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Jan 27, 2012
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(Doton: Jonī· Kureigu ) Earth Release: Jonny Craig

Type: Supplementary/Defensive
Rank: A
Range: Short
Chakra: 30
Damage:(+10 to taijutsu)
Description:The user will clap his hands and form an extremely hard earthen armor over himself or any armor the user has on. The earthen armor will fit rather tightly over the user, similar to "Doton: Domu" and give the user a good defense simply by itself. However, when met with any sort of physical contact or subjected to a large amount of force, many small sharp earthen spikes will erupt from itself, adding onto the damage caused by Taijutsu.This will not hinder the user's mobility in the slightest, similar to the "Earth Spear Technique.Due to the original armor plus the spikes that rise up from the armor due when sufficient force is created, the user gains +10 to all taijutsu actions.
-1 turn cooldown once deactivated
-Can be used 2 times per battle
-Lasts 3 turns

Fuuton/Doton: Takoberu de supagettiu~īku:Wind/Earth Release Spaghetti Week at Taco Bell

Type: Offensive
Rank: A
Chakra Cost: 30
Damage Cost: 60
Description: An advanced form of "Spaghetti Night at Taco Bell" Where instead of the user focusing wind in small pockets in the ground and shooting small pieces of rock and gravel at the opponent they will make a single handseal and focus large amounts of high pressure wind chakra in crescent shaped sections in the ground around the opponent, launching up to 6 sharp, crescent shaped, and fast moving rocks at him that can slice them up or do blunt damage. The user can fire the blades off in 3 different burst.

He can fire 2, large, 1 yard long and 5 inch thick pieces of earth
He can fire 4, medium, 2 foot long and 3 inch thick pieces of earth
He can fire 6, small, 1 foot long and 2 inch thick piece of earth

(Fuinjustu: Kari no kemono) Sealing Arts: Beast of the Hunt
Type: Supplementary
Rank: A -S
Range: Short-Mid/Long
Chakra: 30/40 (-10 per turn)
Damage: N/A
Description: A sensory barrier, only much more advanced in usage in order to leave the user completely aware of the battlefield. The user may create this seal and place it on a surface after a series of handseals. This seal is directly linked to the user’s sensory and perception in order to fulfill its effect and thus the effect occurs only in the user’s own perception. This seal immediately erects a barrier that may cover up to mid range for the A rank version, and 2 landmarks away for the S rank version that covers both sky and ground in an an orb . This barrier is advanced in nature and its effect is triggered by any method within range that attempts or would conceal/erase/hide the presence of an entity or technique from the user’s perception. When such an occurrence takes place this seal will allow the user to detect others, even through any abilities (passive or active) held by techniques, entities, chakra, or otherwise that would cause the user to be unable to perceive them. The use of Advanced Fuinjutsu is require for the user is able to seal away concepts such as these. In addition, this technique uses a form of sensory like that to that of “(Kyōkai Kekkai no Jutsu) - Boundary Barrier Technique”, which focuses on movement and displacement of matter, as well as chakra detection, allowing the user a full scope of the area covered. It should be noted that enemies that are faster than what the user can track will still be untrackable within this barrier’s sensory, however this sensing raises the user's tracking and reactions x2 . This barrier only allows the user to detect other objects or entities that may be concealed by certain abilities, and does not actually absorb or prevent the usage of saidtechniques or entities. This barrier remains up as long as the seal is not destroyed when the A rank is in use, and up to 4 turns when the S rank is in use. This seal will automatically take chakra from the user's main chakra pool every turn in order to constantly feed itself and remain up. No more than a single S-Rank usage of the seal can be active, and the user can only maintain up to two barriers at once (this also applies to the NW). This seal may be used thrice per battle with the user needing to wait 4 turns after it ends to reuse it.

For 6,000 Kumi