abilities. Kills must be one rank higher to succeed, meaning kills resolving at the same level (for example, Level 4 against Level 4) will fail.

Science-side Character Mechanics:
Highest Ranking

- Level 5 #1
- Level 5 #2
- Level 5 #3
- Level 5 #4
- Level 5 #5
- Level 5 #6
- Level 5 #7
- Level 4
- Level 3
- Level 2
- Level 1
- Level 0
Lowest Ranking

Magic-side Character Mechanics:
Highest Ranking

- Angel
- Saint
- Professional
- Novice
Lowest Ranking

Due to this game featuring both "Science-side" characters (Espers) and "Magic-side" characters (Magicians), below is the resolution order to determine what happens when a Magic-side Character and a Science-side character interact. This pertains explicitly to the occassion a Science-side clashes with a Magic-side, and only on those occassions. Power Levels on one tier cannot kill another on the same tier, except "Angel" tier.

Science vs Magic Character Mechanics
Highest Ranking

- Tier 1 [Angel]​
- Tier 2 [Saint, Level 5 #1, Level 5 #2]​
- Tier 3 [Level 5 #3, Level 5 #4, Level 5 #5, Level 5 #6, Level 5 #7, Level 4, Professional]​
- Tier 4 [Level 3, Level 2, Novice]​
- Tier 5 [Level 1, Level 0]​
Lowest Ranking

For characters that have both a Science-side and a Magic-side Power Level, the one that is used despends on who the kill originals from. If the kill originates from a Science-side character, the Science-side Power Level is used. If the kill originates from a Magic-side character, the Magic-side Power Level is used. However, the inverse of this is not true. In terms of kills originating from users belonging to both sides, if the kill is listed as a Science-side Esper ability, then the Science-side Power Level is used to determine the rank of the kill. If the kill is listed as a Magic-side ability, then the Magic-side Power Level is used to determine the rank of the kill.

Any further information or clarification that I deem is useful will be included here.

As far as activity expectations go, players are expected to make an average of 2 posts per 24 hours. This means that players may be prodded if they are below that during most of the Day Phase, but will not be at risk of being replaced as long as they meet 6 posts total for each 72 hour Day. Night posting is not allowed.

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